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it’s been 16 years since a little film called Grindhouse first appeared that featured a slew of fake trailers like hobo with a shotgun ELO with a shotgun he’s pissed me the goddamn P fresh of the success of a little film called hostile director Eli Roth was asked by Quinton Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez to direct the horror trailer Thanksgiving fast forward to today and a featurelength version has graced us this holiday season with with tons of fun callbacks and some truly gruesome kills so in this video we’re going to break it all down highlight some of these differences and see if you can guess the identity of the killer now make sure to like And subscribe or else at Thanksgiving dinner you

thanksgiving movie isaidub

might get confronted by your Politically Incorrect Uncle I said it before and I’ll say it again gay guys are still funnier than women welcome to Plymouth Massachusetts an app setting for a movie called Thanksgiving since that’s where the first Thanksgiving took place over 400 years ago the setup for the film takes place here at w Mark where the promise of Black Friday sales has amassed a mob of bloodthirsty consumers on the hunt for the biggest deals but the event turns deadly as the mob stampedes past the doors trampling customers and killing countless others causing Sheriff Eric Nan to fire a warning shot as the film fast forwards an entire year the aftermath of the right Mark tragedy saw Zero arrests and no one held accountable but little do the town’s folk of Plymouth know is that someone has been biting their time hellbent on Revenge for what happened this is the ruthless killer known as John Carver we get a brief glimpse of his layer in the Grindhouse trailer the Killer is simply known as the pilgrim but the movie has

netflix thanksgiving movies 2023

fleshed this character out making him synonymous with the real life John Carver who became the first governor of the Plymouth Colony we can see newspaper clippings of the right Mark tragedy saying Black Friday traged tragedy yields no arrest and that the deaths were deemed an accident so it seems whoever this killer is has some sort of personal Vendetta against those responsible now the film does a pretty good job at giving us a slew of potential suspects there’s Mitch a guy whose wife was killed the night of the tragedy and demands Justice Ryan our protagonist Jessica’s boyfriend who lies to the cops about what happened that night and Bobby Jessica’s former boyfriend who mysteriously disappears after the right Mark tragedy the main events of the film follow Jessica and her friends as they’re both haunted and taunted by this elusive killer as the daughter of w Mar’s owner Thomas

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Wright yes his name is literally right they were able to get into the store ahead of the mob with a few of them even taunting the mob goating them towards violence thus these kids are on John Carver’s carving list and he’s made an Instagram account laying a Thanksgiving table which he’ll soon adorn with their corpses and it doesn’t take long for the killer to get to work killing as many people involved in the right Mark tragedy as possible first on the Killer’s chopping list is Lizzy a waitress at the local Diner who pushed and shoved her way to the front of the line during the right Mark tragedy she’ll be dunked in water and face Frozen to the diner’s freezer door before her body is cut in half and there’s something terribly ironic about her torso festooned above right Mart and a sign that reads 50% off the second is the coward security guard who ran away the night of the tragedy instead of doing his job and keeping order he’ll have his head decapitated now one of the most iconic scenes from the original trailer is the cheerleader scene where a jock is treated to a nice little show by one of the cheerleaders I’m giving thanks this made it into the movie where the killer completely twists the neck of the jock who is one of the main instigators in riling up the crowd during the r Mark tragedy his cheerleader friend is also stabbed to death while trampolining Julia one of Jess’s

 thanksgiving movie 2023 streaming

friends has her life cut short when John Carver stabs her ears with corn on the cob holders it’s a bit ironic since these things are supposed to go in ears of corn but now they’re literally being stabbed into ears her house is actually undergoing Renovations which provides the perfect opportunity for her guts to be rearranged by a nearby power saw one of the main features of the original Thanksgiving trailer was the Thanksgiving Day Parade where a turkey mascot gets decapitated in broad daylight by the pilgrim this also happens in the feature but with a Twist the Killer is smart and knows the police are looking for someone dressed as John Carver in fact they intend to use the parade to trap the killer but little do they know he’s ditched the Carver costume for now and dresses as a clown littering the street in smoke bombs allowing him to incapacitate his remaining victims and prepare them for the feast one such victim is Kathleen Jess’s stepmom who was complicit in deleting the security camera footage the night of the right Mark

 thanksgiving movie on netflix

tragedy we’ll see the killer dicing up some veggies and readying the cranberry sauce as Kathleen’s body is prepared just like a turkey similar to the Grindhouse trailer where the family has to eat one of their loved ones she manages to escape this basement and runs upstairs to find the barely alive cheerleader chilling in the fridge before she’s recaptured and cooked alive in an industrial oven now the killer has all his victims some alive some dead ready for the Thanksgiving feast but killing them isn’t enough he wants to broadcast it live for all to see so that every Thanksgiving going forward people will remember what they have done the killer will even carve off a piece of cooked Kathleen wanting her husband to eat her but before that happens Jessica manages to break free from her restraints and make a run for it with Carver in Hot Pursuit Jessica emerges from Carver’s Lair which we now see is located underneath John Carver’s original Pilgrim home she makes her way to the nearby abandoned Factory where the parade floats have been stored to find an unconscious Sheriff nulan knocked out by the Killer she grabs his gun and flees inside only to make the shocking discovery that the Killer’s identity is her ex-boyfriend Bobby or is it luckily the sheriff appears and manages to scare off Bobby Bobby had left behind his phone which was logged into the John Carver Instagram account the same one that broadcasted the feast but just notices something odd about the sheriff his boots they’re the same ones the killer wore and they’re covered in Burrs burs which littered the forest near

 netflix thanksgiving horror movie


Carver’s home when she escaped Bobby isn’t the killer it’s the sheriff in fact we’ll learn that the sheriff had planned to pin all these murders on Bobby he had Bobby drugged put him in the John Carver costume and rigged his phone with the John Carver account the plan was supposed to go off without a hitch if it weren’t for Jessica and Bobby escaping Bobby Hit the sheriff with a tire iron after he was drugged and put into the sheriff’s trunk that’s why Jess saw the sheriff unconscious with Bobby fleeing from the scene but why would the sheriff go through all this effort to kill all these people what’s his motivation turns out he was having an affair with Mitch’s wife Amanda a woman who met a tragic end at w Mar when a shopping cart smashed into her head Mitch and Amanda had plans to run off together after Thanksgiving but with her dead Sheriff Nan’s future life with her was dashed he therefore saw those involved as complicit in her death and wanted to enact revenge on those who put greed above the well-being of

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others thankfully Bobby hasn’t run off too far and his there to save Jess as the two make a run for his tow truck as they flee Jess turns on a gas-powered inflatable turkey to block the sheriff’s Pursuit unfortunately it’s not enough as the sheriff ties the truck’s toe cable around a pillar and stops their escape he’s about to finish the both of them when Jess fires this prop musket at that inflatable turkey which had been slowly filling up with flammable gas the place Goes Up in Flames as Jess and Bobby narrowly Escape but when the fire department comes they say say that the

heat was so intense no body could be found all that was left was Ash so it begs the question did the sheriff go up in Flames leaving the terror of John Carver behind them or is he still on the loose the film leaves us with one final jump scare an unknown amount of days after the final scene Jess goes into her closet and is attacked by a flaming John Carver it’s just a dream but shows us that even if John Carver is gone he’ll continue to haunt her till she dies but now I turn it over to you what did you think of Thanksgiving I want to hear your thoughts and theories in the comments below thanks for watching be sure to like And subscribe and for more bad takes you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at thinkstory YT until next time remember Daddy loves you very much

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