the equalizer 3 netflix release date | the equalizer 3 full movie youtube | the equalizer 3 full movie online dailymotion | what will the equalizer 3 be about | equalizer 3 cast | the equalizer 2 imdb

the equalizer 3 netflix release date | the equalizer 3 full movie youtube | the equalizer 3 full movie online dailymotion | what will the equalizer 3 be about | equalizer 3 cast | the equalizer 2 imdb

hi so in my opinion the equalizer is what the takin series should have been you know the first taking was pretty good and then they just started slicing him up more than Gordon Ramsay would not saying the equalizer is supreme or anything like that but I think both movies are decent rent its laces actually the first sequel Denzel has ever done he’s reuniting with his dude Antoine Fuqua who directed him in training day taking what was an old TV series and revamping it so he can become a kid you not a freaking superhero let me explain so when the first one Denzel was keeping it downloads at a hardware store as he was taking down like an entire sector of the Russian mafia he was

the equalizer 3 netflix release date

watching over Chloe grace Moretz and equalizing everything since he’s the equalizer and the sequel he’s still evening things out but this time he works for lyft right he kind of has that collateral vibe going where he socializes with different people but at the same time you know he’s still worked for the special forces and whatever he clocks out he’s also clocking out bad guys he’s not even worried if he can take out like a room full of dudes that are younger than him he’s more concerned if he could do it in record time legit if I ever meet Denzel and he even looks at his watch I’m dipping thing with this one is that he pretty much turns into Batman he’s on the Orient Express hunting down this missing girl as he’s wearing a Forest Whitaker disguise he’s got all the moves down he practically raises a Robin

 the equalizer 3 full movie youtube

under his wing now I know some people are complaining because this movie may not have as much action as the first but I think it does like it’s car scene right here was so unnecessary well dozens L had to do was put it on park and fight the man but I guess they really wanted to do this this shot right here cuz it looked cool but you know you ain’t wrong there was a lot more talking in this movie but I didn’t think it was that bad you got Sanders from moonlight who practically becomes his kid you know he’s there and there’s this one point where he gives him this deep speech about how he shouldn’t fall for the gang life he should be his own man there’s even this book that appears

 the equalizer 3 full movie online dailymotion

throughout the movie that it was actually an author’s letter to his son about being black in America but there’s this one exchange that happens in this movie where he actually reaches out to the kid and the kid tells them why me and then Zell says why not you and I was like where was Denzel growing up for me the big toys from the movie was that his friend from the agency gets killed and she was the only one who knew he was the equalizer so when she dies he goes to reunite with his old teammates to try to solve her murder wait for it to turn out that it was them who did it didn’t we just see this exact twist in skyscraper last week all these guys are playing that gray card like Benicio did in the last Jedi where they were all good guys but now you know they got to make ends meet and they’re taking out anyone who they possibly can’t they just completely forgot that the equalizer wasn’t dead legit the ending of this movie takes place in Manchester by the sea storm which was denzel’s hometown where his wife died and he pre

 what will the equalizer 3 be about

tty much sets up this place with a bunch of booby traps in order to murder to these special ops he straight up home Alone’s dumb like for real he harpoons a dude kills another one with flour packets during an explosion my man took the time to head to his local library and print out pictures of his friend said decorate the area during the massacre Petro however who’s like his friend the one who’s leading the pack he’s a straight-up punk sure he’s got the same

 equalizer 3 cast

bone structure as Barry Pepper but his sniping sucks he spends the entire tourney at the top of the co D map right up here and somehow can’t find a way to get a shot in I kid you not there’s a point where this dude gets into a fight with the wind I don’t understand how we didn’t see Denzel make his way up this Rapunzel sized Tower and this dude yet again gets over and before falling to his death needless to say Denzel gets the job done he brings peace to Boston completely neglects his buddy’s family who no longer has a provider and gets set to take on a third one because he is the equalizer thank you guys for checking out this video I’m curious to know your thoughts down below like I said I

 the equalizer 2 imdb

think these are both decent rentals I think didn’t sell you know he’s out there still doing his things and Anton fook-la makes those movies that I think are always like perfect rent it’s it’s got enough action in there usually gets a pretty good soundtrack with it I would recommend if you are at home and you got HBO definitely check out Barry if you like this whole hitman I don’t like storylines that are out there but I’ll watch Barry didn’t tweet at me because you were going to love that show on HBO other than that definitely let me know your thoughts anything down below don’t forget to comment like and subscribe and I’ll send you a lift

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