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The killer movie  mp4moviez | the killer korean movie netflix | the killer movie netflix | the killer full movie filmywap | the killer (1989 full movie) | the killer cast | the killer netflix review | the killer (2006) full movie watch online


from the guy who brought you seven in the movie about my ex-girlfriend comes a heartwarming tale of traveling around the world and killing people David finer the killer based off the French graphic novel of the same name is a window into the Dark World of professional Hitman so basically like my time playing this video game in this video we’ll be taking a deep dive into the movie it’s ending and some of its biggest questions so make sure to like And subscribe let’s get into it the film is split into six chapters each one documenting a kill in the Killer’s Journey there’s the sexy lover he inadvertently kills in France the cab driver and the Dominican the lawyer and Dolores in New Orleans The Brute Tilla Swinton the expert and the metaphorical death of his Hitman past the story of the killer

The killer movie  mp4moviez


centers around a hit gone wrong our protagonist known simply as the killer although he’s been given a dozen fake aliases throughout the film misses his Target this was a hit get financed by multi-billionaire Clayborn a man will come to know as the client who hires Hodges the lawyer the lawyer runs a Hitman side hustle from his law offices in New Orleans in which he contracts out Hitman to get the job done but in this case the job goes to as a sort of insurance that none of this comes to bite the client in the ass the lawyer offers the client to quote scrub the trail now the client admits he wasn’t sure what was meant by this and ensures the killer it was nothing personal and

surprisingly the killer doesn’t kill we spend the entire movie building up to this moment and he lets the man go but to understand why he made this decision we must first understand who the Killer is as a person for roughly the first 20 minutes of the movie The only dialogue we hear is an inner monologue from the killer himself he is cold both literally and figuratively as he sits next to a busted heater he is methodical practicing yoga and preparing his weapon and and has an almost existential outlook on life one is born lives their life and eventually one dies no doubt all of this is a defense mechanism to protect him from the fact he’s committing brutal crimes it’s ironic that he set up shop in a rundown wework office a company that just filed for bankruptcy it’s a metaphor for his upcoming failure and the end of his work contrast this cold depressing and dreary setting to the film’s ending where it’s somewhere warm bright with a positive outlook on the future with his girlfriend but this change doesn’t happen at once it’s something that chips away at him throughout his journey a journey that starts with the botched hit in France we’ll hear him say this quote of which he lives his life by do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the law it’s from the book of law the

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central sacred text of Thelma a religious movement founded in the 1900s by famous English occultist Alistair Crowley it basically means that one should seek out and follow follow their own true path and this true path for the Killer is one that sees them change from someone who shies away from empathy forbid empathy empathy is weakness to one who Embraces it I also found it pretty fun that he talks about the world being a survival of the fittest while eating McDonald’s now the Killer is deeply methodical tracking his heart rate preparing for the job and his inner monologue acting as a sort of guide on how to kill without getting emotional or taking sides I serve no God or country I’m not here to take sides it’s not my place to formulate any opinion fight only the battle you’re paid to fight music becomes his distraction with a playlist comprised of the Smiths a band which like the killer has many cynical takes but at the end of the day we’ll say things like I am human and to the first big crack in the Killer’s worldview is when he travels to his home in the Dominican Republic to find find that his girlfriend magdala has been beaten to the brink of death by two Hitmen a punishment for his botch job in Paris it’s here we see that the killer does have empathy a trait he saw as a weakness because of its vulnerability and his love for her has definitely made him

the killer movie netflix

vulnerable we’ll start to see him breaking many of his rules and methods he espoused in the first 20 minutes for example fight only the battle you’re paid to fight his whole Revenge mission is paid by no one fueled rather by his need to protect those he loves than money or what about forbid empathy empathy is weakness after Dolores pleads but promise me you won’t leave things looking the wrong way so he kills her making it look like she fell down the stairs and broke her neck instead of a hit on a woman who helped run a hit business he also uses empathy while sparing the client and that might be the biggest question of all why did the killer spare the client he’s gone through so many obstacles to get to him just to leave perhaps it’s because the client knew nothing of magdala remember that this whole journey started because of what was done to this girl the killer will say and you have no idea why I might be here if we’re to believe the client he basically knew nothing and paid $150,000 to just clean up this mess now if the client did know what was done to magdala or do anything about her I think we’d be dealing with a different story it’s also important to note that the killer does promise to come back and give the client an excruciating death if he comes after him what a sweetheart the Killer’s decision to spare the client could also be impacted by the story the

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expert tells him a few days prior it’s a perverted tale of a hunter who goes into the woods to kill a bear but when the hunter fails he is offer the choice of being killed or being sodomized he chooses sodomy and returns to the woods again and again each time failing and each time choosing sodomy the point being that it wasn’t the hunt that was driving the hunter but something else you’re not really out here for the hunting are you by the killer choosing to spare the client he has chosen not to go on the hunt he is doing the opposite of what the hunter would have done by never firing a shot in the first place there’s also the question of what Fincher and writer Andrew Walker are saying about the world we live in the end leaves us with two multi-millionaires who have committed terrible crimes both getting away with it we’ll see the killer take wire funds to a Caribbean bank account with over $8 million in it it’s an account made out to George Jefferson one of his many aliases in fact almost all of his aliases are named after

the killer (1989 full movie)

characters from various American sitcoms George Jefferson and archal bunker from All in the Family Sam Malone from cheers Lou Grant from Lou Grant Ruben concate from The Partridge Family and Oscar Madison and Felix uner from The Odd Couple just to name a few at the beginning of the film The Killer states that a few have always exploited the many and he counts himself among those few but at the end of the film he has put his life behind to become one of the many well maybe you’re not one of the few maybe you’re just like me one of the many he has decided to put his past life behind him and live a life of Peace we’ll see him next to his girlfriend the one he promised he’d protect and I’m sure quitting this life of crime is a part of that promise I swear to you nothing like this will ever be allowed to happen again but you’ll notice at the very end there’s this Twitch in his eye a very conscious Choice by

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fast Bender here almost as if to say his character is feeling uneasy or that deep down he knows he can’t leave the hunt forever it’s in his blood the film ends with a changed killer a man who claimed he was one of the few now one of the many from one who shunned empathy to one whose empathy guided him on his path but does that excuse all the Terrible Things he’s done in the past not at all it does show us the capacity for someone to change and if there’s one takeaway from this film perhaps it’s what Fincher said himself quote My Hope Is that someone will see this film and get very nervous about the person behind them in line at Home Depot it any help getting rid of that body but now I turn it over to you what did you think of the killer I want to hear your thoughts and theories in the comments below thanks for watching be sure to like And subscribe and for more bad takes you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at thinkstory YT until next time remember Daddy loves you very much

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