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indiana jones and the dial of destiny full movie bilibili | indiana jones and the dial of destiny ott india | new indiana jones movie cast 2023 | indiana jones and the dial of destiny disney plus | index of indiana jones and the dial of destiny | indiana jones 6


give him hell Indiana Jones hey welcome back screen Crush I’m Ryan Erie and I’m here to break down all the Easter eggs in reference and explain that ending of Indiana Jones and the dial of Destiny so really really big spoilers for that movie are ahead you’ve been warned now I know a lot of you want me to get right into the time travel stuff and I will but first I want to talk about the movie’s theme now this is a movie with time travel but it’s really a story about regret when you ask somebody what they would do if they could go back in time you’ll get like one of two answers there are people who would say they would want to go back and meet Jesus and see the fall of Rome or dinosaurs or you might

indiana jones and the dial of destiny full movie bilibili

get an answer with something personal I want to go back in time to save my son or stop myself from murdering all those people bro that went really dark the second kind of time travel is based on regret and in this movie everyone is living with regret voller wants to change the course of the war Helena wants to get rich so her father’s life like means something and no one is living with more regret than Indiana Jones after not knowing his son for decades he loses him to the Vietnam War his marriage has fallen apart his adventures haven’t made him rich or famous or even popular in his own building he’s just a cranky old professor who’s behind the times now I know a lot of you probably didn’t like the time travel plot but I loved it it was so fitting that a man who spent his life chasing history finally

indiana jones and the dial of destiny ott india

catches it and then like a dog chasing cars I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it so this theme of regret is expressed through time and time travel for Indiana in 1969 time is running out he’s getting older and he has to redeem the failures of his past how he failed Toby Jones’s character and how he failed Marion but let’s get into the breakdown in Easter eggs and then we’ll talk about that ending this is going to be a lot of fun so the movie begins with the sound of a taking clock which acknowledges the theme of time time running out but also it sets up that all of this is preordained to happen that events are all part of the same ticking Clockwork Universe which I will explain a little bit later the opening sequence was thrilling good old-fashioned Indiana Jones fun out of The Frying Pan Into the Fire kind of action now this is our first time actually seeing Indiana during World War II the Original Movies took place in the 1930s and in Crystal Skull we learned about Indy’s World War II exploits that he was in the OSS basically the organization preceded the CIA now just like every indie film this one slowly reveals Indiana’s face this

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time showing a damn good cgid aging of Harrison Ford come a long way since this Andy does a bad German accent following up how bad he was with accents At Last Crusade Clarence McDonald and his lovely assistant are here to view the tapestries so this opening sequence is about the Nazi stealing religious artifact that is supposedly the spear that pierced Jesus while he was on the cross now this is the exact kind of McGuffin that Indy would hunt down in a previous movie a well-known judeo-christian artifact but in this movie The Spear is a red herring and the real prize is a clock that represents time as the movie progresses we see that time is the most precious resource Indiana has time with his friends time with his wife Andy’s ultimate lesson is that he has to let go of the past and focus on his future sure at the end he thinks he wants to stay with Archimedes but Indy never gets what he wants he gets what he needs the ark the Stones The Grail all of them are mcguffins to teach Indiana about the value of Love friendship and family and uh what about that Crystal Skull what was that there to teach him I’ll mostly save that for another video but basically it shows him that he’s like a small insignificant piece of a larger hole the point is that Indie never gets to

 indiana jones and the dial of destiny disney plus

keep the treasure because the treasure was always beside him all along so I thought this spear misdirect was very clever now I’m not going to break down the whole opening sequence but I want to note a few highlights like this and the fact that Indy is back to murdering lots and lots of Nazis red letter media pointed out a few years ago that one of the problems with Crystal Skull is that Indie did not maim or murder a single person so it’s heartwarming to see him back at it and killing again so should I be worried about you there is a moment where Toby Jones is going through Indiana’s bag and we see a picture of Marion now remember this would have been a few years after Raiders of the Lost Ark when Andy was back to being a single man this is a very sweet way to show that Indiana carried a torch for her all those years and she was always the one Indiana does a classic fight on top of a train where somehow his hat never flies off his head yeah but I mean I mean then this guy wants to jump out of a plane and like use a life draft as a parachute yeah he did and in keeping with that kind of campy silliness one of the Nazis throws off a train lets out a Wilhelm scream which appears in every Indiana Jones movie please the opening sequence also subverts our

index of indiana jones and the dial of destiny

expectations because at first we think that he’s lost the dial in the river but then he reveals that it’s still in his bag and every other Indiana Jones opening he loses the treasure or is like dwarfed by the imagery of an atomic core but in this movie Indiana recovers the dial for one very important reason he was destined to recover the dial but again I’ll talk about that when we get to the ending and then we cut to Indiana in 1969 leading a very different kind of light now 1969 was not the most pivotal year of the 1960s that would be 1968. but this year was the Zenith of what we think of as the 1960s protests against the war and four civil rights race riots Counter Culture rock and roll Woodstock Woodstock but maybe most significantly this was the year of the moon landing now they tie the moon landing into this movie in two ways literal and figurative voller worked with Operation Paperclip as a Nazi scientist like Werner pom Braun who was recruited to help the Americans win the Space Race if it weren’t for volar America would have never gotten to the moon but figuratively we see that America is enthralled by astronauts and by space little kids are dressing up like astronauts they’re not dressing up like Indiana Jones much like Woody Indy has been replaced with space toys but the inclusion of space and astronauts is also a meta poke at the Crystal Skull and its alien ending a lot of people didn’t like that movie I think it’s fine but that’s just me the point is that now when people talk about

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Indiana Jones his legacy is Tainted by that alien storyline in the Crystal Skull so when we meet Indiana in 1969 he is surrounded by all these people talking about space and aliens space is controlling The Narrative of his life so this movie is about him Breaking Free from that narrative to go off on a classic adventure for instance we’re told that the New Frontier isn’t space which is also a dig at the Crystal Skull and later Helen even mentions the aliens meaning that her dad probably told heard the story of Indy and the Crystal Skull now the opening of the Crystal Skull used Elvis music to let the audience know that this was a different kind of Indiana Jones story and now director James Mangold wakes up old man Andy with the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour to immediately show us how this story is going to be different now this is a psychedelic ballot that immediately places you in the late 1960s and the lyrics are about preparing for a journey into the great unknown through the wonders of acid but they’re still a parallel with


what Andy’s about to go through in his apartment we see a photo of Marion and the same photo of his dad that was on his desk in the Crystal Skull we’re supposed to think that Andy’s life is sad and mopey but it’s not all bad I mean he teaches at Hunter right go hunter go Hawks but if you really want to know how much Andy’s life has changed there’s the classroom scene he used to be the professor that his students crushed on but now he’s the old man the kids fall asleep to he even says anyone anyone in this scene he basically spells out the ending of the movie which is similar to Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana shows the FBI men the drawing of the ark that foreshadowed the ending of the movie now what’s that supposed to be coming out of there lightning fire all right so the Nazis show up and chase them and then we get an Alzheimer Indiana Jones Chase with him disrupting the astronaut parade again it’s this movie going out of its way to say that this story is totally unlike the aliens in the Crystal Skull I love the whole next sequence with Indy riding the horse toward the train in the subway nearly getting hit it’s Man versus machine or horse versus machine or the battle between Motors and horses like technology versus horse exactly during the chase Indy stumbles into a Vietnam protest similar to how he and mutt drove through a Red Scare protest in the last film


Phoebe Waller Bridge plays Helena Shaw his Plucky female sidekick for the movie which is another Indiana Jones staple she even lies to him about who she really is kind of like Elsa in Last Crusade what you should have listened to your father she is Toby Jones’s daughter but she wants to use his work to get rich and not to redeem his good name so she goes to Casablanca to sell the dial but at least she’s not a Nazi unlike Elsa after Indiana is framed for murder he gets help from Salah and his kids who saved his bacon way back in Ray Raiders next time Indiana Jones it’ll take more than children to save you Salah is of course played by John Reese Davies who you might know better as this guy now I want to point out a few highlights of the film at the gangster auction of course there’s this foreign get back which is a reversal of this [Music] hey did you know that they were supposed to have like a real fight and that guy practiced his sword fighting for days but Harrison Ford had dysentery so they just did that instead that’s very cool but in this scene though the reversal is used to show how Indiana is even more out of his depth in this new era in this scene voller also says that people romanticize the past but it’s actually cold and this is foreshadowing the ending in two ways one we expect voller to travel back in time to win the war but in actuality he doesn’t romanticize Hitler he wants to kill Hitler and take over the Reich and the second way is that at the end of the movie Indiana wants to

indiana jones and the dial of destiny full movie bilibili

remain in the past with Archimedes because he has romanticized the past but this would have been a lonely life and he’ll actually be happier with Marion in the 1960s and finally I loved Indies come back here they should have stayed out of Poland and this also sets up the ending voller wants to arrive in 1939 before the Nazis invaded Poland so he could conduct the war the right way and finally he tells them see you in the past Dr Jones which of course foreshadows the ending of the movie afterwards when Helena asks for his story he says it all started with the village now he’s telling a very specific story about the dial but this actually felt like a nod to Temple of Doom chronologically Temple of Doom is the first Indiana Jones movie where he stumbles into an Indian village and helps retrieve The Village’s children later Indiana says that he doesn’t believe in magic but he’s seen things he can’t explain another not the Temple of Doom in that movie Indiana starts off as an unbeliever until he saw magic for the first time so when the climax of Raiders of the Lost Ark occurs he’s not like flummoxed over looking at all this magic happen and later of course India is talking about why he doesn’t get around so well and he mentions being used as a voodoo doll and forced to drink the blood of Kalima all of which happened in Temple of Doom tying into the movie’s theme about

 new indiana jones movie cast 2023

regret Indiana says that if he could go back in time he would want to stop his son from enlisting in the Army because he died in Vietnam jeez that’s so sad yeah it really is but it also felt like another rejection of Crystal Skull because Shia LaBeouf’s mutt Daniels was not exactly a fan favorite [Music] so then they get some help from Antonio Banderas to go diving in the Mediterranean I like how like this is the last Indiana Jones movie so they’re just trying to get in like all the Adventure genres they haven’t gotten to before we got a train Chase check undersea exploring check time travel check India is freaked out by the eels in the water because remember this Fearless Explorer has one weakness snakes why did it have to be snakes this whole sequence is about Indian Helena using her father’s journal to find an artifact similar to how Indiana used his dad’s Grail diary to find the Holy Grail in the Last Crusade they searched for the tomb of Archimedes inside the ear of Dionysus now this is actually a real place but it was actually named this hundreds of years after Archimedes even lived in 1608 by the painter Caravaggio the titular dionitis was not the Roman God of drink and tragedy it’s actually named after a Greek Tyrant dionysius the first to find the tomb they have to sing to find the exact location with the loudest Echo foreshadowing the ending when the dial leads them to a place where the Fisher in time is the strongest because you see a sound Echo is basically a living reflection of the past to find the tune they have to use water displacement which calls back to the most famous story about


Archimedes and how he developed the formula for water displacement restaurant what is that all right so water placement is basically when you place an object in water and the water rises according to Legend This Revelation came to Archimedes when he was in the bathtub and he sprang from his bath ran naked into the streets yelling Eureka I have found found it there’s even a nod to this later when Archimedes sees Indiana he says Eureka and now finally we get to the ending which I know is going to be controversial but this was like the first time in years I have sat in a movie and thought I actually have no idea what is about to happen next I was literally Amazed by this ending so I’m going to explain how the time travel Mechanics Work and what this means thematically for the film and the franchise so earlier Professor Jones was teaching the kids about the Roman Siege of Syracuse and how Archimedes was trying to develop a super weapon to protect the city and he theorized about using mirrors to reflect the Sun and burn the ships now he never did this but his tomb is marked with mirrors that reflect different shafts of light we immediately know something is up when Archimedes is wearing a modern day wristwatch and the freeze on the side of his tomb shows a phoenix with propellers now at first you might think that oh okay Archimedes must have


designed like an early airplane but even before Leonardo da Vinci but of course we know that’s not the case he saw airplanes during the siege of Syracuse so he interpreted them as dragons or a phoenix in fact it’s very significant that these planes are drawn as a phoenix a phoenix is a fiery bird heard that famously Burns itself away and is resurrected From the Ashes the airplanes are in a way fiery birds in the sky hence they’re interpreted as a phoenix but also a phoenix is on a permanent cycle it’s in a constant state of death and raber they can’t die without being reborn and it can’t be reborn if it doesn’t die just like the ending of this movie and how it uses two halves of the dial to come together to form one destiny okay so how does the end of the movie work so the Nazis decide to kidnap Jones instead of killing him which is silly I have a gun in my room you give me five seconds I’ll get it I’ll come back down here boom I’ll blow their brains out you just don’t get it do you Indy asked if his plan is to go back in time and kill Ike AKA Dwight Eisenhower the commander of the D-Day invasion and we know that Indiana was an Eisenhower fan he told us in Crystal Skull I like Ike and just before they find the time Fisher voler says yesterday belongs to us a spin on the chilling final number of the musical Cabaret tomorrow belongs to me [Music] so Easter eggs done let’s really talk about that ending okay yeah sir did our commit his event time travel no Archimedes discovered that there are Fishers in the fourth dimension that connect different points in time you know how like in movies people are always describing wormholes gold space so that point a and point B coexist in space and time so they’ll take that piece of


paper and bend it and then poke a pen through it to show how a wormhole can connect two points in space it’s the same thing here except instead of connecting space this Wormhole connects two points in time Archimedes worked out a way to predict these fissures and how to navigate through them almost like calibrometer predicts a hurricane and how a compass can navigate you through a storm voller uses this style to calculate where they could find this fissure and he uses it to travel back to a date 1939 but when they’re almost at the Gateway Indiana realizes that Archimedes wouldn’t have known about continental drift all of this was foreshadowed by Indiana’s first lesson in the movie similar to how this x never ever marks this spot sets up this 10. x marks the spot Archimedes steps outside sees the planes and calls them dragons and actually this was foreshadow too when we’re in 1969 Sicily just a little bit earlier in the movie Teddy watches a street puppet show which features Roman soldiers fighting a dragon when all this chaos is happening the plane makes a failing engine sound that’s the same biplane failing sound that we heard here and of course is the sound of the Millennium Falcon [Music] so like we’ve seen lots of different kinds of time travel and movies and I explained them in depth in our flash time travel video sometimes we have Back to the Future time travel where characters can actually change their past but I think that if time travel does exist it would be the kind we see in interstellar or Terminator one the it was always going to happen kind of time travel in other words you can’t change the past because you already changed the past Indiana helped the Greeks win the siege of Syracuse it is a part of History so this is why the movie is called the dial of Destiny no matter what Indiana was always going to travel into the past to this moment and the fact that he uses A Clockwork device to do this is also symbolic of the

Clockwork theory of the universe essentially this Theory says that the universe is not chaotic it has a designer it’s like finding a watch in the middle of the desert the universe is intricately planned out like the cogs in that watch and we see this kind of clockwork completion through the movie for instance Archimedes takes bowler’s watch off of his body the same watch that’s on the corpse of Archimedes when voler was at the tomb just earlier in the film when Archimedes meets them the first thing he does is ask what what time have they come from yeah why does he asked that because he has to know what coordinates the set for the dial because it has to be set to lead them back to this exact time and place so after the afternoon Arkansas dead event time travel no think of the dial like a compass and a boat a compass cannot move you but it can guide the direction of the boat so Archimedes dial can detect the fissures in time and then it can calibrate how you move through that fissure and where you end up when we first see Archimedes he’s having trouble building the dial but now he’s going to have the finished dial from the future to help him finish this Design This is called retro causality it’s basically when the events of the future affect the events of the past now I thought all this was really cool because I love time travel stories but more importantly this ending

 new indiana jones movie cast 2023 | indiana jones and the dial of destiny disney plus | index of indiana jones and the dial of destiny | indiana jones 6

perfectly serves the character of Indiana Jones like I said earlier he spent his life chasing history and now he’s finally caught it this is at a point in his life when his future seems miserable no sun no wife no career no Adventures so like a lot of old men he wants to live in the past in this case he wants to literally live in the past now Helena says he can’t stay because the whole space-time continuing being disrupted thing but she’s actually wrong about that if Indiana were to stay in the past it would mean that he had always stayed in the past and would not have changed established history but when Helena looks at him she sees another tired old man who lived in the past her father she couldn’t save her dad but she can’t save Indiana instead of convincing him through a tearful dialogue scene she knocks him out which frankly felt more true to the franchise when he wakes up in 1969 she tells him that he is meant to be there in the present and when he asks for who Marion the love of his life shows up he tells her everything hurts so she replies to me where it doesn’t hurt and points to his lip now this is a very cute callback to this scene from Raiders damn it anywhere doesn’t it hurt [Music] and the final shot of the series is of Indiana’s hat being hung out to dry metaphorically saying that the hero has been hung out to dry but then at the last minute he snatches the Hat away



before the iris closes telling us that he may have an adventure or two left Denim and if you’ve seen the young Indiana Jones Chronicles you know that’s true he went to museums to tell stories and slide down banisters and now let’s talk about that post-credits scene we cut to mutt in a Vietnamese prison camp being rescued by Short Round the two of them run around a corner before they encounter your mom oh man they got me yeah no there’s no post credit scene sorry about that well what did you think about Indiana Jones in the dial of Destiny do you want to see more Indiana Jones films do you want to see him at spin-off let me know down in the comments below or at me on Twitter and if it’s your first time here please subscribe smash that Bell for alerts for screen Crush I’m ryanairy foreign [Music]


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