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welcome to movies we love recapped today we will examine a 2023 controversial film entitled sound of Freedom spoilers ahead giving your child his freedom and had this for 12 years please hit the like And subscribe button it won’t cost you anything and it will really help the channel thanks here we go the film opens in the country of Honduras a young girl rossio Aguilar is playing on her drum and singing a song [Music] a beautiful young woman Giselle comes to the Aguilar house and speaks to rossio’s Father Roberto she claims to be from an agency for child stars and she heard rossio singing in the market and would like to sign her rossio’s little brother Miguel then walks in and also catches giselle’s attention Roberto brings the two to the studio where they are placed among another group

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of Innocents Giselle makes them do a photo shoot together and tells Roberto what time to pick them up but when he goes to the building at the time he was told he finds the building dark and empty he soon begins to panic we then see the victims with Giselle loaded into a van and being hauled off to a new destination as captives next we jump to the U.S state of California Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard is setting up an operation to catch a wanted Predator Ernst stoshinski they wait for him to start downloading a file on captured victims the team of Agents gain entry into oshinski’s house and arrest him while Tim has captured nearly 300 criminals he knows he has unfortunately not been able to find many of their victims next we see Tim getting oshinski out of his cell and trying to convince him

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that he is also a perverted predator in an attempt to gain his trust and find out new information on captured victims they set up a purchase in which a victim called teddy bear who happens to be Miguel will be brought to him with the information needed Tim has the officer’s Hall oshinski back to prison him and the other agents head to the U.S Mexico border where Miguel’s buyer Earl Bachmann arrives with the victim the agent’s arrest Beckman Tim speaks to the young Miguel to try and comfort him [Music] he takes him out for a meal where Miguel talks about his time being taken and imprisoned for what appears to happen months flashbacks show Giselle and her goons bringing the scared victims in for purchasing and The Time Miguel spent after Earl bought him Miguel tells Tim that rossio is still captured and he asks him to help find her he also shows Tim a necklace of the saint timoteo which rossio had given him to keep him safe Miguel is brought back to Roberto but he speaks to Tim about how hard it is to not have both siblings return to him Tim returns home to his wife Catherine with whom he has six kids she is sympathetic to

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Roberto’s pain which ignites Tim’s decision to take down the traffickers even though his boss Frost advises him against it Tim’s Mission brings him to Colombia where the victims have been brought he meets with a former cartel member Vampiro in an effort to work together after learning about a hotel in Thailand you he comes up with the idea to set one up there in Colombia to lure Giselle and her men they also learn about giselle’s background and that her real name is Katie Juarez Tim and Ben Piro set up a meeting with one of Katie’s goons to have all of her captured victims delivered to the new location after Gathering more Intel on the traffickers Tim and venpiro have a chat about the latter’s personal history he had spent time with a woman he believed was 20 to 25 years old only to later learn that she was actually very underage and had been trafficked her whole life this led to Vampiro attempting suicide but he believes it’s his god-given purpose to help rescue these Innocents Tim agrees Tim is contacted by his boss Frost who says that he cannot fund the mission and urges him to return home Tim resigns and vows to complete the

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mission with help from Vampiro they work with an officer named George to bring Katie and her men to their location the team sets up a Beachside location where half of the victims are brought to Tim catches one of Katie’s goons a man called carne attempting to sneak off with an innocent called Simba Tim attempts to stop them leading to carne’s goon threatening Tim with a gun until Vampiro intervenes the rest of the victims are brought and with Frost having sent members of the U.S embassy to help agents arrive on the scene and arrest Katie and her goons


even while she tries to play the victim after the villains are arrested the Innocents gathered to play and sing which van perro tells Tim is the sound of freedom unfortunately despite there being 54 Innocents rescued rossio is not among them one of Katie’s men is interrogated by Tim’s guys and he Reveals All after learning carne was killed in his cell he says that rossio was sold to the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia specifically to a man called el alacran the Scorpion George tells Tim that there is no way he will be able to rescue the victims since nobody goes into Rebel occupied territories but Vampiro comes up with the idea for them to pose as doctors Tim and benapiro ride a boat

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through the river before being found by the armed Rebels they take Tim with them after inspecting their items and finding vaccines he has taken to Scorpion’s camp where he finds rossio and is put to make cocaine at night Tim waits for Scorpion and his goons to drink and sing songs while he tries to rescue gracio she screams upon seeing him but he gets her to calm down and do as he says unfortunately scorpion heard the scream and goes to check on her he takes her and prepares to abuse her again but Tim Springs on him and fights for him until he kills him he takes

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rossio with him before the other men notice their boss is dead Tim hops on a boat and reaches Vampiro in a van as the rebels shoot after them [Music] but their escape is successful before parting ways Tim gives rossio back the same timateo necklace that Miguel gave him she is found in a hospital by Roberto and Miguel who happily reunite with her and bring her back to Honduras there she finds a real drum in her room that her father brought for her and she proceeds to play and sing a song [Applause] thanks for watching if you enjoyed this recap please hit the like And subscribe buttons to see more Recaps in the future leave a comment below what was your opinion of this controversial film see you next time [Music] [Music]

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