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The Hill movie filmyzilla | The Hill movie filmywap | The Hill movie in full hd 720p mp4moviez | The Hill movie in hindi mp4moviez | The Hill movie mp4moviez | The Hill movie pagalworld | The Hill movie vegamovies

welcome to slash forward and welcome back to familiar territory as of this episode we’re going to watch the updated version of the hills have eyes a banger of a remake that unbeknownst to me is a nearly shot for shot retread of the original so subscribe to the channel for an unending repetitive pathway toward pain let’s get to it we open on an info card that provides a little more solid context for us about how our antagonists are the product of irresponsible radiation poisoning from nuclear testing in new mexico we then transition to those very same irradiated deserts a

The Hill movie filmyzilla

mad max style wasteland that’s kept from the public eye they like to get in there every once in a while and do some testing for fun but their specimen collecting is interrupted by some poor lat who brings with him the very product of their malfeasance a wasteland mutant with incredible upper body strength we then slowly one-shot our way into a small town consisting solely of a run-down service station the proprietor comes out spooked by an unseen danger and casually strolls along calling for ruby he even goes so far as to cross a derelict fence demarcating the forbidden zone and peering into a nearby pigeonhole where he shouts some words of warning at jupiter he then returns to find a satchel of stolen goods and shouts out to anyone who may be listening that he’s done with this life and has no intention of continuing with this arrangement but the call of the goody bag is a bit too strong to ignore plus it’s

The Hill movie filmywap

already here and he takes a peek to find it pregnant with valuable trinkets including a human ear his accounting of this new inventory is interrupted when a wayward family rolls up looking for a top off on their fluids doug and lin wait things out inside the sweat box while outside we learn the family is on their way to san diego but taking some time to sightsee the flora and fauna of the desert along the way we meet the rest of the family as brenda finds a new pink friend out back and then right in front of his sister little bobby drops his jinkos to take a piss in the wind while up front we learned that bob’s a retired detective there’s no cell service out in the sticks and that they enjoy waving that baby around in broad daylight like they’re just looking to get it eaten our inbred attendant makes a cool 46 dollars as lin goes to grab beauty and very nearly stumbles upon the stolen bounty worried about the possibility that his cover’s now blown he decides to grant his desert clan one last gift and lets bob know about an off map route through the hills that’ll shave a couple of hours off the trip now whether those hills happen to have eyes or not he’s not saying but bob appreciates efficiency and with all that setup now complete we have an entire 90-minute movie ahead of us as they drive along hoping the road nowhere takes them somewhere bob regales those in the lead vehicle with stories of when their mom used to be a little hippie who was hot to trot while back in the airstream doug and bobby hang in the bro den smoking some cigs and sweating it out the general calm is disrupted however when they run over a spike strip which causes bob to freak out and take a boulder to the radiator then they rush out to verify everyone’s alright and they are which is great it’s always good to know everyone is all healthy and happy doug

The Hill movie in full hd 720p mp4moviez

pounces on the chance to connect with his father-in-law over the extensive damage he caused to their only vehicle and by bringing himself to bob’s immediate attention we walk he’s recruited to help as we know doug’s going to head up the road a piece while bob walks back toward the service station to find a vehicle or a phone brenda then shirts up for the prayer and we see they’re being observed from a distance after the men leave the ladies set up their picnic dinner while the dogs get all riled up brenda absentmindedly lets beauty out causing bobby to run off to find her as he jogs along a washout he hears sounds of doggy distress but the echo makes it difficult to pinpoint he eventually picks up a bloody trail and finds that it leads to his friend’s carcass when he sees that her evisceration may have been tool assisted he gets spooked which sets him to run and then results in him taking a nasty fall putting his lights out as the sun sets we see that he’s being watched over by ruby and her dapper brother gnawing on a haunch we then connect up with doug who finds the end of the road which terminates in a nuclear crater that happens to be filled with an automobile graveyard it takes some time to sightsee thinking this turn of events is pretty neat and

 The Hill movie in hindi mp4moviez

unknowingly soaks in a dangerous amount of radiation as we pan out to see this to be a significant formation then after nightfall we see bob finally arrive back at the station he looks around but he can’t find the proprietor however with the phone not working he decides to venture further in and stumbles upon his bag of goodies it’s suspicious and the presence of a human ear tips him off that something’s not quite right here so he proceeds from this point with gun drawn he lamps up the wall finding a variety of expositional clippings about nuclear tests in the desert and homebound miners who refused to abandon their land resulting in a variety of birth defects which naturally then led to the disappearance of many families over time now understanding the con he feels betrayed by his new friend and rushes out to a nearby vehicle but he hears the attendant drinking in the outhouse as is so often the case and when he confronts him bob receives the apology he was looking for before he blasts his face clean off and then bob starts firing on an unseen target wasting his ammo he wisely runs back to the car but then discovers that he left it unattended for too long as an assailant pops out beats him mercilessly and then drags him deep into the mine

The Hill movie in hindi mp4moviez

worried about what bobby may be up to alone in the desert brenda goes off to search for him luckily he returns shortly after as they mend him he gets jumpy over sounds from outside and goes to investigate finding that beast is now off leash then he nearly shoots doug’s dick off they find that he’s returned with souvenirs for everyone as they head in to examine his bounty we see the beast is wandered off and found beauty which sets the stakes of their situation for him then in a couple of familiar beats doug and lin prepare to spend the night in the suv which distresses bobby but he’s reluctant to say anything as everyone settles in for some rest bobby hears barking in the distance and goes out to check on beast as he gets closer the barking turns into human laughter which causes him to run back to warn doug and lin that there are folks out hiding in the brush and then he comes clean about the state in which he found beauty but before they can investigate further pluto hits the high sign setting off the big bob distraction which occupies the family’s full attention as they circle back to ransack the rv in this version while we get some familiar images it quickly devolves into a much more unflinchingly brutal assault scene as the fire dies down outside lin hears screaming from the trailer and runs back to check at this point they ramp things up another few notches after lin jumps in and decides to do whatever it takes to protect her baby which ultimately ends with ethel walking in on a forced redneck breastfeeding she takes a gut shot breaking the tension and giving lyn the opportunity to put a screwdriver in lizard’s leg which she works in real good but then pays dearly for it brenda is saved only for a lack of bullets as the fellas arrive to chase them off in the aftermath as they assess the damage we see doug

 The Hill movie mp4moviez


confirming that his baby is now missing this is being watched from a distance by goggle who then becomes victim to beast drawing first blood for the good guys as they work to sort through all the information that’s been dumped on them in an attempt to develop a plan a voice outside calls out looking for goggle prompting bobby to put three rounds through the door then he ventures out to find goggle’s radio still firmly gripped by his hand beast hops out and they hear that jupiter has plans to finish them all off so doug jumps on the radio to see if he can reason with them what the [ __ ] do you want from us but as he already said he wants them dead the next morning doug takes beast and heads on a redemption quest easily finding the entrance to the mine due to lizard’s blood trail he ventures in deep letting beast lead him along until they find the tunnel’s exit which spits them out near a quaint little mining town he radios back to base but we see they’re busy setting tire fires and rigging up tripwires as doug proceeds

The Hill movie pagalworld

through the neighborhood he finds it furnished for nuclear fallout testing until he comes upon home with a running generator outside and he peeps his baby inside but then a giant mutant lumbers by dragging his pet corpse along with him requiring doug to duck into a nearby car he leaves beast here so he has more control over his sneak levels as he goes to retrieve catherine he attempts to do so without administering any free violence despite a clear opportunity to do so which proves to be a mistake back at the rv they take a novel approach attempting to lure their baby back with a toy attached to a fishing pole and then they continue their general preparations then doug wakes up inside a meat storage bin luckily still intact and slap thrusts his way out while beast also finds a way out of his cage doug then follows sounds of patriotic singing which are emanating from a wretched intellectual who decides to give doug some exposition just in case anyone was concerned about why they’re so enamored with slaughtering our people then pluto busts in with an axe and dug mostly just ducks and dodges until beast hops in giving him a chance to regroup in the bathroom but he continues to be surprised when they defy convention and he ends up with a bat shard that he places in pluto’s torso this only grants him a momentary reprieve and after a massage manicure doug plays like he’s helpless to gain the upper hand and gives his assailant the 4th of july special now comfortable with the taste of his enemies blood he easily negates the outside mutant’s neck halo before stylishly finishing him off this prompts

The Hill movie vegamovies

brainiac to give the order kill the baby which beast does not appreciate even a little bit as doug searches the town for katie we see ruby gets shooed out of the butcher’s room and it’s revealed that she’s pulled a willow on lizard then doug catches her figure running across the ridgeline and goes to intercept back at the rv they get a warning sign their attacker has arrived but when they investigate it appears to have just been a tumbleweed tugging on the line however when they return to the suv their mom’s body is missing bobby gives the order for brenda to start her part of the plan as he runs off in pursuit unfortunately he quickly regrets this mistake as he turns a corner to the sounds of a raw flesh mukbang and gets chased back to camp by jupiter as he runs through we see them setting up a familiar propane trap and jupiter greedy for more meat pops in and gets himself roasted meanwhile doug cuts ruby off and finds that she means well but he’s then ambushed by and entangled with a man much more entrenched in a life of violence than he but doug finds himself empowered by baby rage and bludgeons him soundly father and daughter are then reunited but lizard still has another round in him leaving ruby to fulfill her redemption art finally brenda takes

satisfaction the opportunity to dent in someone’s forehead and then all the remaining survivors are reunited here i was originally gonna make a sarcastic comment about how all that’s left is for them to take a pleasant stroll out of the desert easy as that is but then the filmmakers pan back to show them still being watched so yeah i have a website set up where you can support the channel through donations or merch i’d like to take a moment to give a huge thanks to my donors memorialized in the hall of head shots i hadn’t realized that this remake so closely followed the first one similarly to evil dead i think it did a good job of telling the original story but ramping things up for a modern audience i enjoyed the overall expansion on the desert mutant family dynamics but remember jupiter as being more of a dangerous mastermind than a raving lunatic even so this is a solid remake if you enjoyed the video i’d love for you to become part of the channel by subscribing thanks for watching


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