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focusing on a woman who upped and left her previous life as somebody called Cheryl laughter being an individual who wanted more but didn’t have the means to support it we saw the story of this movie Focus around Neve a new Alias that Cheryl was living under several years after her departure however her previous life as Cheryl was coming back to her and within her mind it was quite literally haunting her in more ways than one with this movie having an Abrupt ending and quite literally going full circle let’s recap break down and explain all that there was to take away from this movie so let’s get into it here is the Strays ending explained just to let you know this video will contain

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spoilers we started off seeing this movie at a time in the early 2000s where the main character that we came to know was leading a completely different life we saw that she was on the phone to her sister and was tired of the life that she was leading and the way that she was treated in society as was also supported by the newspaper articles here she was living her life as Cheryl a qualified saleswoman who had won saleswoman of the year three times in a row so she was well respected within her field but within Society to quite what she said she was viewed as some kind of reprobate and put at the bottom of the list this was due to the color of her skin she was struggling with money and wanted to live a life that offered more at this point she was watching a program on the TV where it looked as though somebody that was wealthy was getting out of the car in the suburbs a place where we would later pick up with the character

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showing the life that she would eventually be going on to lead so from this moment on we saw Cheryl leave and never look back we also got a glimpse of the family that she was leaving behind in this moment where we heard her sister on the phone tell Carl to go intend to his sister and also when her partner Michael was on the phone and he left a message we then saw the next two chapters of the movie play to us which were the exact same but from different perspectives we saw that Cheryl had become Neve and she was drastically different to how we saw her in the past she was living in quite a well-off area which was predominantly white she’d married a different man and had two children it was clear to see that she was trying to hide her true self and doing all that she could to fit into this new neighborhood even if it meant pretending to not be who she was her skin color was something that she was trying to bury beneath and almost cover up due to what she had encountered in the past leading her to feel uncomfortable in society she was wearing straight head wigs to hide her natural hair she changed her voice to become more well spoken due to the area and to quote her daughter she made sure that nobody would ever talk about anything black however we saw that two individuals Carl and Dion were in the town the only other people of color other than Eve

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Mary and Sebastian and at first I feel like we were led to believe that this could have been something that was going on inside of her mind we saw her almost having these hallucinations and nightmares about her previous life and everything that she was trying to bury the fact that nobody else was never really seen Carl made me think that it may not have of being real but they actually were and we saw that they were the two children that Neve left from her previous life 17 years ago they had tracked her down and we saw that they were working on getting back into her life by going through her family this was when we got to see the same chapters shown to us but from the perspective of Carl and Dion we saw how they were speaking with Neve’s son and daughter and also her husband Ian as they started to learn more about the family and the life that they themselves missed out on it was here where we then

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started to see the Sinister nature and intentions that they had the manipulation of her children and getting inside of Neve’s head through them such as Dion giving a makeover to Mary’s Hair and allowing her to embrace a side of her that she was naturally curious about both Sebastian and Mary were but her mother never really allowed them to explore it it all resulted in an argument at the event in Neve’s Garden where we saw a tremendously heart-wrenching harrowing performance of the character Dion she was like a ticking time bomb and you could sense that it was all due to the abandonment issue that she had it was in the final third where we saw that the movie really upped the ante and we saw the true Thriller horror side of it with Neve thinking that she could just buy off her son and daughter the both of them ended up going to need’s house in the dead of night and were essentially acting like they lived there they locked the doors left the tap running and wanted to order food and play board games something that normal families do yet they themselves missed out on it was Dion’s birthday and that was the reason as to why they were doing it on that specific night it was a moment that showed that after all of these years Neve couldn’t even

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remember her daughter’s birthday showing just how detached she was from her previous life with Ian being taken into the home gym we saw that he ended up being killed due to the amount of weight that he was being forced to lift with Carl saying we’re the same now as he was holding the weight of the world on his shoulders and struggling to do so I feel it was a representation of how he felt he was in society and how the abandonment of his mother leaving him was on his shoulders he was holding a lot of weight and was unable to shift it with the food being delivered we saw that Neve walked upstairs to get her purse and pay for the food she apologized to all four of her children and we saw that she then did what she did at the start of the movie she ran away she looked into the mirror at herself as knee for one final time as she did when she was Cheryl in the beginning and then exited leaving all four of her children from the two different lives that she led who were once on the opposite sides now on the same as they too became what was just in front of them victims of a mother who ran away for a better life Cheryl cared mainly for herself the way that she upped and left before she did it again showing that she always wanted more and only looked out for herself hiding who she always was in the hopes of being able to forge a better one the ending was extremely abrupt and it was quite powerful watching all four of them stand there this thing to the sound of the motorbike riding their mother away to a life that may take them another 17 years to find it was a hauntingly powerful ending I built the abrupt

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nature of it meant that it could make the statement that it wanted to without lingering or trying to drag it out longer than it needed to I thought this movie was okay I liked the power of the message that was being conveyed and the delivery of Neve Dion and Carl they all had split personalities and were great at switching between emotions and personalities neef struggled to fit into a place no matter how hard she tried was so apparent and Carl and Dion’s want to fit into something so simple as a family was apparent to yet that just wasn’t enough for me the pacing of this movie worked perfectly the space that was left between cuts the slight horror element but more psychological Thriller adoption was the perfect tone for this movie the runtime was something that I felt was a good choice to

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having one hour and 30 minutes instead of forcing this to be over two hours was the right decision and I think it actually complemented it as it never felt like it dragged at all despite there being a weighted heavy story to it it was a good one-off a powerful commentary on society and also an insight into a woman that always wanted more no matter what the cost came at it’s one of Netflix’s better movies in recent times and the weird nature of it allows it to shine so there you have it the Strays ending explained if you want to see more videos such as endings explained

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