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hey welcome to screen Crush I’m Ryan Airy John Wick chapter 4 is the latest installment of the franchise and it’s by far one of Wick’s best Adventures yet with one heck of a cryptic ending the final scene shows Jon Whispering his wife’s name as he collapses followed by Winston standing over his grave so we’re going to explain that ending and the post-credits scene and what all of this means for the John Wick franchise but we’re also going to dive into the meaning and symbolism of this story because when you look at all four chapters put together it’s pretty clear that John’s really dead and we’re going to explain why that’s actually the best thing that could happen to these movies

john wick 4 full movie watch online free dailymotion

now it’s hard to believe that somebody’s so unkillable has actually finally bit the dust especially since we’ve seen John on death’s door so many times before so if you’re skeptical about whether or not the Baba Yaga is really dead we’ve got answers positive I don’t know seems pretty obvious to me if I saw his Tombstone and everything if it wasn’t John Wick 5 already greenlit for a production well yes and no in 2020 Lionsgate revealed plans to have chapters 4 and 5 filmed back to back but that didn’t really work out in an interview with director Chad stilleski stated sometimes you need that creative breath to come up with fresh otherwise I’m stressed about making two movies instead of one really good movie I think it would be unfair to our fan base and unfair to the property in general to just stretch it out for the sake of efficiency or financial creative efficiency I’d rather do it take a breather get our

 john wick: chapter 4 full movie reddit

together analyze mistakes and see what worked and what didn’t or that explains why they didn’t film them back to back but the rest is clear as much is he making another movie or not well Doug the manager it’s open speculation at this point but we do know there are two series based on the franchise that are currently being produced the ballerina and the Continental the Continental series is a TV series on Prime video and the ballerina is a film that takes place in the same universe between chapters 3 and 4. similarly the Continental takes place in the mid 70s and follows Winston’s Origins but filming may become complicated with the recent passing of Lance Riddick R.I.P Keanu confirmed that Jon does have at least a cameo appearance in the ballerina and it’s possible that we could see a

 john wick 4 full movie in hindi dailymotion

younger Wick in the Continental both are scheduled to drop later this year but neither will confirm whether or not Jon is alive or dead said after chapter four I thought you said you had all the answers I do personally for a few reasons his story has come full circle the torch has been passed and it fits the themes of the other films the story of John Wick is one big game the films gamified the world they exist in by providing strict rules that must be followed in order to play two rules that cannot be broken Jonathan and breaking said rules not only results in severe consequences but also severs you from future participation Mr broke the rules oh yes pack the whole operation is coin operated like some high-class assassin arcade in the first films it seems like the underground assassins are the only ones playing while the real world exists behind them but chapters 3 and 4 show just how big this game really is John’s abilities and gun skills give off major first person shooter Vibes hence this scene from the first film now these

 john wick 4 full movie – youtube

screenshots are from the game project Legion and side note his in-game username is Neo and the characters he’s fighting are named badass and Point Break in chapter 4 we see many games being played out John’s poker game with Killa the card game that he plays to decide the rules of the duel and even the duel itself are all games we see played out on screen another huge game reference is the fight scene that we see shot from the top down this is a clear reference to the cult classic game Hotline Miami which also uses this top-down perspective and revolves around a lone badass taking down Russian Mobsters having these direct video game references book in the beginning and end of the series makes it seem as if Jon’s game has finally played out so you’re saying it really is game over for John Wick I think so but also because Jon’s death fits within the major themes of John Wick religion and biblical symbology is a heavy thematic device throughout the John Wick films there are tons of church scenes blood is used to signify commitments and religious symbols are often used to Showcase characters true loyalties most of the

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characters in Wick’s world are named after religious figures Caron is a direct reference to the Greek fairy man of the Dead which is fitting for a man who serves assassins the Continental uses a signature gold coin as currency for its amenities just like the coins used to pay the ferryman by the ancient Greeks and The Boondock Saints in Greek in Roman mythology when you died you’d have to pay the toll to Karen The Boatman Aries in Chapter 2 is named after the Greek God of War Marcus is a reference to the Apostle Mark and even John Wick himself is a reference to the Apostle John as he was like Peter a rock that Vigo built his church upon after he completed his impossible task this theme continues in chapter 4 with Cain the blind badass played by Donna Yin right didn’t he also play that in Rogue one almost exactly and like that character his blindness is more than just a quirk is your foot all right witt’s world is run by the eye for an eye assassin philosophy and I-49 John you know how it goes when he tells Mr Nobody that he gave his eyes to the high table he becomes a literal interpretation of the phrase and is forced to blindly follow the high table’s orders his name is not only a reference for the cane that he uses but also to the biblical character who killed his own brother out of Pride while in Wick’s world this Pride was personified by the Marquee makes sense a marquee person means they’re very important so you’d have to have a pretty big ego to call yourself Mr very

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important exactly and having only four films makes even more sense when you look at the themes through a Biblical lens each film in the franchise follows the four major story beats of the Bible from the creation to the fall to Redemption and finally to Restoration like VeggieTales not quite the first movie represents creation as John is reborn Through Blood back into the high tables world after he seemingly has gotten out chapter 2 is the fall of Man as John Breaks the Rules after fulfilling his blood Bond commitments Parabellum presents the consequences of these actions and through the meetings with the Elder John is seemingly redeemed of course that all changes when Winston tries to redeem himself as well as shooting John chapter 4 takes a bold take on restoration the entire film is about him making things right with his family and granting himself Victoria fiduciate Victoria fiducier it’s Latin for victory and Faith by being granted Victoria fiduciate he is relinquished from all obligations under the high table as if he’s being baptized into a new life he archives restoration with his family by avenging the death of the director I’m going to kill you but the biggest element of restoration comes at the end when he dies free of his debt to the high

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table by killing the Marquee he kills the personification of ego which is yet another reference to baptism if you kill me you’ll be just like everybody else baptism is often referred to as the death of ego since those receiving it must let go of their Earthly ego and give their life over to God this is validated in the Bible when John the Baptist says he that’s Jesus must become greater and I must become less baptism just before death wasn’t unheard of in the days of the early church Constantine actually had a priest follow him around in his later years of his life just to baptize him right before he died so that he could be assured that he would still get into heaven foreign #constants you’re confirmed finally the reason we think this is the end for John Wick is because of the influences behind the film at South by Southwest Chad stilleski stated that the John Wick series is a love letter Sergio Leone’s Samurai movies and Walter Hills the Warriors like the Wix series these are stories about seeking Vengeance and restoring their honor to achieve a good death which is precisely what chapter 4 delivered and confirmed by the Shimizu in the movie only comes after a good life in fact there are several lines of dialogue that foreshadow Jon’s death the Marquee refers to him as a ghost without a grave John says that he’s saying hello to his wife at the church he tells Winston that he wants his


Tombstone to read and even the Elder tells him that the only way Jon will find peace is through death yeah not really which is a reference to this line from Abram in chapter 2. and this one from Parabellum Parabellum he also stated in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter in our minds Keanu and I are done for the moment we’re going to give John Wick a rest I’m sure the studio has a plan but he also followed with we’ll do a couple of 20 year old whiskeys and write some ideas on napkins if those ideas stick maybe we’ll make a movie this guy is a tank of mixed signals I swear yeah he really is additionally in Parabellum the Elder asked John why do you wish to live it’s a fair question because John has nothing left to lose loss is such a heavy theme throughout all these films and each time Jon loses more and more he loses his car and his dog in chapter one his house in chapter two family in chapter 3. you can never come home again and now he’s got nothing left in Parabellum John answers the Elder with my wife Ellen to remember her which is exactly what he does in his final moments by saying her name as his last words Keanu actually stated that this scene was his favorite scene to film because it felt like he brought the character full circle

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Keanu actually lost his girlfriend in a car accident in 2001. so Wick’s Journey has always been very personal for him if he feels that his character has come full circle that’s the most compelling evidence yet chapter 4 also gave us plenty of avenues where the franchise could go even without Keanu in the spotlight Mr Nobody aka the tracker could be our new protagonist and the fact that he’s accompanied by Man’s Best Friend validates that even further that would be nuts nice one high five in Wick’s world we are constantly being told our rules they are the only things that separate us that’s very rude I know but it also means that those with connections to animals have some frayed connection to the high tables rules Sophia puts her loyalty to her friends and her dogs above the rules of the high table since she honors John’s marker even when she doesn’t have to after this we are less than even the Bowery King and his pigeons play by the rules but in their own unique way I am all that you deign not to look at when you walk down the street at night and John uses horses for transportation when he’s excommunicado [Music] even somebody is


ardently devoted to the rules as Karen is able to bend the rules of the hotel by watching John’s dog he was a good dog I have enjoyed his company and similarly he bends the rules of the high table when he assists Winston in defending the Continental new Jonathan do what you do best what’s that hunt the tracker plays the high tables game almost better than they do and rarely uses the facilities available to him through the Continental like the others he has loyalties that he holds above the high table some of which seem to be his own personal aspirations giving him more of an anti-hero Vibe we could ever have freedom he feels almost like a variant of Wick and all he needs is a tragedy to avenge make a series where the dog isn’t just an accessory to the human’s Journey well maybe they do a spin-off series Focus on the dog or I’d watch the heck out of that me too now we also see from the post-credits scene that

Kane and Akira’s stories are far from over and while the ballerina is set before chapter 4 its heroine could be a potential candidate to carry on Wick’s Legacy now there’s more than one way the torch could be passed here so while the chapter 4 may be the end for John there are still plenty of stories to be told in Wick’s World well if he’s already dead what’s his final kill count we counted 140 confirmed kills in chapter four which is more than any of his previous films bringing which total kill count to 339. oh that’s run heck of a KD right so what did you guys think is John Wick really dead who would you like to see take his place any important details that we missed where you have questions let me know in the comments below or at me on Twitter and if it’s your first time here please subscribe and smash that Bell for alert for screen Crush I’m Ryan Erie foreign [Music]


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