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listen not only is it an Underdog Story it’s more like a no dog story like he’s literally a guy on a couch playing video games not like he was even racing little cars in Little League so Gran Turismo based on a true story is based on a true story about a guy who went from playing with his joystick to gear shifting on a real life Racetrack and I was surprised by the concept because it’s not your standard video game movie where you’re in the game but a movie where they play the video game in the movie and because GT is so realistic with its cars a literal gamer ended up becoming a professional driver as like a Guitar Hero player headlining Coachella now Sony’s realize that they can’t keep all their money on Spidey so they really have been growing their video game movie adaptations and their shows and they’ve kind of shifted the curse that we’ve known for a while and it looks like it’s just gonna be the beginning because they

gran turismo movie in hindi vegamovies

have a lot of The Works overall I thought this one was pretty decent because they pretty much make it a sports movie they really had the drivers going 170 on the tracks they filmed with real Pit Crews had more rear shots than the Hub and the movie damn near has the special credits included in the runtime because they show you how they scan in the cars and get the movements and especially with the sound because this is one of the very few movies that’s coming out in 12 track IMAX audio and that is the best thing out there right now so besides the uh box office scam that they pulled where they were counting all the pre-screenings to beat Barbie I still say it’s a junior price for me since the action scenes were really cool it has that traditional come up story and it is inspirational enough that I almost looked past a major thing they switched out from the real life story let me explain Ayan I’m so intrigued if you had to estimate to like the nearest I want to say 100 hours how much time do you think you’ve logged on the Gran Turismo game say two hours a night for 11 years whatever the math is on that so the Story begins with Orlando Bloom’s character who is a marketing executive who came up with the idea of the academy to begin with and he actually went to Nissan with it or as boom calls it welcome to Team Nissan he pitches an idea so crazy that it would only be

gran turismo movie – isaidub

possible in a move based on a true story because Nissan actually agreed to this in a way one of the big ways that he sells it is that everyone nowadays is just getting an Uber’s no one really cares about their own cars or even owning a car and for a car company that’s kind of a big deal it also reminds me a lot of the complaints that the Fast and Furious franchise has been getting because at first that was all about customizing and working on your cars which not only creates an attachment to the vehicle but it bombs a lot of people and families kids because they’re working on them and I never realized that in GT they make you build that car from scratch before you get the Need for Speed your kids are scrawny little gamer kids that’s where you come in after getting approved for this crazy idea Orlando’s looking for a trainer that’ll be Domino today take these kids from playing a simulator to actually going full speed in a car that’s where we see David Harbors Jack Salter who’s like the only trainer desperate enough to take it but that’s only because his current situation is dealing with a kid who’s disrespecting him more than 11. I’ve always loved

 gran turismo movie reddit

Hoosiers since I was a kid the Hoosiers Hoosiers Hoosiers Hoosiers you know I grew up with Gene Hackman and Hoosiers I’ve heard him talk about who’s just for so when we were shooting the film and I always think God I gotta watch this film I would love to make my version of that Gene Hackman Hoosiers movie that you get that feeling from Archie I’m gonna make a tick tock version of it for you though that leads us to our main guy Jan martinborough who’s marked the record for the fastest UK player giving him an invite to compete in the PlayStation race in order to join the GT Academy I I passed my test a week before I got to set I I had to pass in two weeks I was shooting another film at the time I was taking my lessons at night all very intense I have to say though getting the racing Parts is one thing you know for all the gear heads but aren’t you having to get the gameplay down to not take off The Gamers nice tally like they take it so seriously the real life yams actually made his steering wheel rig that you see in the movie it is on shop class that said all these hours that this guy put in and yet no game in real life easily the most skippable parts of the movie would be all the romance bits since they don’t really do much with it like the father said goes is a

gran turismo movieweb

moment where he corrects her and this man really says um actually it’s not a game it’s a simulator boy it’s gonna be a no if you keep talking like that if anything I wish they gave all those scenes over to the family because they really played well off of each other there’s this mama who’s played by a spice girl who I didn’t realize is married to an actual racer but it’s the scenes with his dad played by jimon who he just did a fantastic job his father isn’t really happy with what he’s doing because he’s always had a career in soccer and he wants Jans to follow just like his brother is but instead pops considers what he does a gimmick with all the video games and not Dynamic plays out in the movie it’s a bit more exaggerated really um with the father because he was on board in reality a bit more a bit quicker oh

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scratch that the first time we see him drive is actually in a getaway Chase from a copper after a party meaning that this dude isn’t just good at GT but GTA that leads him to getting in trouble with his dad who puts him to work at The Yards just for this kid to dip like an hour into his first shift really it’s just a setup to get a real tense pre-race on his bike in order for him to get to the PlayStation race that he needs to be at you know they’re just filling it out for some tension it’s all pretty goofy but they do it in the most genuine way possible like they’ll be doing these CGI bits where he’s in his room and then he imagines he’s in the car and then other times he’ll be in the car on the tracks and then imagine that he’s back in his room and I’ll somehow it all works he ends up joining the 10 best Racers to see who’s the best Sim driver and after a couple of training montages Jan ends up crashing during a lap with the safety instructor inside the car now Jans calls it out by saying that his brakes were glazed and that becomes like this really big moment for David Harbor’s character because that’s when he realizes that you know the simulator is actually as good as it claims to be because the results prove he’s right yeah well he ends up being the best driver in the academy and does take first place by like a headlight Orlando’s kind of worried because Jans isn’t really the best when it

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comes to PR and he’s always crashing and burning when it comes to interviews before GT Academy yes I was quite a timid sort of introvert kind of person the movie even does this weird edit where like Orlando really wants this other guy to be it and he’s like super serious about it and then Harvard’s like No And Orlando’s like okay fine from there we see yawns go up the ranks and become an official driver going through a bunch of ups and downs and it all works because of the way they shoot this movie pretty much they stacked a bunch of IMAX quality cameras inside and around the car to actually get the shots of what it’s like to go that fast on the road it’s a lot like what top gun Maverick did to capture all the g-forces on the actors on top of that the the main guy Stunt Driver was the main guy so every time the actor would come in the real life yawns would just switch out with him and then skirt out of the pit crew at full speed and then we did it 11 times after that wait that spin out you did yeah oh my God that was gas I didn’t know because I did a version of the spin out when I’m inside the car that was an unusual feeling to go backwards at 90 miles an hour meanwhile Archer the actor did the complete opposite of going from a gamer to a racer you know kind of dream come true situation being paid to play PlayStation now when you look at the stats with this dude like it’s really impressive sure as accurate as GT can be there’s always going to be a big difference between going from your


room in a rocker Pro to sitting in a metal box that’s shooting your body at 160 an hour and this guy was so quick in real life that he actually got banned for being too fast on the track so having the movie try to recreate that speed is uh kind of crazy because I learned that Archie was so tall this dude didn’t even fit in his car what in order for him to fit in the car without the helmet oh wow they haven’t was touching at some points when a driver sits in the car we have seats a nice kind of foam padded seat Archie is very tall Archie could use one of those seats so he sat on beer carbon going at that speed being strapped in so he’s feeling everything so you know what race car is like it’s millimeters from the ground he’s feeling everything through a carbon chassis no no compression or anything so and he’s acting as well yeah I know this guy from it’s somewhere and somehow this sounds more terrifying I was in the car every scene that you see me in the car I am in the car racing at full a full speed you know I’m vomiting I it was boiling hot it was truly the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life after going up the ranks we end up at the crossroads of the movie where Jan ends up in a freak accident and in terms of the movie you know the way that they show it especially with sound effects it’s pretty insane like they have his parents watching at home realizing they can’t do anything about it because it’s too far away and they made it feel so visceral I legit thought this man died halfway through the movie


and I was watching a tribute film so it was a little off to read after the movie that they changed some things around for the real life story it turns out that well this did happen it was an accident that happened earlier in his career but the movie shifts it to later so that it can be like a thing he overcomes in the plot but like someone in the audience who was watching the race did die during that and the break from gloss so it is a little manipulative to switch a real life event when someone did lose their life people were telling us that we were crazy and that it couldn’t be done or that we would hurt someone or even worse Harper’s character eventually helps him through his recovery and even brings up his own accidents when he was a racer which caused him to quit and this being legit convinces Jan to continue by saying Hey kid don’t end up like me pretty much the idea is is that tragedies and mistakes don’t Define you it’s all about what you do after plus they also bond by letting you know that Sony still makes walkmans for music the movie then builds up to the biggest race and climax or the academy which is getting a video game player to actually compete at Le Mans a place so legendary it’s the climax for some of the best racing movies like rush and 4B Ferrari like this is a place where the race rallies for 24 hours but right before it they give you one of the best moments between him and his dad where they finally Bond he shows his dad the soccer sticker that he’s been keeping on his helmets in order to represent him and acknowledges his father’s past even though he went on a different path a man I felt the audience rev up their tear ducts it’s also cool to note that that’s actually the first race we see him playing at the beginning of the movie he raised it one like a thousand times Neil blomkamp delivers out this Final Act I think he does a good job because of the way that he’s mixing all of the elements and I’ll even give him a pass for all of the

goofy gamer quotes that he sneaks in there are you mad bro tell me what you’re mad for one of the main ways that he was able to capture a lot of it and all those crazy angles was by using these high-speed drones and it looked raw like they even claimed that they were looking to break the record for the fastest high-speed photography of an actor and I’m pretty sure they got it I didn’t realize that this man had learned a lot of his practicals and techniques studying under Peter Jackson and WETA so him teaming up with Orlando probably gave them a lot to talk about but it’s also interesting to see him go from all the gritty Sci-Fi movies that he’s been making for so long to something that you know I’ll just call uh more hopeful the theme of that movie is not it’s definitely not about AI it’s about the corruption of it’s about the soul being corrupted by an imperfect reality that the world corrupts everything and so the purity of the soul in that film which is this little robot gets just decimated by and beginning to get the sense you’re not an optimist am I right or in the end Jan ends up platforming a Le Mans proving all of his haters wrong winning a medal and scoring the rights to a future movie that will eventually be all about him now we wait for EA to adapt every other sport e-a Sports it’s in the game

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