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Next goal wins movie in hindi | Next goal wins movie filmyzilla | Next goal wins movie 720p | next goal wins (2014 full movie) | next goal wins netflix | next goal wins release date | Next goal wins movie 480p | next goal wins streaming

yep still a tiff okay so I was at the world premiere of taika waititi’s latest film and Mexico wins and it’s a movie so this movie has had quite a troubled past as a lot of people know this movie is supposed to come out years ago but there was multiple delays for various reasons most notably kovid and Army Hammer so to say that I have finally seen with my own eyes next goal wins is a little surreal moment so let’s just take a moment right now to appreciate that but yeah I uh I saw it and um I don’t know it’s not that great albeit it’s like pretty watchable so to set the scene of how I felt going to this movie my expectations have been lowered dramatically just with every single delay it had my expectations have gone down and down and my excitement for it has gone down but having said that I know a l

Next goal wins movie in hindi

ot of people are probably out for taika waititi right now I think a lot of people are just kind of off him so I was like you know what I’ll give this a fair shot like I always try to do and I think I’ll come away just laughing a little bit and I think it’ll be a good time and the opening scene of this movie I said to myself oh no because it if this movie is going to go the way that this opening scene is going I am in for a really rough time now thankfully it eventually shut off that opening scene but even still it took a while for this movie to find its footing it was just very jumbled and messy and extremely unfocused and when you combine that with ytd’s humor which is Hit or Miss sometimes there is genuinely funny moments in here he is a funny charismatic dude but also there are some misses it just feels like it stalls the movie because it has to set up a decent amount it has to show the history of the soccer team in American Samoa it

 Next goal wins movie filmyzilla

has to show the team in their present State as they are now and it has to show Michael fassbender’s character and his history and situation so you combine all of that and like I said you mix in that humor and it’s just like yo can we stop and look for what it’s worth this is based on a true story I don’t know the story I haven’t seen the documentary nor can I call myself a fan of the American Samoa soccer team so I can’t judge what did or didn’t happen because I know some people are talking about that and having problems with it I really but to me the most frustrating part about this movie is that like I mentioned eventually this movie does find its footing and it’s pretty good and I’ll talk about that

 Next goal wins movie 720p

later but right at the emotional climax of the movie it completely checks out because as you’re rooting for this movie and as you’re really invested in it the movie’s climactic moment is told in the third person and I cannot for the life of me understand why that choice was made outside of just what happens in the movie I won’t spoil anything it completely took me out and all the momentum it built all the momentum all the emotional investment that I felt it was just gone all sense of emotion and tension went out the window when that scene happened because leading up to that the audience that I was with including kind of myself was pretty into it I mean the audience was cheering they were going crazy I actually felt that cathartic moment and then that moment happened where it goes into third

 next goal wins (2014 full movie)

person and I just sat back in my seat I’m like why why did we do this but also you know on the other side their performances are good Michael Fassbender gives a good performance I mean really everyone on the American small island and the soccer team gives a great foreign to the point that I mentioned earlier there was that moment where it sustained that true crowd-pleasing moment that kind of energy the feeling you get when you’re watching a sports movie and you’re invested this movie definitely has that and like I mentioned the framing of this movie sometimes just doesn’t make sense I just don’t get it look if you’re a fan of this channel you know me by now what do I always emphasize is it watchable am I bored do I want to leave this movie immediately am I checking my watch and trust

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me there have been some movies here where I have been checking my watch the answer is no because at the end of the day this is still a very watchable movie I was not dreadfully bored by this movie at all like I said the audience I was with completely ate it up to me this is an average movie at best and now I am officially concerned with what taika YT is doing because I think his humor and his style is starting to grade people the wrong way I was personally willing to give him a pass on some things but I’m starting to feel it now it certainly has its moments but it also definitely has its lows as well next goal wins two and a half Stars not good but also average at the same time I don’t know what do I know I’m really just a tired man here in Toronto I’m gonna eat a snack now thank you so much I’ll see you on the next one foreign [Music]

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