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wish movie filmyzilla | Wish movie in hindi filmyzilla | Wish movie in english | Wish movie mp4moviez | wish movie in hindi mp4moviez | wish movie free telegram | wish full movie disney

listen so Disney really tried making their version of Shrek where they would gather all of their fairy tales and put them into one movie even flexing that they put over a 100 Easter eggs to all the other movies for their 100th year anniversary but in a movie about wishes I feel like there’s to just hang on for a couple more years look I don’t even think this is the worst Disney movie out there it just clearly didn’t live up to the hype for what was supposed to be a century in the making but they really are going to Pixar Cinematic Universe route and trying to connect everything because this is a movie that’s ripping the fourth page wall and meant to be the origin story for Disney we know that

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they’re already putting Easter eggs to the previous movies the way that Pixar does having the star from wish come out in the credits of strange world you know Pixar always had John ratzenberger as their lucky charm for the voices and now Disney has Alan tudk doing every role in every movie even with a hidden heyhey in this one but there’s those great breakdowns on how Disney used to reuse their old animations in the ’90s now they’re reusing their animations from the ’90s you belong to me hey maybe we’ll finally know why Brother Bear was eating Nemo but it does have me worried about Disney not looking into the future because they’re too focused on the past cuz I don’t think they realize that it doesn’t matter if you’re first it only matters if you’re last ASA I’m here I’m here just one second let me catch my breath but before we get into full spoilers a big thanks to this video sponsor xre and their new air2 AR glasses are you someone who’s been wanting that theater experience but doesn’t want to deal with all those crazy crowds you ever just want to watch something on the main TV but you know someone else in the house is

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your wish you for some reason can’t remember what your dream or passion was meaning that it’s up to magnifico to make it come true and you can’t do anything about it but this dude is only granting like a dozen a year so if he doesn’t consider your wish worthy you’re pretty much just stuck living on this island but I guess at least rent is free the king is ready for you now am I late the last interview that was a disaster finished early the main character that we follow is Asha who’s being interviewed to be The Sorcerer’s Apprentice since I don’t know what’s been happening to all the other sorcerers apprentices but this is a girl whose whole character Arc is that she cares too much like it gets to the point that her I want song that Disney’s known for is for others to get their want her big motivation for applying is because her Grandpa Sabino is about to be 100 years old just like Disney and like them they forgot their purpose so she wants the job because those who get chosen get a genie pass to cheat the system and all their family members wishes get top priority Asha also lives with her mom Sakina who’s a weaver and is also inspired by her father who passed away when she was 12 but everyone talks about him like he was this really big philosopher so learning that there was a version of the script where they lived in this Forest Community because they didn’t agree with how the

wish movie in hindi mp4moviez

King was running things I think it does answer a lot of questions in the story whenever they make these big leaps because I wonder how much her father and magnifico knew each other if he was almost like an uncle to her cuz 5 minutes into getting to know each other like right into the interview the key Reveals His like massive secret about the wishes to Asha it is my responsibility to only Grant the wishes I am sure are good for Roses so most of these wishes will never be granted they even have this duet song called at all cost that I thought was cute at first but then everyone was talking about this being like a romance song and yeah once I heard that the demo swapped out the lyrics from being love to promise I can kind of see how they try to flip it and honestly if it’s not a love ballad then it’s like a pledge of allegiance to the magic and Country cuz that’s technically who the they’re swearing to that’s that I don’t mind Chris Pine singing in movies but I loved Chris Pine I thought he was so delicious his King magnifico is sexy am I allowed to say that I don’t know I am a handsome king problem is he’s not as good as his looks Asha then finds out that her grandpa’s wish is to inspire the Next Generation but then that gets denied because magnifico chooses what’s best for Rosas and to him if he thinks the wish is too vague then it’s automatically going to be a mob a riot it’s going

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to overthrow the country so he doesn’t feel like he’s taking anything away from the people because in his mind you know they all came to him they all moved there cuz they couldn’t make the wishes come true that’s why he then gives it to a random seamstress not the grandpa when they do the wish ceremony because when you really look at it there is some logic to what he’s saying because what if there were two people who wanted to be the best designers the best seamstresses like only one could come true so a lot of people’s wishes would have to be compromised like just naturally that’s said I do agree with the movie saying never depend on a politician to get you through let’s try something new after magnifico Grant somebody else’s wish just to spite Asha she takes the news home to her family but her Grandpa doesn’t want to hear that their wishes can’t happen AKA he can’t handle the truth so it kind of puts a rift in the family leaving her to run away in song and that’s the goofiest part of the movie like Disney songs used to be these really poetic really powerful things that would make you feel what the characters were going through and here they’re stuffing so many lyrics into the verses just to spell out everything that’s happening in the movie like it

wish full movie disney

really is hard to get excitatory when every line is just expository see the mushrooms then you’ll understand so your dust is my dust that’s when Asha heads over to the cliff that her and her father used to always hang out at and she wishes upon a star unlocking that bad boy like she’s Mario and that’s when she starts tripping more than Alice in Wonderland she goes from Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom as she starts seeing these talking trees just like in Pocahontas all these animals have hopped over the hedge and now Alan tudk is using his clay voice to voice Valentino the goat there’s Thumper there’s John there’s Bambi thanks for not eating me John don’t mention it bamb but at a certain point they went from aing Tinkerbell to looking like they were tinkering with magic mushrooms your star yeah he’s on that magic dust for sure really this one’s for the astrology girls cuz when you look at it asha’s name is supposed to mean wish and hope and that star is meant to not really be magic but the lights that guides us to do something with magic along the way so after Wishing Upon a Star Asha feels her horoscope says Revolt areful my mother was shaved for that yard we then meet asha’s friends who are all based on the seven dwares from Snow


White that are no longer seven dwars they’re teens and each one shares the same initials to their original characters as they have them all in their mugs in the kitchen but you know that moment where they give you a sheet of paper to apply for something and you see all the boxes with demographics yeah Disney just said yes and I really feel it’s like Disney backtracking and trying to make up for stuff cuz when you look at this story you’re telling me that a king has never felt threatened never felt the need to use that extra magic book until an afro Latina teenager applied for a job man Disney is so goofy they took their guilt of having to announce all of these inclusion initiatives and then called it a script Disney is magnifical a lot of these lines don’t even make sense in the story it’s just stuff they had in the closet you can come out now thank you I feel sa and you even see it when you hear all these directors talk about how important asha’s braids are and look I agree the company should expand but you can tell they’re doing it cuz they’re in trouble and not because they’re actually creating a world for these characters people get smell it cuz I’m asking you who’s importing the cocoa butter into Rosas I have a few thousand questions starting with how is any of this possible looking at her friends we’ve got Dalia who’s supposed to be Doc and she’s asha’s right-hand Baker buddy whose


characteristics are based off for voice actress you got gabo who’s clearly grumpy it looks like that do the roar kid from track he just doesn’t squeal I made a wish on a star what are you five he’s voiced by Harvey Gan who just did Puss and Boots too so he’s been on a roll Simon is clearly sleepy voiced by Evan Peters who at 18 already gave up his wish leaving him looking like he’s on anti-depressants because all of his Charisma just got drained now that he doesn’t know what his purpose is Ramy ususa voices Safi who’s Sneezy since he’s always sniffling even having that same animation where his hat pops off whenever he I choose Hal is happy since he’s always on the bright side Baza is bashful and is more quiet than the lores while Dario with his Wiggly ears is Dopey making him the Shaggy of the group you okay Asha something’s up with you what are you hiding nothing to and nobody the group hears out Asha and they agreed to sneak into the castle to steal back the wishes that were stolen from them starting with the star shooting into the office hitting that rock paper scissors and even getting the pen to do the the Disney Channel logo thing and all this is happening while magnifico is putting out a search warrant I believe I have just been threatened magnifico gathers everyone for a town meeting since he’s made magic illegal unless it’s him who’s doing it but that also gets everyone to start questioning him since they’re not going to answer his wishes when he’s keeping theirs Frozen oh yeah and this is the thanks I get that’s when he sings his version of mother knows best that people couldn’t stop raving about online as he goes into his secret under ground dungeon and crushes their wishes realizing that he can absorb their powers so this man has been ruling for how long and he never found this out by accident as soon as he does that asha’s Mom feels it get drained out of her and even compares it to the grief of losing her husband which I thought was pretty profound until you remember like I feel like she’s already living out her wish so I feel like the


logic just flips and flops more than their blood Busters after attacking their house they tangle up the guards and they escape to an Island by having Valentino Tell Maximus to let them go from one domesticated animal to another help us the excuse the movie uses for magnifico all of a sudden turning super duper evil is that the magic book is what’s binding him and he really can’t help it so you don’t even have to go in depth to his character cuz you know they just throw it up to Magic for why he’s doing what he’s doing plus you know there’s a snow white apple on his desk with a skull so he has to be the bad guy but in a weird way when you really look at it he was kind of right about the wishes and how he had mentioned that they could be dangerous and could lead to them overthrowing the kingdom cuz they do end up overthrowing the kingdom and you know that once they do they’re not even going to tell you what they do differently to him like it’s just going to say happily ever after and they cut to credits and it’s weird to see a movie that’s really meant for kids telling them to question authority more than I expected them to especially when it’s less subliminal than when the DuckTales told you to ask them about the Illuminati in a Twist of events Simon Says snitch leaving magnifo to Grant him his wish of becoming a warrior since he’s the one who told him that Asha is the one that they’re looking for but it’s this random mous over here who rats out to the queen about the king please put that

book down now Disney revealed that a version of the story was going to make Queen Amaya a bad person also which to me is way more interesting like even in the art book they had referenced them as being the Disney version of Tony and Carmela soprano cuz her not knowing that her husband was running the kingdom this way I don’t know I felt that was a really big stretch but also having her involved or her being his wish would have made the ending way more impactful because then you have a villain who people would have connected to someone who either has to lose her in order to correct his wrongs for the kingdom or be the type of villain who chooses her over being good good like that would have had so many couples coming out of the theater talking having these conversations about them wanting to side with the baddy over the lead now they don’t even have anyone going into the movie to see his orders then get a Witch Hunt going on in the name of Rosas which leads the king to chase Asha into the woods where they jump over a Bambi and then turn her magic carpet car into a wild wild west machine but then it turns out that it’s not even the king but Simon who shape shifted like a scrawl or Maleficent Jafar whoever you want it to be and before Simon can take them John the charmand bear comes in to help Escape leaving the animals to go rabbit on him it’s not me you

wish movie filmyzilla | Wish movie in hindi filmyzilla

should be afraid of meanwhile all of the friends break into the castle and pull that music scene from Tarzan even doing his yell when they leap off the ledge to free the wishes and it makes sense since one of the co-directors of this movie they do that classic but before they can complete this Mission the king stops them and snatches the wishes back not even caring that all the town’s people are finally seeing him hold their wishes captive not to mention this dude smacks his wife in public so after sucking the star in his wand and trapping it he thinks he’s drained the whole town and that they’re under his control not realizing that he’s actually inspired them to come together and sing cuz now they have a collective wish and that’s to get the out of there I just want their wishes to have a chance the script then writes it for them to win as they trap the king inside his staff hanging him up on the dungeon as a mirror mirror on the wall as everyone now has the chance to ruin their wishes on their own in the end the star just dips on them leaving Asha with a magic Guan revealing that she is the origin for all Disney Magic and it turns out she’s not your grandmother’s godmother now besides it being a story that says you can do it all on your own as long as you have a couple of superpowers it also leaves Asha in magnifico’s position where now she has a one and has to decide which wishes she has to Grant and they like completely ignore that they just end the movie with her magically modifying a chicken and then they cut the credits but the more that I thought about it the more that I sat there the more I

 Wish movie in english | Wish movie mp4moviez

pondered yo Asha created crime you could just give them back then I don’t know the people can try to pursue them themselves you know if they’re dangerous then they can be stopped but if they’re not you’ve completely missed the point look I’m not saying that the place was great obviously magnifico did this because his place was under turmoil his hometown and so you know he kind of had a really tight grip with security for this new place but crime was lower than their box office numbers when he was running now Asha may have given their wishes back but she also pretty much created all of these Disney villains that she claimed she was going to look over just for them to take over so while magnifico stopped a lot of good from happening Asha allowed all the bad 3 2 1 now getting into these Disney theories you you first have magnifico who feels like he’s a stand in for Disney you know they have the same Infinity logo that he does with the magic which is what the star does when it enters and it’s also what their new logo does for the century so it really does feel like them saying yo we’re magnifico and man after 100 Years of magic this is the things we get yeah these movies ain’t free and the theme parks ain’t cheap but it’s also a flip on what Trek did with farquad where he was supposed to be based on a grouchy producer who the animators called which became farquad and here magnifico’s kind of the same thing they even said in the behind the scenes that a lot of The Wishes in the movie are supposed to be based on animators who were posting them up in the studio when they were working on the movie so magnifico crushing their dreams about Neverland and perfect nannies and true love they’re not just Easter eggs but they’re like calling out those bad producers who would ruined movie pitches honestly having this

wish movie in hindi mp4moviez | wish movie free telegram

man destroy more Disney projects than Bob Iger oh what am I looking at that is a unique town do we call it a talent and it’s sad because there’s a lot of movies that have tried to copy Disney and now they’re copying themselves and since they’re doing this chicken in the egg thing any of your favorite Disney movies that feel like they’re being homaged here from the movement colors and lines it’s all supposed to be an anniversary celebration and it’s thanks because you can tell this isn’t what they planned for their 100th year like Snow White was the first animated feature film that Disney did and it changed the game and they did have have a snow white do have a Snow White liveaction movie that should have been lined up for this anniversary and that thing got pushed back back back even the short film that plays before this which is Once Upon a studio had already premiered so like they’re even recycling that might as well get through all the bad stuff right up front so getting into all the universal Easter eggs you do have this animation that’s meant to look like the classic storybook drawings they even made the movie in cinemascope just like Snow White was so they can stuff as many Easter eggs in there but I am kind of split when it comes to the watercolor 2D 3D blend that they did because I appreciate something different but it looks pretty uncanny like I know they


based it on their shorts where they were already testing out these techniques but sometimes you’re looking up at that screen and it felt like those those knockoffs that you see at the dollar store so it is wild that everyone used to bum off Disney and their style cuz now their wish looks like they got it off wish oh no you don’t oh wait I don’t actually care we then have the credits that go through all the classics down to the modern movies cuz again this one is supposed to be the first Disney movie that introduces the the magic that Sparks the rest of them it’s even written by the head hono right now of Disney Jennifer Lee who is controlling the stories and that’s when you even have the after credit where the Grandpa’s wish of writing a song that inspires people ends up being When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio which plays before every Disney movie so one I mean they’re thinking pretty highly of themselves but two that does make this the origin story for their cinematic Magic Kingdom and you even have that intro that goes through the map of all of their stories just like Thrones does that means that all those old Easter eggs are even more in Universe like when Hunchback had Pumba as a statue when Hercules was dripped out with scar as a hoodie when Sebastian nip Genie even the Magic Carpet was getting dusted off and princess in the Frog and honestly most of


those were true Easter eggs where they were just calling out previous movies but what Pixar did was get people to theorize that those hidden Clues meant all the movies were connected so now when I’m looking at that Mulan poster in Lelo and Stitch it has me wondering if they’re pulling a tantino and having some movies be movies within movies you then have all the new ones like in this one where the seamstress is making aot’s dress or Valentino who mentions a metropolis where all mammals are equal and wear clothes just like zootopia well I’ve known the entire time looking at a lot of the other modern ones we had Rapunzel show up in the wedding for Frozen there was that Magic flower in Moana along with what I’m pretty sure is the melted corpse of Olaf we’ve been seeing baymax’s face pretty much everywhere how ruckit Ralph ran a PA meeting with all of the DPS even the box office here is a really neat omage to how strange R tanked so with Asha becoming the origin story for the Fairy Godmother who grants wishes I’m very


curious to see how that gets tied into to all the other stories and when in the timeline she gets Michael Jackson on top of that the Stardust isn’t just the magic behind the movies but as you see here it literally makes up the title I’m just wondering how much of this star is connected with this major Rebrand that they’re trying to do since they’re about to lose Mickey that’s why at the end the firework dust makes up the mouse head above the castle right before the story book closes since when you really look at it the star is just Mickey reanimated it’s also a big nod to Mickey there’s like a heart shape mask around the eyes and the mouth which is Mickey obviously they’ll come up with something that comes before the star like Celestial I Eternal eventually they’ll realize that Kingdom Hearts is the story they’ve been trying to write all along I just really hope that this isn’t a way for them to just keep the rights again since the biggest thing that’s happening by next year is Mickey becoming public domain which means that anyone anywhere will be able to use the designs the personalities and that cartoon mouse in whatever way they wish Frozen 3 is in the works and there might be a frozen four in the works too but I don’t have much to say meanwhile those sequels have the company more Frozen than Walt

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