The color purple movie in hindi | The color purple movie filmyzilla | The color purple movie mp4moviez | The color purple movie in english | The color purple movie 480p | the color purple movie 2023 | the color purple full movie 2023 | the color purple 2023 free mp4

The color purple movie in hindi | The color purple movie filmyzilla | The color purple movie mp4moviez | The color purple movie in english | The color purple movie 480p | the color purple movie 2023 | the color purple full movie 2023 | the color purple 2023 free mp4


hi welcome back to my channel in this video I will explain the ending of The Color Purple so let’s begin The Color Purple gets the musical treatment in its second film adaptation the film’s ending has a few Revelations and here’s everything you need to know about the ending just to let you know this video will contain spoilers 2023 is the color purple ends with sely finally finding peace in her life as she reunites with her family the film like Steven Spielberg’s 1985 iteration is based on Alice Walker’s novel but it combines Els from the Broadway musical and the book to bring something refreshing and hopeful amidst cel’s trauma the color purpl conclusion sees C claiming her independence from Albert Mr Johnson who had abused her emotionally and physically for decades after finding the letters her

The color purple movie in hindi


sister netti had written her for years cely took matters into her own hands not only did cely write back but she left with Shug Avery to Tennessee there she stayed for a while until Alfonso’s death brought her back home after his funeral cely learned a shocking fact Alfonso was not really her father and her biological father had left her his store instead of going back on the road with Shug sely opened her own sewing business meanwhile Mister having lost his crops sold his land to bring NTI whose passport had been taken after an attack on her Village in Africa back home to cely reunited with her sister and children cely and her community join hands and sing Who sel’s real father is in the color purple the color purple revealed Alfonso the man sely believed to be her biological father was actually her

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stepfather sel’s mother married Alfonso after cel’s biological father died when she was too young to remember sely knew none of this her entire life and it wasn’t until Alfonso’s death that she learned the store had been her biological fathers who left it to her in his will the film never reveals the name of cel’s Father nor how he died but Walker’s book divulges that he was lynched and that her mother grief stricken and mentally affected by what had happened to her husband was exploited by Alfonso the real reason NTI didn’t return home to cely in letters cely learned NTI had become a missionary traveling to Africa alongside her nephew and niece Adam and Olivia who had been adopted after Alfonso took them from cely but while n’s passport was only taken a bit before she was able to return home she didn’t return to cely because she feared what Mister might do to her even though it had been years Netty knew what Mister was capable of doing and he’d already made C’s life hell Netty had to walk her own path before returning home but there was a big fear of retaliation to consider which created an obstacle for Net’s reunion with cely it’s

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possible netti was also waiting for cely to write back as though her sister’s letters would tell netti all she needed to know about her situation with mister and whether it was safe to see her again after so many years Netty was off living a life of her own and her journey had taken her to another continent so it wasn’t so easy for her to return to cely despite missing her terribly Netty had to walk her own path before returning home but there was a big fear of retaliation to consider which created an obstacle for Net’s reunion with cely what made Mr finally help sely despite his abuse Albert Mr Johnson is physically and emotionally abusive to sely throughout the color purple he keeps Net’s letters hidden from sely but when she finds the letters and finally stands up to mister she curses him telling him that everything bad that’s happened to her will happen to him this leads to his land dying unable to farm any longer and realizing he’s caused a lot of pain and Trauma Mister sells his land and uses the money to help Netty return home the change of heart comes too late but Mr likely felt a lot of guilt for the way he treated sely over the years he didn’t

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realize it until he saw the effects it had on his land to ensure bad things wouldn’t keep happening to him because Cel was still angry but trying to rebuild her life Mis brought NTI home to cely in the hopes that she would see it as a peace offering considering cely wouldn’t take him back Mis had to start making amends differently and reuniting NTI with sely was a good first step towards redeeming himself because For the First Time Mister had done something kind for someone else without asking for anything in return Why Shug refuses to take sely with her at first when Shug says she’s leaving town following her first visit cely asks to go with her but Shug refuses saying she’ll be back it’s only when she returns years later that she finally takes sely with her to Tennessee perhaps she knew cely needed to gain her independence on her own terms instead of relying on shug to escape her life when Shug returns for the second time cely finally stands up for herself without pting from Shug extricating herself from her abusive situation once and for all Shug is more than happy to bring her along thereafter it’s also possible Shug was trying to

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avoid sely by leaving the first time the two women had gotten Incredibly Close and had even fallen in love but Shug didn’t seem ready to go any further she might have been ignoring her own emotions and to bring sely with her would have exacerbated an emotional and physical relationship she wasn’t ready to delve into deeper when Shu returns she’s married squashing any hope for her and cel’s relationship ship Beyond friendship how The Color Purple compares to the musical and 1985 film adaptations while 2023 is the color purple is a good combination of the Broadway musical and book it draws comparisons to both but especially to the 1985 film starring WBY Goldberg Blitz bass wheel’s retelling of The Color Purple more explicitly includes cel’s queer Arc whereas Steven Spielberg’s film removes it entirely the Broadway show has it as well but it’s primarily present in song lyrics because of the music the the color purple and its stage counterpart both soften the edges of the story’s darker elements whereas the first

 the color purple movie 2023

movie adaptation is more overt in the trauma’s cely faced every adaptation however sticks The Landing when it comes to the book’s Central story note that in the 1985 film Mister is able to bring NY home but he only watches from afar when she and sely reunite versus attending the Easter gathering in the 2023 film what is the real meaning of the color purple’s title and ending The Color Purple explores multiple themes and meditates on racism sexism self-respect and empowerment and resilience amidst trauma crucially cely undergos a transformation throughout the film she doesn’t question things at first and is thrown into horrifying situations abused and mistreated for decades aside from finally standing up for herself and remaining hopeful despite all the horror she’s faced The Color Purple showcases the strength of community and friendship both of which counter and ease C’s daily struggles while also enabling her to love and fight for herself and others The Color Purple is important in understanding cel’s

the color purple full movie 2023


Journey the color itself is brought up occasionally but it’s mostly used as symbolism for sely finding her Inner Strength it’s something that was always there but had yet to be fully embraced because of cel’s fear purple itself is a representation of power and it symbolizes cel’s transformation into a confident powerful woman who is independent and bold it’s also a representation of her spiritual and sexual Awakening especially as she fully Embraces these aspects of herself The Color Purple is Rich with meaning and its title fully encompasses all that sely goes through that’s all for now folks I would appreciate it if you could give the video a super thanks with a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel so you can see more content like this every day take care bye


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