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will movie 2024 wikipedia | will movie 2024 release date | will movie 2024 netflix | will movie 2024 cast | will movie 2024 trailer | will movie 2024 imdb | will movie 2024 imdb rating

movie starts with Wilfred wils joining as a police officer in the antor police department in Belgium and listening to the rules from his Superior officer Jean later in the night we see Wilfred walking on the street along with another officer named load suddenly they meet with a German soldier named Fel gendarm he is asked to arrest a list of Jew work refusers by the order of Hitler but before proceeding to that Fel gendarm is required to escort himself with local police officers Wilfred finds this very odd as they are informed that German soldiers on surveillance must March in

will movie 2024 wikipedia

pairs but since Fel gendarm interacted with them solo it triggers some suspicion anyway they follow the soldier and end up knocking on a Jew’s door when the older Jew opens the door the German Soldier asks him to come however the old man asks him to come inside the house instead of offering him money the soldier tells will and load to stand at the door so that no one from the house gets out soon a woman with her child tries to get out of the house and the young police officers let her go they see that the woman leaves the child at her neighbors and then goes inside the

will movie 2024 release date

house again however a little while after the man at the neighbor’s house apologetically pushes the little girl out of their house the little girl comes back to her mother despite load trying to stop her from going in the German Soldier comes and arrests all three of them while coming back feland Dar drops his bottle of pills and he is trying to collect them meanwhile the woman tries to run away with her daughter Fel gendarm at first shoots at them and when he misses he runs after them later he beats the woman while finally will and load interfere they try to stop him but since he is about to shoot load will accidentally thrashes his head against an iron Rod Fel gendarm dies right at that moment and the boys together put his body inside a manhole they do not know anything about the Jewish family as they head toward their home homes both of their families are in Shock seeing their sons in such shape the families

 will movie 2024 netflix

behave differently as Will’s family seeks help from one Kim litka while load’s family starts monitoring every move that will makes as time progresses will starts to understand what mistake he has committed the very next day Gregor Schnabel a German higher ranked army official leads the investigation of the missing Soldier Vil brings Kim litka to show the body of the Dead Soldier but he is not able to find it load on the other hand understands that his family especially his sister IET is losing confidence in will and so they want to surrender him to the authorities load then asks will for dinner and there he tries to make a strong bond between AET and will together they start sharing information and collecting it in case they need a backup plan later it is revealed that will has securely kept the Jewish Family from that night right under heim’s nose there is a secret room in chim’s house where he has kept them load

will movie 2024 cast

also confirms that it was his family that dumped the body of the German soldier at the party Gregor manipulates will so much that he almost finishes a bottle of alcohol in a matter of minutes will is unable to find his strength to even stop Gregor’s right-hand man from teasing his lover IET he even goes to the extent of saying things like where the German solders body is dumped well he was not shouting or Screaming as such however IET doubts that his blabbering will work against them just as a vet thought the next day the Germans found the body of Feld gendarm and it was the blabbering that helped them find it later Gregor tells will that he has found the list of work refusers that Feld gundar was supposed to arrest that night he will now pursue those Jewish families so that the Killer is caught in an instant however the interesting thing was that Gregor already knew who had killed Fel gendarm but since he was not after the killer but the whole of the resistance he was playing along with Will he even killed officer

 will movie 2024 trailer

Jean to protect will and load later Kim finds out about the Jewish family that was hiding in close proximity Kim asks will to shoot them so that he can be forgiven for his mistakes however the woman suddenly attacks Chim killing him with a sharp object after that will with the help of AET and LOE makes three fake passports to send the Jewish Family to a different place but sadly the family is caught and killed by Gregor’s men the leader of the resistance is caught even as he reveals the involvement of Will lodde and IET in protecting the Jews Gregor plans to arrest all the Jews in a particular place on the night he offers an Escape Route for will and his friends this was not generosity the only way to survive was to arrest the Jews they had spent days protecting anyway will sees the determination in a

 will movie 2024 imdb

vet’s eyes so he gives her the wrong address where the raid will take place and stops load from joining her while while IET goes to help the Jews will stays back knowing that to survive this with his friends he must oblige to the orders which involve arresting the Jewish people and load must be there beside him inside will thinks that at least IET along with the resistance will be saved as there will be no raid in that area according to Gregor but Fate has other ideas when they start arresting all the Jews from the locality will sees IET from afar and sees her running away IET

 will movie 2024 imdb rating

knows she cannot fight against the whole Army however she can definitely deny suffering in silence IET stands in front of a running train and gives her life while will sees that from not very far away will tries his best to save all three of them but history is always unforgiving in nature in times of War there are only two kinds of people that history remembers Wills are remembered as cowards and evets are celebrated as Martyrs but at that moment history is the last thing will is worried about the only thing he cares about the most is to survive the Knight without getting killed along with load yes he fails to save IET but the brutality he has witnessed so far getting killed is not at all an option for him

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