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less so this movie’s so good it almost became my favorite Spidey movie of all time if it wasn’t for that ending let me explain so spider verse 2 begins with Gwen about one year after the first where she’s trying to play with a band after missing her friends who are far from home and we get the backstory to her Peter who felt so jealous that Gwen had powers that he turned himself into the lizard just to feel special boy we need to talk about Parker because attacking the homecoming was not the move oh dang the movie continues to feel like a comic come to life and I don’t know how but they brought it up another level like I had heard that the animators were spending a week just to animate one minute and it shows like there are watercolored backgrounds that they use as a sort of mood ring to get into the

spider-man across the spider-verse full movie youtube

character’s emotions you know in between the cut frames the split screens all the smears that they had it felt like an actual experience that I just have to give it I have to call it a work of art someone is out here making movies everyone else making memes sorry the only Italian I know is from Mario Kart that is Cinema the first fight Gwen gets into is at the art museum where a paper mache vulture appears it’s probably around the same time that Keaton’s also got booted over that’s where we meet Spider-Man 2099 who spawns in and we last saw him in the after credits of the first movie and it looks like he’s worked out a lot who are you the blue panther no the Caped blue Sater I’ll take it from here clearly Hilo squats after calling him names like Pedro Parker she also meets Jessica Drew who’s out here

spider-man: into the spider-verse full movie 2023

swinging as her baby’s web slinging in the womb you jostling the fetus my fetus my problem even with the help Gwen takes down vultures and she has a better aim than Kate Bishop but that’s when her dad pulls up with a loaded gun since he’s been blaming Spider-Woman for the death of Peter and even after learning that his daughter Spidey he still tries to arrest her hands in the air that’s the job that’s when Jessica convinces Miguel to have Gwen join them just like that they become a gateway to another Universe it’s about the 20 minute Mark when the opening credits finally drops and that’s how you know that you can settle in because it’s going to be a good one my name’s Miles Morales for the past year I’ve been this damage is one and only Spider-Man we reunite with Miles who’s been Spidey for over a year and four months and the dude has fought more bad guys than the cops he’s gotten more power-ups than his video game and apologize for more sponsors faster than a YouTuber but of course like every Spidey it’s

 spider-man: across the spider-verse cast

Canon to have school complex okay it’s a backup school there’s that scene where the counselor named Mrs Weber is trying to Define him as a student and Mao’s mom is so upset at him that she snaps in Puerto Rican but it is kind of nasty when you consider that a kid’s whole life really rides on one piece of paper so are you like a cow or a Dalmatian I am spot that’s not funny miles has his first big fight with a walking Oreo at a convenience store who’s using his portal powers to rob an ATM and while they keep calling him the villain of the week this fan is speaking like it’s his Coming of Age tale like he goes on a whole speech for being judged by the color of his spots unfortunately for both of us this is skin they end up taking the fight back to a set from the first one where the collider wreckage is still under wraps and we learned that this is his actual origin story because he was at scientist who got hit with a bagel it always kind of pulled a Mysterio since he’s mad he wasn’t an after credit or even an afterthought little does he know he was actually a mistake at the end of the last minute uh Bagel text that was added right there which was a joke pitch sure it was a pitch yes that was a joke that uh Justin that was taking seriously and now his holes can take him anywhere everywhere all at once wait a minute those holes are a two-way street he uses his gateways to jump into different

 spider-man: across the spider-verse release date part 2

dimensions including the one from Venom where he takes five a frame that spoils the ending of this movie and my favorite which has to be The Lego Movie World because in the first Movie Lord and Miller who’ve made nothing but Classics shouted out their canceled series Clone High which is barely getting a follow-up 20 years later so knowing that DC dropped the ball by canceling Lego Batman 2 they now get to piece things together in that Marvel bag that’s so see let’s just say that legally personally I was also almost expecting a Pixar World considering how spider-verse toppled them after being the standard for so long but I guess the biggest diss is beating their next film before it even comes out that side if you catch the Japanese version for this it’s the one time I’d encourage dubs because it is why Gwen eventually relates with Miles where she gives him a mini lme but doesn’t really tell him that she’s on a mission to stop the spot and Miles has no ribs when shooting is shot because you see in this Spidey Cannon he’s able to fall for Gwen it’s just not good when Gwen Falls for Spidey he ends up getting grounded even though he’s like 15 with his own dorm but at least his roommate has his new game on PS5 are those my Jordans I can’t help it if we’re the same size all of their mingling means that spot Slips Away causing them to have to travel to another universe that has a city called Moon baton that doesn’t go up and down like a k system I’m sorry who are you I’m glad you asked you guys I’m not a new guy pavitra is their Spidey who takes threading the needle to the Beyond and even continues to teach us acronyms sure my teacher means D bro you’re saying DD why do people say ATM machine who said that the m stands for machine I’ll be honest the one that got me was pin number miles and meets the coolest Spidey named spider Punk who’s honestly just Daniel kaluyo playing Hobie in the black Messiah whatever’s realize are you sure some words may not understand nah just movement in the room what would you say from London he’s from

 spider-man: across the spider-verse release date part 1

Camden which is the birthplace of punk and is such an anarchist he snatches all the props around him I’m like I’m leaving here with something hear me I’m from around the way I’m leaving with something I really like the way that he looked like a Xerox cutout that was shifting with every movement and even his twip was cool since they made specific ones for every Spidey and his was this neat little guitar riff so in his fight against capitalism you can join it by buying his add-on accessories after they spot the villain in Baton they stop him from destroying the city but end up causing a black hole because miles saves the police captain from here and we eventually learned that he was supposed to die in order to save the spider first it’s called the arachno humanoid poly Multiverse always lose me with that they finally take miles to the spider Society that’s filled with more Spidey people than Comic-Con and there’s so much flipping equipping in this place it’s like having 20 lmes doing a podcast you know you’re the only Spider-Man

 spider-man beyond the spider-verse trailer

who isn’t funny you’re supposed to be funny they give miles a Disney day pass in order to knock glitch out but at least it’s a Parker Hopper that gives him the ultimate experience that way he’s able to meet people who are superior than him some that are too Sensational one that works from home and then Miguel who’s wearing a cape and it’s a no on the cape I think it’s cool take that off I gotta take a pause here to talk about the designs I am so jealous for those who get to cosplay as Gwen with the hoodie because he’ll look so sick having the design be on the inside they’ve also swapped out her ballet shoes for chugs which is cool and spider Gwen Chucks which we just wrote this into the movie they are hobies that said Peter B still has the worst fashion sense like this fan arrived to the sequel looking like The Big Lebowski wearing a pair of Father’s Day pantumplas and yet the first thing he does is call out miles for his red sides as if he hasn’t been eating more red 40 munching on those spider-verse Whoppers bro how does a baby have better drip than their father come on go easy on the kid at this point with so many spider people and so many

 spider-man: across the spider-verse netflix

dimensions it can get a little overwhelming but it surprisingly never loses you like it’s so good they tag up the whole movie with hashtags and even critical Drinker got the message fate of the Multiverse you say the fate of the Multiverse and my brain dies that’s when Miguel introduces the Canon connections and how every version of Spider-Man has specific plot points that they have to go through in order for Marvel to make a comic like no matter how many new spideys it’s always going to be the same old men as voicing JJ there will always be a dead uncle a dead Captain uh spin-off Venom now and if it’s a spider-verse album you know they’re gonna go hard and this time they went with some more yeah I know the sunflower kids who credit post Malone over Swae Lee probably not gonna like it as much as the first one and we’ll stick to the score but I thought it was pretty raw like ASAP Rocky has been making more babies than he has albums so it was good to hear him on a couple tracks I even like the fact that they got Metro to come in to do a voice for a Spider-Man there’s nowhere to run my bad everybody there was somewhere to run here’s where they also unleashed the spiderverse and mix in the live action by showcasing Andrew Garfield and Toby’s greatest Clips in another set of portals I gotta pull up the receipts though because Lord and Miller did Pitch this well before no way home they were just ignored so I’m glad they finally got it even Gambino’s back as a Prowler since he was a big inspiration for why Marvel created miles in the first place and half the world was like Donald for Spider-Man we’re only gonna watch the next Spider-Man of Donald Glover’s playing Peter Parker and the other half was like he’s black killer looking so fast but now that everyone loves them I’m curious to see if it’s going to be the MCU Prowler that we saw since they actually made a super him and is not CGI but so far they’ve been keeping the Disney references cryptic you know just in case they want to return all the rights and keep all things Spidey at Sony don’t even get me started on Doctor Strange and a little nerd back on Earth 1999.99 it was Doctor Strange

spider-man: across the spider-verse ott release date

sounds like he maybe shouldn’t practice medicine personally I can’t wait to watch who framed Miles Morales the big issue they’re dealing with though is the age-old question of sacrificing one person to save the money because if they break the Canon of what’s supposed to happen to a Spider-Man then it’ll cause a fighter fly effect and change everything and I was just a little confused because I thought miles already went through the hole losing your uncle thing but all they have to take away his dad just because he wants to get promoted to Captain what to me it’s one of the things that makes the Spidey stand out because he’s not a loner you know he has parents who support him and to a degree are a part of his superpower he doesn’t have a guy in the chair he has his family at the dinner table you have a choice between saving one person and saving every world I can do both Miguel is the complete inverse of that though this dude pulled a reverse Fisk where he tried to replace his alternate dead self who had a family in order to claim them as his own of course I broke Cannon and then got him all killed and now he’s working for corporate as a CEO bloodsucker who wants to make sure the franchises are intact at all costs all you had to do was listen miles and swings for miles across this universe in order to get all the Spidey people away from headquarters since his game plan was to learn them all away from their spider Center as they’re chasing him they hit a collision course where


Miguel catches him and calls him an anomaly because he doesn’t go with the algorithm they have set even going as far as calling him a mistake who doesn’t belong snatching and unplugging is banned so now miles has 2099 problems and a glitch is one but he’s making his own blueprint to get the best of both worlds nah imma Do My Own Thing miles escapes again and makes it to the portal to go home where he stares at Margot to let him go and spider bites Miguel then sends Gwen back home since he considers her a failure as well but now she knows the truth without a reasonable doubt we are supposed to be the good guys we are what’s crazy is that she had joined the spider Society because she already accepted that her dad was gonna go that you’ll go be dead because he did pull a gun on her but when she arrives at home to find out that he quit because quote she was the best thing he ever made man I had no idea who turned Adobe into 40x a big shout out to this movie though for balancing what it’s like to be a kid growing up but also showing how tough it is to raise said kids because even Peter be parenting now who for whatever reason decides to take his kid to work just like Iron Man did so it makes sense that her name would be Mayday


Parker do you bring our baby to another fight you asked me not to so I didn’t that’s when we get to see a happy Peter who’s Mary Jane and are raising a child together and I liked her little Ted lasso speech uh that little pep talk about there not being a Playbook you know you just have to adjust at halftime and with Phil Lord’s mom even being a therapist they gave you a reading list so you know how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk hearing how he was doing miles instantly I was like okay I know how to be Peter to him wow and I think that’s why Peter holds Jessica’s disses about him being a bad Mentor so close to heart because he knows what she really means is bad parenting as if she didn’t bring her fetus to work in the end miles goes back to what he thinks is his house not realizing he’s far from home and opens up to his mom that he’s Spider-Man and she’s like we then go from after credits to an alternate ending where Miles ends up in a different dimension where Spider-Man never existed he’s in Earth 42 where his uncle’s still alive but the big reveal is that here his father is the one who passed and is on the mural here he was raised under his uncle and now he’s the prowler trapping himself just like he did Peter in the first as the movie leaves us on a cliffhanger where Gwen finally forms her band and tours the Multiverse to save miles since there’s no way home without a fight but I think I’ve got the best theory for how it’s all gonna end let me explain see while it may not be miles who has to do the saving it could be another spider person who saves his loved one since it’s already hinted at earlier where Miles talks about being able to eat his cake and eat it too if he has two cakes and while there is more than two Spider-Man even two of him it’s like the mailman having their own mailman you know there’s Dimensions to this because if Peter already saved the captain from mumbatin if Mr Stacy already avoids death off of technicality then what’s a more profound ending than having a mild who doesn’t even have Spidey



Powers coming in and helping save the loved one that he couldn’t in his universe [Applause] are you okay are you okay sounds can into me on top of that Gwen mentioned doing a little time travel in the first movie when she hopped over to Miles world so considering that the moment miles gets bit in the first is him drawing something very familiar we could have him going from being an anomaly to a paradox you know it’s all connected like a web there’s in that line Gwen says in this one at the beginning about being modern commentary but it’s still being art and I think remixing is the main part of the story remember how the counselor wanted to write him a story about struggling in order to get a slot in college there aren’t a lot of slots a lot of these are part-time well this new miles is just a version where he didn’t get as lucky since 42 isn’t just a number of this other Universe it’s also the literal Lottery ball number that got him into that good school it’s not about the other side of the Multiverse it’s the other side of the tracks there were Clues he was in a different world in this one through the colors and what he was wearing but even in the first spider-verse he had those Prowler colors before that Nexus event of getting bit if not he might have trained us Prowler and not Spidey if not he might have had braids to be more stealthy and spend more time at home for his Spanish to be better yeah so no it’s my fault I don’t know my fault miles 42 still has the smarts and could have known about his homecoming because having a bunch of explainers immediately call him the villain kind of feels like a Rorschach because like mile said in his final speech to his mom he made it to the top but they didn’t want him he went out there to see everything he could and now he’s not afraid because he knows he can beat him and what I

worry about most is they won’t look out for you like us I feel like that message goes beyond the movie because is just look at how long this style of Animation took to take over and now everyone’s copying it when they were probably dismissing it for years look at the receipts the filmmakers now have since they’ve proven their idea Works how it’s taken three animations just to pitch a live-action Miles because to everyone you’re just an anomaly until you become the norm hey yeah your shoes inside yeah I’m aware it’s a choice as someone who gets dismissed a lot not really for what I say but how I’m saying it it hit you know this is a movie for all those who still get the red squiggly line under their name because they’re not in the system for those who feel like they’re overlooked underestimated or can open up for those who are still more worried about a seat at the table when they should be focusing on the people already eating with them did you see this is all as a commentary on fandom uh you would be foolish to see this movie and think that they weren’t thinking about fans the entire time but I don’t think I think that it’s a broader it could be bigger than that miles’s challenges are him being shut down um I literally just finished remember like thinking reminiscing about the times where where I was underestimated there was a point in time where people couldn’t imagine couldn’t couldn’t fathom my life today just don’t get lost trust me so while Others May question your power you still have a responsibility to keep going I’m spoiling then we’re both cool with the ending I love to smile one smiled one kept the poker face


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