The promised land movie mp4moviez | The promised land movie filmyzilla

The promised land movie mp4moviez | The promised land movie filmyzilla

the time is September 2023 the setting is this year’s Venice Film Festival where I saw one of the biggest surprises of the year one of the best movies of the year and one of the Hidden gems you must look out for in 2024 my name is Ren and this is my review of The Promised Land Welcome Back movie fans thank you for joining me in a review you have been waiting for for 4 months it didn’t help that I kept hyping up this movie and also we all go a little bit mad for mads who takes us back to 1755 Denmark as an impoverished War Captain sets out to tame the vast uninhabitable Danish Heath but the beautiful yet forbidding area exists under the rule of the merciless frerick Des shenko who swears Vengeance bringing about a confrontation as violent and intense as the land both men seek to

The promised land movie mp4moviez

conquer and I promise you I have been hyping this movie up for a reason because I love westerns I love Underdog stories and I love Revenge Tales the promised land is all these things combined and on the surface it is also a story we have seen many times before told in many different ways one that points perhaps Coast slightly too comfortably on the melodrama generated by its characters thanks to the flawlessly committed performances from a superb cast it is nevertheless the kind of story director Nicolas Harel knows how to tell with Effectiveness squeezing all the well-learned drama and conflict through each key beat effortlessly raising the stakes and tension throughout it is a story of conviction of pride of understanding told through the prism of the Beloved Underdog Story as it positions mad’s Mickelson’s underestimated Captain as a lone wolf against a world that despises him just as much as he despises it

The promised land movie filmyzilla

mikkelson’s commanding bravado and Silent intensity embody these themes as stoic Stern worn out Soldier aware of his lot and rank in life with no delusions on trusting those above him whose Humanity has been beaten out of him forcing him to become just as ruthless as those he despises and now keeps going on sheer will with nothing to prove and nothing to lose it’s a textbook Western protagonist and that’s what makes it all so compelling a man who’s been forced to become a monster by the world around him and slowly regains his Humanity by fighting to obtain something he can truly cherish and call his own all the while mads mikkelson’s ludvic Kalen is simultaneously the underdog in the story who left off by the government by suggesting he cultivates this Barren Wasteland that already belongs to a lord is surrounded by nomadic tribes just in exchange for a rank and for a house he can live in as a lord himself in one of these nomadic tribes a young girl by the name of anai mush who turns out to be the heart at the

The promised land movie mp4moviez | The promised land movie filmyzilla

core of this story takes a liking to Kalen and the food he provides repeatedly attempting to win over his endearment and from here a mental chess game only the shinkle is interested in playing begins from here the ruthless robust stale of a man versus the system which consistently seeks to undermine his efforts and lavish in the spoil of his labors truly take shape one which sees as much violence and brutality as it does scale and scope the harsh vast landscape is absolutely engrossing one cannot help but feel the heat over mads mikkelson’s head as he works the field or the frost that shakes his bones as he attempts to save endangered crops and one cannot help but be captivated by kalen’s Relentless Pursuits as well as mads Mickelson’s no time for your attitude which plays an incredible foil to the shinkle pathetic ways and strategy as he attempts to repeatedly humiliate Kalen for his low birth and begins to turn High Society against him for his cruelty creating a memorable rivalry which offers one of 2023 is most despicable villains a satisfying Crescendo that concludes in rarely so sweet comeans our cel’s narrative finds brilliant ways to illustrate kalen’s Humanity where the more and more glimpses we get of it the more we see him as a leader a man of the people yet once so filled with scorn and disdain for the very possibility of betrayal and


abandonment it allows for genuine emotion to shine through his Rocky surface and eventually forces him to reexamine his goals and Pursuits and mads mikkelson plays into this Nuance magnificently I am not joking when I tell you this is one of my favorite mads mikkelson per performances one that showcases vulnerability in a man as a strength to be rewarded and not a weakness to be punished Nicolas arel has crafted an epic neow Western as big in scale as it is earnest in Emotion familiar on the surface but a nevertheless compelling tale that Surprises with its fantastic characterizations unforgiving scope and brutality and examination on morality creating a riveting and sneakily emotional story of a man who nothing to lose whose effort build him an Earnest life he doesn’t believe himself worthy of utterly compelling and one of the biggest surprises of the year it finally has distribution in the states and in the UK so please keep your eyes out for this one and with that out of the way before I dive my into my final thoughts on the Promised Land or as I like to call it by its original title bastard it’s time for you to start the

conversation in the comments below with your thoughts excitement for this film your favorite mads mikkelson performance and your favorite Neo Western anything and everything down there and if you’re enjoying this review catch up on more Venice Film Festival reviews or if you just want to talk more movies and TV with me this is the place to be consider clicking that subscribe button and you won’t miss any future conversations your favorite movies and TV the promised land is a grand harrowing epic commanded by the ever impeccable mads melson a gripping period Revenge tale with astounding scale and absorbing story and stakes and unexpected emotion I’m giving the

The promised land movie mp4moviez | The promised land movie filmyzilla

promised land an A minus thank you so much for watching film family so happy to finally have this one out there make sure to start the conversation about the Promised Land in the comments below and big shout out to my channel members for always supporting the channel I’ll back very soon with reviews for Aquaman the lost kingdom the ironclaw and all the end of year list videos which are always very excited to make so until the next one love each other and love the [Music] movies

The promised land movie mp4moviez ,The promised land movie filmyzilla

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