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perfect days netflix release date | perfect days (2023 release date) | perfect days – watch online free | perfect days cinema



imperfect days the banality of daily life can include Beauty the routine and contentment with nature in its entirety embody the idea of perfection why is this movie about living in a one-bedroom apartment Hama a masterfully portrayed role by Koji yaku awakens to the sound of the street sweeper in his flat he feels a wave of Hope come over him a new day a fresh karama’s most valued property his plants need to be watered and his teeth cleaned every morning with the smirk on his face he swiftly changes into his overalls and leaves the flat for our protagonist simply being in that moment watching the sun slowly rise Beyond the Horizon and breathing in the crisp morning air was

perfect days netflix

reason enough to feel joyful before beginning his day he gets a can of coffee from the vending machine choosing the ideal music to go with the breathtaking Sunrise view is maybe the most exciting part of his routine pama’s belief in cassettes endures despite the world’s trans transition from cassettes to CDs to iPods and more recently music apps on phones he was never one to follow fats so when his youthful colleague tekashi pointed out that analog was making a comeback all he could do was smile once thought to be outdated and obsolete the cassettes are now purchased for a hefty sum maybe Hama laughed at the whole Cycle’s futility kyama traveled to his first location of the day settling for House of the Rising Sun by The Animals he cleaned public restrooms as part of his job and he preferred the morning

 perfect days movie release date

shift over to kashi’s in his little moments off from work he enjoyed observing the trees swirling Shadows harama was a hard worker even though it was a low paying job although there are no definitive answers to the questions of why hamama decided to become a janitor perfect days provide some hints one of the reasons our protagonist took up the job must have been to take care of a place that is mostly overlooked perhaps perhaps a major contributing element in his decision to accept the role was his need for Solitude Hama assisted a young child who was locked up in a restroom and finding his mother when the distraught mother took hold of her son and washed his hands it saddened him a little Hama was reminded without words exchanged of the way Society views janitors what was Hy yama’s outside the work schedule like Hama ate his lunch in a park every day after work he photographed a tree where he

 perfect days (2023 streaming)


was eating lunch using his black and white Olympus film camera a practice he followed he was always drawn to the way the sunshine gleamed on the leaves and he felt happy and he made an effort to convey the spirit of that instant he was enthralled with nature and never seemed to feel lonely when he was by himself a young woman with an odd expression on her face was eating lunch at the park at the same time that he had recently begun to notice she was just another part of his daily routine and he showed no no interest in engaging in conversation the elderly guys at the cinto the waiter at the restaurant he frequently visited the elderly homeless man who danced to his own music the man at the photography store and the woman in the bookstore were among the other people who served as

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accessories in his daily life all of these individuals are important in some small manner in Hy yama’s life despite the fact that their interactions are few anything unusual managed to find a place in Hy yama’s dream ya was one such ephemeral presence she had been introduced to Patty Smith’s music by Hy Yama and she would always be appreciative of it she will always think about Hama because of the song even though they might never see each other again the game of tic-tac-toe that someone in a restroom cubicle had left behind was another fascinating contact payama dismissed it at first but he later returned to it and chose to carry on with the game despite the fact that he did not know the person on the other end a bond was established via a piece of paper perhaps Hama was a lonely

 perfect days (2023 release date)

person in need of company and he cheered them up by playing a ridiculous game of Tic Tac 2 how did Hama and his niece get along one evening harama was looking forward to seeing his niece Nico when he arrived home from work he quickly learned that Nico had chosen to stay at his house following a falling out with her mother we ultimately find out that Nico was born into a life of opulence and that his sister Kiko was wealthy but that she preferred her uncle’s modest way of life she liked going about his Daily Business so she got up at the crack of dawn the next two days to help Hama at work Nico remarks that she may identify with the character of Victor and Patricia highsmith’s the terapin a youngster who suffered emotional torture at the hands of his mother and killed her because he believed she was to blame for the torturous death of a turtle this little remark sheds light on the nature of Nico’s relationship with her mother we find out from Nico that her mother would rather not discuss Hama Nico’s mother always

 perfect days cinema


reminded her that he was from a different world and that Nico should not bring him up it begs the questions what motivated herma to flee his birthplace live frugally and find fulfillment in routine perhaps only after witnessing the difficulties brought about by the other world was he able to appreciate his modest existence now is now tomorrow is another day Hy yama’s niece gave him advise to live in the now rather than always pursuing the next big thing eventually hariyama got in touch with his sister Kiko who arrived to his humble quarters to take Nico home when she talked about his line of work there was a hint of sadness in her tone though she didn’t understand him she was

perfect days cinema

optimistic that they would remain in contact their chat makes it clear that hayama’s connection with his family was impacted by anything that happened in the past although his past is unknown to us his response upon seeing his sister implies that he did not make the decision to distance himself from his family lightly was he fleeing an error of judgment or did he voluntarily break off contact with his family it made him quite emotional to meet his sister his Hama content Hama had supper at a certain restaurant every weekend and developed a fondness for the owner he liked to hear her voice because she entertained her guests frequently harama was shocked to discover the eery shuttered on one such Saturday after a while of waiting outside the laundry shop he saw the proprietor walking inside the restaurant with a man her hurried out after spotting the woman hugging the man through the window the owner and the man caught a glimpse of Hama before he went feeling upset he rode his bike to a department store


and purchased smokes and beer cans heram ma was surprised to see The Stranger who had followed him to the Riverfront from the pub the man wanted to clear up any miscommunication between them after learning about Hama and learning that he had been irregular for the previous five or six years the man identified himself as the owner’s ex-husband and said that they had split up 7 years prior he was suffering from cancer and it was growing worse when he met her the ex-husband asked hiyama to take care of her despite his repeated affirmations that his relationship with the owner was not romantic when the man said out loud that he often wondered if Shadows turned darker when they overlapped the conversation between the strangers took an unexpected turn Hama chose to clear

perfect days netflix | perfect days movie release date | perfect days (2023 streaming)


up the uncertainty right then and there as he was unable to find an answer to his question Hama thought that one’s level of complexity in life was determined by their own choice and the majority of the time the solutions are in front of us a game of Shadow tag was played between the two grown men and what could have been a depressing incident became a happy memory Hama woke up the following morning to the sound of the street sweeper doing some cleaning as he left his house a smile was on his face it was a new day a new chapter in history at the end of perfect days Hama puts on Feeling Good by Nina Simone to play in the background while he observes the sun rising over the horizon the camera is fixated on hayama’s Face for the next few minutes why does Mr Hama socialize with the the ex-husband of the bar owner one of the most important things we observed the man doing on his days off is going to a bar with a middle-aged proprietor among many other things she gives off the impression of being a warm

 perfect days where to watch perfect days netflix release date | perfect days (2023 release date)

individual who appreciates Mr hayama’s presence although there is a suggestion of romance between these two the movie Never tries to develop it which is a really smart creative choice in my opinion on the other hand Mr Hama experiences depression following Nico’s departure even more more tragically he has to work two shifts because tekashi abruptly quit on him and the employer was unable to locate a replacement Mr Hama finds himself at the bar as expected lonely and angry at how his life has suddenly become unfavorable seeking the presence of someone we truly like in the midst of a difficult situation is a natural human reaction he discovers the bar is closed and waits for the woman with patience however he is devastated to witness her embracing a different man Mr hirayama is shown with packs of smokes and beer cans by the riverbank in one of the movie’s most depressing sequences he probably doesn’t smoke much because he starts coughing right away he looks over and finds the man the bar owner had

 perfect days – watch online free | perfect days cinema


embraced moments before standing next to him searching for a cigarette they sensed his presence he says and he is here to clarify the woman went to see the man who just so happens to be her ex-husband because he recently received a cancer diagnosis is he asks Mr Hama to take care of her but he says they don’t really have that kind of relationship this could have been the end of the drama but the guy with cancer begins to lament his lack of knowledge in this life one of issues is whether or not Shadows get darker when they combine as weird as it may sound that a guy such as Mr Hama would make it his mission to assist the dying man in discovering the solution as soon as possible is not surprising after bonding over their shadow merg the two engage in a shadow tag game what began as a depressing sequence turned out to be the most positive one in the film what finally befalls Mr Hama perfect days to deserves praise for illustrating how vital culture and the Arts are to happiness in life no matter how it manifests itself it appears to be as easy as Mr Hama taking lunchtime photos of the sun filtering through the foliage speaking of Photography we observe that Mr Hama frequently stopped stops by the studio to get his film developed and to load up on new film this is something that not many individuals in this world do particularly for someone as techsavvy as I am this ritual appears almost otherworldly however the movie and the lead character serve as



examples of pursuing creativity in any way that makes you feel good about yourself and not being afraid to do so not only can we watch Mr parama as he processes his images however we also with witness how skillfully he destroys the less than perfect ones while keeping the excellent ones in numbered boxes it also becomes evident to us that Mr Hama whose sole goal in capturing monochromatic changes between the days is to preserve momentos is the purest example of a photographer pursuing the craft of photography I have no doubt that Mr Hama is unaware of or uninterested in Instagram perfect days could only conclude in the same manner that it started there are no dramatic events in the film after all Mr hiyama life carries on largely unchanged as another workday begins at the very end of



the movie we witness him waking up and going about his Daily Business which includes brushing his teeth grabbing coffee from the vending machine and then driving to work this time he plays the unquestionably most famous rendition of Feeling Good by Nina Simone as the video continues the camera pans in on Mr hayama’s face and we can see that this isn’t your typical day since he’s crying he is affected negatively by what has transpired in the past few days but then we see that familiar smile back on his face giving us hope that everything will be okay with our man it’s where winders ends us and I don’t think there could be a more fitting conclusion for perfect days not to mention it makes perfect sense that this movie is Japan’s official entry for the best International feature category

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