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listen so these two duking it out for people’s favorite Elvis has to be the best versus since Twilight but you just know that Stitch still has it in the bag now this movie’s been considered by everyone who worked on it to be full of awkwardness cuz it’s about an age Gap bigger than YouTube kids viewers and YouTube kids content creators it’s about Priscilla’s side of the story of being Mrs Presley told by Sophia Copla who kind of knows a thing or two about being in a big American family that’s always in the media and it just proves that even when you’re dead your exes are never going to forget a thing let me explain and who we have here Elvis this is Priscilla bro so the movie gets into the spark notes of Priscilla’s book Elvis and me and it starts in Germany when Elvis was deployed because he was

priscilla movie in hindi filmyzilla

wiggling too much back in the States and it’s at a diner where a general Scopes her out in order to invite her to Presley’s bunker and I mean scoped out cuz they kind of tell it like it’s a game of telephone where Alvis would have other people keep an eye on who he wanted to invite back and they would be his wingmen who would like summon them back to his place hi what’s your name pris B you like Elvis Presley even overseas you see that people were still waiting outside of his place and when he plays the piano inside everyone just melts and I don’t know if it was because he was playing Elvis or cuz all these actors were just in the same room as Jacob aori cuz when you really look at it if Austin got the creative side of it down in his movie and how he felt trapped as an artist Jacobs got that Swagger down and how he was trapping others I think I think it I listened to a lot of Eminem like like a a terrible amount of

 Priscilla movie in hindi

Eminem So you sound like a tough American when you it was like Detroit it was the creepy part is that there gaps bigger than the one downtown like this man would literally refer to her as you’re just a baby since he was uh 24 and she was 14 she told him that she was in ninth grade but being in Germany all this man heard was nine and still went for it and besides being taller than like two Kay spies it didn’t help that they were dressing her up not to look like a child but the doll that a child would play with I I’m also not helping them out much I I think I’m probably the shortest actor you could have found talk about Jil Bay Rock since he can’t help falling in love with a freshman they end end up going on multiple dates with them kissing by the second what about you you got you got a fav song Heartbreak out embarrassing she ends up always being on the phone for him since he’s definitely 18 or older to call and she waits for every ring especially after he loses his mama but it’s crazy to think that her military parents you know the ones who have all these rules would just throw them away the moment that they met this man like Alvis even hit them with the she’s much more mature than her ra now they said that Priscilla never really came on set but was still giving some personal stories that weren’t in the book to sopia Copa with one of them being the movie days that they would go on where they showed how this man really wanted to be like Brando and bogar when it came to

 priscilla movie in hindi mp4moviez

acting and you know they would be watching a movie titled uh Beat the Devil but having gone through the book I really do think they should have kept a lot of the other moments like one where he pretends to be sick when they’re overseas because he fakes this fever since he knows that everyone around him only worries about his voice so he does this prank that they end up keeping as their little secret promise me you stay the way you are now instead they really just focus on the pills that she was given in order to stay awake after all the parties leaving her dazed in school like she’s daydreaming on Elvis Street and just to remind you how young she is they really had her sitting there in class learning about the food groups like Dairy Breads and meats but she was the only thing about his what about boys at school must be some handsome ones eventually their Germany fling ends with him leaving her at the airport where she just gets swallowed up by the crowd and she ends up looking like just another fan and the movie’s full of a lot of these really good shots with them even saying that they were inspired by paintings and even scenes from The Classic in the mood for love and even with the low budget that they had I thought they did a great job recreating the albums and the posters magazines her sweet 16 card girl after getting interviewed by the Press which the movie chose to not include she gets invited to Memphis where they show Papa Presley having to sign a temporary guardianship in order to have her over meaning that she’s not just a minor but his little steps sister temporarily they then play around with

 priscilla movie in hindi filmyzilla mp4moviez

the idea that these two never did the Hanky Panky cuz every time she was up in his room they were leaving space for Jesus supposedly reportedly allegedly all they would do is snuggle up and talk even though I was 14 I was actually a little bit older in in life not in numbers and um that was the attraction and you know people think oh it was sex it was this not at all I never had sex with him so the only thing she was swollowing was more pills with him even giving her one that knocks her out for two complete days and then wakes up with no Bed Head this girl really woke up look like Sleeping Beauty eventually he convinces her and her parents to take Priscilla to Vegas even though she’s not of age the Gamble like why would that be the line that they don’t cross so she takes a couple more pills and plays 21 before turning 21 21 22 that’s 22 soon enough Priscilla gets the biggest upgrade and gets the chance to move to Graceland where she’s also going to go to college wait no uh High School still high school because she’s Vernon Presley’s daughter by law he’s the one dropping her off at school and telling her the rules of what she can or cannot do if she plans to be his daughter-in-law even in class dun is talking about friendships and influence and you see everyone in the hallways just know that she’s connected ConEd to Elvis and that’s bringing admiration but also like a lot of

 Priscilla movie mp4moviez

pettiness but it’s super awkward seeing her get out of class and then her after school activity is making this man breakfast and bed cuz he’s sleeping till the afternoon they even mentioned how this man would eat a pound of bacon with three eggs daily and that was all the porkin he was doing we also shot it um out of order you know I’d be U pregnant in the morning and then after lunch I’d be 14 years old so really I had to since she’s living that college life like at senior year she’s obviously going to start failing classes and that’s when Priscilla gets slick and starts cheating by offering some of her classmates some meet and greets in order to be able to graduate and she eventually does and even though they said that Elvis didn’t go to the graduation in order to not take away from the seniors they show him appear in the parking lot and that uptight nun sees him and just baptizes herself I care more eye make up I’ll make your eyes stand out more the movie then focuses a lot on the fashion that I think they got down but we’re in that era where Valentino and Chanel a lot of these fashion brands are tamam near producers on movies like you even saw that in the bedro short where they they literally were the EPS you spent a lot a lot of time sometimes I felt like we were in the makeup chair more than we were but they killed it with the outfits it’s just a little bit of a weird

Priscilla movie mp4moviez

compliment cuz the movie is also judging that she was being judged for her style so while they are beautiful gowns the script is kind of treating them like they’re her chains ala says that she can’t wear brown or pink because he wants her in blue and that’s what suits her best he starts making her D her hair black he’s painting her eyes with all this makeup and then she pretty much just becomes a side piece when he’s taking all these photo shoots which interestingly enough El Lordi previously reenacted with Kaa the Gerber baby when they were dating and now she’s reenacting things with Austin Butler who she’s currently dating so State your next even though she has every outfit she’s allowed to imagine she’s told that she can’t play in the front yard or get a job she can’t even leave the phone in case he calls so honestly you’re looking at a person who left her parents because they always told her no and now she’s living in a place where she gets hit with Nevers you can’t be out here making a public display of yourself I didn’t think well you had better start thing when he does come home they’re pretty much just un lock down in the bedroom and never come out he gets her a guns and supposedly he always had the safety on his a new car since he wouldn’t give her a ride and she even mentions that they called it the long wait because Elvis wanted her to stay untouched so they would just cosplay outfits in the bedroom till he felt the moment was right and now I get why there were some theories out there Lord one of the biggest parts of Elvis would have been his boys who were everywhere with him like they were always packing for him and they pretty much got nicknamed the Memphis Mafia and the movie really

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makes them look goofy cuz every time Elvis is about to leave you see the group of wives for them get bigger and bigger every time they say goodbye but every time he’s about to head out he’s huddled with his boys catching up with them as if they’re not going to get on the bus with them hey you driving yeah man of course on the damn bu these guys supposedly weren’t allowed to sleep unless Elvis was sleeping they were pretty much his bodyguards and his assistant his crew like everything that he needed and they were always dripped out like they were about to hit the bowling tournament at 300 p.m. and what was interesting was learning that Priscilla is actually the one who designed that iconic logo that they would end up wearing their entire life he always had across the TCB I actually designed the TCB necklace we were on a plane going to Memphis one day and as we’re flying it started to rain and as it rain a lightning bolt came across the sky and I looked at it and I drew a lightning bolt and then I put the TCB right on it and then I said to him is this what you mean and he looked at it and he said oh my God this is it this is what I want and the rest is history who who knew that it would be as big as it is I mean truly and i’ be done I don’t have a


patent on it what was weird is that in her own movie they never really show her connecting with any of their wives who would have also been left behind at graceand when they were touring so I’m not really sure what that that says about the dynamic but it was weird hearing that the whole group went with them on their honeymoon and there’s clearly a lot more beef there when you start hearing the boys retell it you know the people who were closest to Elvis when they made their dock the wedding caused arguments between Elvis and several of the Memphis Mafia who were not invited to the ceremony some of them even claimed he didn’t want to marry her but was forced to by Priscilla or she would tell people about the fact they dated when she was underage Priscilla just turned 16 our or somewhere CU she had to still go to school that really is probably where it all came about that he had to cuz he didn’t want to marry it uh he still want to be married the moment Elvis leaves for Hollywood and really every time he leaves you see Priscilla have to go through all the gossip she knows how crazy the fan mail gets and all the newspapers it doesn’t even help that she’s finding more letters in his jacket than Desi Ares so now she’s worried about all these girls girls girls which leads to her Suspicious Mind wavering all over the place you end up seeing moments where she’s


going through through his closet and you know she’s just imagining the thought of every woman who was touching him at that time when they go to the movies and he’s reciting all these lines she’s wondering what date he took the first time around to memorize them I need a woman who understands that things like this might happen are you going to be here or not you’ll then play these mind games with her cuz he’ll pitch that they should split and wants to send her home only to make her cry so that she can be belittled and and beg to stay like this man just wants control and is more toxic than he was in Euphoria is there something you’re hiding I don’t have a goddamn thing to hide just being too goddamn aggressive in the Mana you then follow all of his mood swings where they’ll be doing some Pillow Talk which then turn into a pillow fight where he’s really sucking and bopping her cuz she was playing too rough he then gets upset with work cuz they’re only putting him in musicals for his next album he can’t find other artists to bum off and after asking Priscilla her opinion on the songs that they were listening to he straight up throws a chair at her and blames it on his mama’s temper okay I’m sorry baby I got my mom’s temper I’m okay you okay so while he does come off like a devil in the skies there is a lot that’s cut from the book that doesn’t justify his Tantrums in any way but puts you into the mind of why Priscilla in the Memphis boy State and all the outb he was having it was a


moment early on when an employee assaults Priscilla and they deal with that man to the point that he’s never seen again they talk about how he threw a baseball at his grandma and that’s why he calls her Dodger that they wouldn’t laugh anytime he woke up or entered a room because they needed to see what mood Elvis was in and then depending on where he was going they’ have to move like water around him like this man was so overbearing that even when he visited the president the Secret Service briefed him and his boys briefed them Mr President will enter if he leaves his sunglasses on then Nixon should wait until Mr pres speaks if anything I wish the movie did show more of Priscilla in the moments when he was away that the book does kind of cover but here it’s like she only exists within his framing which does Priscilla and that’s kind of the point I don’t know if I like it what do you mean you don’t know if you’re lying him another thing the movie shows is how Elvis would Faith hop this man was having Bible studies about the woman at the well leaving his woman to not feel well when he was clearly thirsting over these disciples he then gets led by a guru who had him reading up on all these righteous philosophies and taking a little LSD meanwhile all


prisilla wants is a little less conversation cuz there’s something that’s always on her mind and it’s surprising to think that for a movie that had people really worried about all the minor sex scenes there really was minor sex scenes it’s a long story eventually they haven’t burned the books cuz it was affecting the business side of Elvis and they even take the time for a seed where he calls out the Beatles since they’ve always gone head-to-head now and then yes sir and I find a downright anti-American just like the Beatles eventually he proposes at Christmas and they get married with Priscilla immediately getting pregnant and it gives us one of the most iconic lines from a Lordi where he realizes that he’s going to be a and then he just leaves her tour but there is one scene where he tries to pull that bit of them splitting up and asking for time apart while this child’s with child and Priscilla actually agrees which kind of scares him cuz you realize that he’s one of those dudes who just wants to fight just to fight and that’s why he’s changing his mind all the time one minute he’s ready to Return to Sender the next everything’s all right so by the time she gives birth and she’s putting eyelashes on before going to the hospital you realize this woman’s so traumatized that all of this clothes and makeup is really just a security blanket in the third act you see them cover Elvis getting his Vegas residency and it’s insane to think that that’s the first time Priscilla gets to see him perform in front of an audience he’s not like you imagine by that point though they’re long gone he leaves her will misus hanging as he hops on the bus ready to leave and they don’t even have sex because he still sees her as his baby even though they have a baby and they do a great job at showing Priscilla to take back parts of herself slowly and slowly by turning her hair brown again or wearing more pink when Elvis is away and she realizes that the only reason they stayed married was because of what she’s willing to go through even calling herself in the book The Child Woman by his side in the end she’s not wearing gold golden brown dresses in front of him as they show him taking every pill Under the Sun and forcing

himself on her leading Priscilla to finally break away and leave Graceland and his good graces I want a life of my own Priscilla herself does the audio book and I think she does a really great job with it especially with all of her emphasis but she ends the book by saying that she wanted to give the good and the bad the worries that she may have left out too much and I think the movie and trying to be tight also does that it just brushes the affair that she had with Mike the karate instructor and even another that came before which I think should be if you want to get the full picture of Priscilla in a movie called Priscilla like this is a girl who when she was sneaking into his room early on and they told her to be quiet she would make sure that everyone especially the girls heard her say good night so they know she was going upstairs with Elvis plus there’s a lot of personal stuff like the fact that she had siblings we never really see but I guess she never does either or the Family secret of her father having died in the war and not knowing that her


stepdad had adopted her that whole time daddy’s not my real father is he oh Sila I knew I didn’t belong please let me explain please listen on top of that Priscilla really breaks down in the book that a big decision for the split was when she noed she wasn’t spending enough time with her daughter and she was splitting her focus and I think that that would have been a good thing to cover in the movie and how having to grow up so fast in your own youth affects how you end up raising your own kids especially when you’re still part of such a big family that’s always in the spotlight but you know we’ve kind of seen some behind the scenes there make vodka sauce pasta with me because I’m grounded because I tried to Charter a helicopter from New York to Maryland on my Dad’s credit card because I wanted have dinner with my campf also I thought I would do this since I’m already grounded because my parents biggest rules like I’m not allow to have any um public social media accounts here’s why this is Ari um my babysitter’s boyfriend because my parents are never home so these are my replacement parents it was really important to me to show the story through prisa’s experiences overall it’s a good movie about a guy who was so big that everyone would just go head over heels for him from the military to the nuns and even his own people so it really is the story of the one girl who said no to him it just took her that long to get over a spell a movie that has him always saying goodbye to her until she gets the courage to finally say goodbye to him

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