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The Shift movie mp4moviez | The Shift movie in hindi | The Shift movie filmyzilla | The Shift full movie |  The Shift full movie dailymotion | The Shift movie watch online | The Shift movie link | The Shift movie bootleg

how’s it going folks welcome to found flicks on this ending explain we’ll be looking at our latest viewers Choice winner last shift where rookie cop is assigned the seemingly boring last shift at a transitioning police station which turns into a living nightmare when an evil presence begins to tormentor but before we dive into our subject it’s time to vote on our next viewers choice ending explain first up is orphan where a mourning couple adopt a young orphan and after a dangerous series of events unfold suspect there’s something sinister beneath the child’s angelic exterior or the woman in black where Daniel Radcliffe travels to a remote village to put a deceased person’s affair in order and discovers that the villagers are keeping a terrible secret let me know which one you’d like to see me cover by

The Shift movie mp4moviez

leaving a comment down below or voting in the pull over in the community tab last shift is one of those that is flown under the radar and with the decade recently ending popped up on a ton of those like best horror movies you missed of the 2010s lists and I can understand why well certainly low-budget all in one location and one major character played by Julianne Harkavy who is able to carry the movie mostly on her shoulders with a hard edge and vulnerability under the surface despite their limited means it still manages to craft some quite good suspense and scares that builds in intensity as the long night wears on and our poor rookie cop is tormented by a possibly evil presence that’s really the big question about this one is what she’s seeing real or all just being manifested by a

The Shift movie in hindi

troubled mind losing touch with reality which is where some frustration comes in as far as the overall story the movie kind of refuses to give you even a real clue or hint if things are one way or the other and in the end leaves us going wait if that happened then what does that mean earlier or what was the point of that and a million other things that are left with no substantial development and I’m sure it’s due to this extreme confusion and lack of any resolution that you guys want to be to cover the movie another kind of irritating thing is how the movie tells its story we are stuck in one location with one lady cop and so how else can she interact with others well the phone of course and I swear that this move you might actually have more phone calls in it than any other movie ever it becomes more the tiresome when there’s never-ending phone calls it’s just a very visually uninteresting way to develop things and I wish that they had found a different method to develop the story instead of depending on the same thing over and over which is why I have created a brand new thing it’s never been done before we’re going to keep track of just how

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many phone calls are in the movie that’s right it’s the call count I came over that all by myself pretty original stuff I know so keep an eye out in the quarter for the call count and place your bets now about how many you think there are in the movie so let’s enter the nightmare of last shift breaking down the story what I believe to be real and not as well as explaining the ending and what it means outside a police station at night rookie cop Jessica Lauren is on the phone with their concerned mother trying to suede your fears about her new profession and that most officers don’t ever see any action well no such luck there just because you are in for one heck of a first night entering the seemingly empty station not a soul is around until she hears grunting a man appearing and banging angrily on the wall cursing to himself he calls out for her to turn around a squeamish guest scurrying away down the hall but he stops her and then casually introduces himself as Cohen her new boss and already based on his behavior if there’s definitely something off about this place and seems to have had a pretty intense reaction on him being here this seems even more likely when they have up and moved the station to a whole new building promising just you’ll get to see it tomorrow but first she has to get through this night by herself nine-one-one has been rerouted to the new station so it should be relatively quiet all we need for her to do is be around for a hazmat team to show up and pick up a bunch of leftover material he instructs her to not leave the premises and tell he’s back to relieve her at 4 a.m. things are all quiet initially and it looks like she’s in for a long uneventful evening until she gets a frantic phone call from a young

 The Shift full movie

woman crying for help saying she’s trapped what the hang-up before Jess can get any further details confused how the call came through despite the line being inactive she dials the news stations operator who makes a note of it and assuming that’s the end of it however this is only the beginning the presence of evil manifesting in subtle ways at first almost to put her increasingly on edge things like fighting a grouse long hair sandwich yeah Rollo’s or clanging and doors mysteriously slamming in the halls at least some of the banging has an explainable source a dark and ominous man in shabby clothes has snuck in the front door he refuses to leave even after being threatened to be tased and begins to take a leak on the concrete scene he has sores all over his feet he appears to be really out of it suddenly yelling for her to shut up which doesn’t faze Jess getting him to move along in the bathroom she spots some work boots that look about the man’s size and sets them outside as an offering the lights cutting out and discovering the bathroom walls are now covered in dirt and filth and I don’t even wanna know what that white stuff is on the walls yeah things turned more personal in the locker room finding number 25 with a key still in it inside a picture of a

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moustache man and his daughter daddy and cuddle bug at the park it reads on the back ah isn’t that sweet even though we don’t know for sure this is Jess with her now deceased father in better times which comes to have extreme importance to our story and actually who Jess is just about to pocket it all the other locker doors have opened on their own well that’s weird she soon gets another call from the woman getting her name is Monica and she’s being held hostage on some kind of farm thinking that she hears pigs but she abruptly hangs up again right after the phone rings again this time it’s Joe from the hazmat crew letting her know they’re running late but still should be there by 4:00 knowing she needs to inform the new station of Monica’s call the dispatcher is befuddled because if she was dialing 9 by 1 the call would go to them surmising she must be dialing the old station specifically which is certainly strange hearing more random clattering nearby she comes to an overturned file cabinet the back door wide open to outside calling it in on a radio in response she first hear static then the haunting voices of a young girl singing some kind of him the lights flicking to emergency mode bathed in red and siren blaring all the strangest is getting to Jess beginning to recite a detectives code to calm her nerves although there appears to again be a logical explanation finding the same vagrant guy digging through boxes and she flips the breaker the lights returning to normal trying to reason with him he lunges at her against the hard end of her baton and tosses in a Cell hey don’t mess with this lady oh and he did take the shoes that she left out how about that yet once she gets him in the cell the door slams closed hearing a woman screaming and the lights cut out again the guy getting to his feet going after her she quickly gets him with her taser and knocking him out cold she finds the door sealed closed greeted by the flash of a monster’s face all slashed up showing us there definitely is something else strange going on here beyond wily vagrants particularly when Jess drops her flashlight and rather than the man picking it up we hear a girls voice asking if she wants to get out of here alive but assuring her she won’t hurt her Yeah right more bloody Baghead people appear in a flash the

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lights to come back on and the door is conveniently now open this is obviously more than enough for Jess to want to throw in the towel but when calling the sergeant and getting his voicemail she stays strong and changes her mind only telling him she’s happy to be on the force trying to just take a moment for a breather the force has left a message scrawled on the ceiling Sal meaning female pig which is not only a crudely and accurate way to describe Jess but also reminds us of Monica bitching the pig farm on the phone assuming someone else must have gotten in she double checks that the doors are locked encountering another loiterer out back a woman marigold who looks pretty rough with a black guy puffing away on a cigarette most likely a working girl so to speak who has a surprising connection to the prison having been an inmate there herself and recounting a trio of criminals brought in that she describes as a wannabe Manson family known as the payments they kidnapped and slaughter girls in spite of what the public was told when the payments were caught they were brought into the station alive mirror gold was kept up all night by their incessant singing of that song the same heard on Jess’s radio earlier only four at one point the singing to suddenly stop the family was discovered the next morning in the cell having hung themselves with bedsheets bu

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t according to marigold pure evil still covers the walls and after this massive info dump she leaves just as confusingly as she arrived at least now we have some idea about what the heck is going on here the precinct was where a local group of murderous cultists the payments a clear if on the Manson family were taken after being caught for their crimes as a result of their gruesome deaths and crimes on earth the evil of their deeds stained the walls of the building and now that lingering evil has manifests it through the various supernatural activity jazz is experiencing and she soon gets to learn more about the so called family when heading back inside a TV flickers on showing old interrogation footage of the leader John Michael paymon after being taken in custody he expresses no remorse for his actions feeling that what he’s doing is right in fact punishing people for their sins and clarifies that they’re not devil worshippers but of a different hell King which must be where they got their moniker from Palin who was one of the kings of Hell that ruled alongside and was subservient to Satan yes the same as featured in hereditary they are presented in a drastically different fashion than here and clearly this payment family feels their murders are in service of their true king payment the tape concludes with him declaring he likes you it is going to be back for you and all you love the tape beginning to loop with this eerie message which almost does feel aimed directly at Jess a chair comes spinning into the room briefly seeing a bad ghoul and she gets another phone call for Monica complaining they won’t stop singing that song beginning to sing it herself just tries to stay focused getting your last name and informing her to call 9-1-1 as she is unable to track her calls Monica claims she can only read dial and Jess promises to help the call cutting off once more as expected she calls the news station to fill them in on the new deets worried about the other potentially dead girls that Monica mentions thinking that surviving members of the family have her the dispatcher isn’t so sure knowing that all the surviving members are under surveillance but gives her report number if she gets any more details hearing odd whistling she finds an elaborate stack chair formation and annoyed knocking it over think she has this thing all figured out then it’s just all a big prank on the rookie but she gets no response in return she’s not alone anymore either an officer buzzing at the front door and she assumes that he’s in on the joke but he offers that he’s only here to check in on her he winds up being relatively charming almost a bit of flirtation developing between the two and letting off some steam just admits that she’s had a tough night mentioning the troublesome homeless man price opens up to her revealing that he knew her father Penn was there during the paymon showdown out there they arrived early and were ordered to wait for backup but hearing the

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screams of girls begging for their lives went in anyway and price was able to pull out four girls while her dad held them off they killed six more as well as two officers including her father that seems to be in the case with most of her special guests price has to go now after revealing a big truth bomb he turns to leave exposing a massive bullet wound in the back of his head as he walks away and vanishes so based on his story and the bullet wound in his head we understand that he was the other officer killed that night along with just his pops at least they went out a blaze of glory saving some innocent victims from the clutches of evil the past begins to flood more into the present just hearing more girls voices then screaming gongs ringing out in the halls almost replaying that night a body is slowly pulled into view and lifted by an invisible force in the air it begins to do a kind of corpsey weekend at bernie’s walk towards her the screams turn distorted and he’s gone now hearing the vagrant man screaming for help she rushes to the cell asking what’s wrong and sees the payments hanging bodies behind him things getting more intense she tries to reassure herself this can’t possibly be real only to hear that same hymn ringing out at a female chorus not noticing a girl crawling behind her bones cracking with each move towards her entering the room and finding the source a



group of girls in circle formation singing their faces flashing to being covered in sheets with ornate blood designs on each the door slammed closed and they’re gone another noise sending her to the hazardous material storage it appears that it has been vandalized by her homeless pal stuff all over the place although on further inspection the outfits on the ground belong to the respective payment family members and this could be another reason that their spirits have lingered since they did keep a ton of their old stuff that they literally died in that’s got to be bad mojo that’s for sure Jess is again pushed to the brink of what she’s willing calling Cohen who is pissed that she’s calling so late and derides her if she can’t stay alone one night in an old police station she’s in the wrong field of work giving her the ultimatum of finishing the job or handing in her resignation Jess agrees on the ladder refusing to give in despite the extremely terrifying stuff going on she’s at least at the point of not wanting to stay in the building anymore calling Joe the biochemical guy to find out when there they’re still busy but she decides to wait in the car until they arrive yet as soon as she goes outside the bloody phone starts ringing again it’s Monica who says she’s escaped and is in the woods trying to describe her location to Jess and worried that she’s going to die Jess again promises to help her but it appears too late Monica screaming that the right next to her in the white disconnects now our expected follow-up in the news station brings some baffling news the dispatcher has looked into Monica young and she’s dead it was actually one of the payments victims found with her face smashed in with a bat they go on to say that while the trio including John Michael and his two best girls were linked to the murders there were a dozen in their commune considering it could be some of them playing a sick joke or trailing off before elaborating and it



admits that since the suicides things have started happening at the precinct missing evidence or perps that couldn’t be held in cells without freaking out making the connection clear with their deaths creating a lingering evil in the building that has been showing itself even before Jess was left alone there she’s drawn out to the hall by the wind carrying a photo of her father then another photo of Payments victims all showcasing their brutal ends she tries to whisper to herself to stay calm the entire floor now covered in crime-scene photos Wow electronic distortion rings in her ears and just passes out coming to later to her phone vibrating what a surprise this time it’s her mom apologizing for bringing up her father in the earlier conversation but has graver concerns seeing that her God is missing getting a baton in the face by a girl in stockings the seeming surviving payment member takes her to the interrogation room the woman two bulges that just doesn’t realize just how lucky she is to be a part of this but the drifting reality and the hallucinations are becoming too much for Jeff’s wondering if this is real or fantasy the girl points the gun at her go to her that she could pull the trigger and find out and she gets emotional saying she would do anything for John



Michael it is annoyed that he took those two [ __ ] instead of her that night wishing of course it was her instead but she ultimately forgives him knowing she could never stay mad at her family leader just as sick of hearing about her backstory demanding her gun back and she brings up all the supernatural shenanigans asking if Jess has seen her precious payment she know she has in an attempt to join him on tonight the one anniversary of the jail killings says she’s here to celebrate and blows her brains out well that’s one way to party the infernal desk phone rings again and it’s really ringing this time rattling the entire phone on the desk it’s Monica but just corrects her that Monica is dead she starts laughing evilly bangs crashing on top of the desk she peers under seeing Monica face clearly beaten in with a bat just scurries back into the files and the spirit reappears bones cracking as she searches for her she spots her getting right up in her face just begging her to leave and she does what a polite goes thank you so much just being our first full inspector coming after Jess she’s ready to get the hell out of Dodge officer job be damned but finds the door won’t budge and her bullets have literally no effect on the glass looks like the evil is keeping her trapped inside her cell rings shockingly her deceased father on the other end causing just to instantly sob when hearing his voice



even if she knows it can’t be real keeping the illusion he says he’s proud of her and she admits that she joined the force for him in that case he questions her choice to leave he laid down his life for the job and expects her to do the same breaking down in tears she promises to stay as the voice tells her the man who took his life is still in the building and it’s her responsibility to do something about it geez thanks for all the pressure goes dad rounding the corners somehow the homeless guy got out of his cell and she arrests him again getting a shock when turning him over is face–now body and bulging screaming out in agony the lights go out and the man has vanished returning to his cell she finds him hanging lifelessly bloody handprints and even a message on the wall King of Hell she tries to call for backup only getting the girls at you early singing blog pours out from a radio and she turns face to face with a bad guy that slams the door closed the spirits put on a little show and tough for her on a mysterious projection screen seeing John Michael and his to lead girls getting ready for their ceremonial deaths making bloody symbols on their hoods before placing them over their faces John slowly removes his mask revealing a devilís Vistage scarred



with a pentagram symbol yellow eyes and sharp teeth seeing the other lady’s bags have become horrific Leif used to their skin payment manifests in the real world yelling and sending Jess out in a hurry price is back to to follow and finger guiding himself in the head eyes rolling back and turning white Peyman screams at her again sending jess back to that picture of her and her dad many years ago he calls her again with a dire warning that they’re coming and she has to stop them whatever it takes what sure makes it sound like the surviving payment members are preparing to assault the station head right on cue a bunch of masked and armed dude show up threatening Jasta she’s gonna die but she’s made a promise and is unwavering with this new threat chasing down the men and taking them out one by one picking off the last one he has some choice final words the blood of Payments children will resurrect his flesh about to fire another shot rings out from behind getting her in the back it’s a returning Coen confused just dropped to the ground and then understands the Sarge’s reaction the body of the man she was just so certain was an attacker is a helpless hazmat suit workers seeing the clock is perfectly right on the dot at 4:00 a.m. when her shift ended and when the bio crew promised to show up by making it clear she has made a terrible mistake here unable to believe



what she’s done just mumbles to herself it wasn’t him while Sarge crawls in for backup for her injury she begins to quietly sing the payments girl serenade to herself joining the chorus of others John and his two main gals come in putting a bag overhead and darkness consumes review becoming part of payments army and things come to a baffling conclusion the biggest question that we’re left is that the movies sort of refuses to answer what’s real and what’s fantasy as all this stuff and just as my and she’s losing it or were there indeed pesky lingering evil spirits responsible to me I’d honestly say both the evil was real and this facilitated Jess’s break from reality things turn it off small enough with little bumps in the night accelerating the scares all night to the point that just what she’s seeing alone real or not is enough to knock a couple mental screws loose you know then it becomes okay so what if anything we’ve seen all night is actually real I kind of have to define my own rules here but if it’s that anyone outside the building is real so miracle the vagrant guy in the dispatcher I think they were real at least and perhaps the one later payment follower that expresses being upset for not being taken during the original killings this again fits that she was real because she’s referencing the past instead of seemingly replaying that a year ago like the others but it’s hard to say for sure so if we assume at least these particular people are real through Marigold we learn all about the payment family that killed themselves in the South they were being held in and as she said the walls have been stained by evil ever since and that his patcher also mentions that others have had similar spooky experiences there after their deaths and indeed was the whole reason they’re changing locations in the first place so there has to be


some shred of reality to the building essentially being cursed by payment and his followers presence so pretty much everything else just experiences is courtesy of them designed to make her lose touch with reality and really pry into those personal demons as well as we know the death of her father which drives her to stay when she should definitely be leaving it has even the reason she became a cop in the first place it’s obviously a weak or sore spot for her which they take advantage of in particular at the end when murdering all the hazmat crew and getting shot by Cohen so then what was the actual spirits plan it’s hard to make out exactly but it seems that they always intended to lead to that outcome of her driven insane and killing others there must be something to it being the one-year anniversary of their deaths and as mentioned their hope is to bring payment back in flesh form by spilling others blood on the cursed grounds so it stands to reason based on everything we’ve seen occur that this was the spirits whole plan putting Jess through the ringer and spilling blood to be able to bring payment physically back in some sense which could be what happened at the end they succeeded in what they were attempting I wonder too if Cohen knows more than he’s letting on he’s seen all weird and aggressive when she first meets him and had to know what happened to her dad as well as the real story of the cult family which makes me think that he might actually have been involved in their scheme or something or again was at least more aware of what was going on that he ever let Jess in on

regardless of what happened it definitely appears that Peyman is the victor here and his family’s malevolent spirits aren’t going anywhere anytime soon even if he’s not back in a completely corporeal sense we also don’t even know what happens to Jess in the end she got shot in the back but we don’t see the actual injury or anything does she die who knows it doesn’t even want to tell you that much but probably I would assume yeah this brings us to the conclusion of this in-depth look at last shift ultimately we really ever know for sure what the heck is going on but at least through what we piece together can make some symbol it’s of sense of all the madness overall it’s still a worthwhile look for some memorable sequences and scares but it’s ultimately let down to me by the end coherent story and I do wonder just how much was changed during production considering it was originally called Peyman King of Hell that really seems like there’s a lot of stuff at the end that ended up mutating as the movie was made oh well it’s still pretty good and don’t forget you can send your request for any TV shows or movies you like to see me explain by sending them my way on any of my social media accounts at thumb flicks also make sure to vote on our next viewers Choice inning explained orphan or the woman in black what did you guys think of last shift and it’s ending what’s your interpretation of the story and what’s real or not let me know your thoughts in the comments below make sure to LIKE subscribe and follow thanks for watching conflicts see you next time


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