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how’s it going folks welcome to found Flix it’s been nearly 10 years since the indie game Five Nights at Freddy’s burst onto the scene and has grown into an absolutely huge media franchise thusly it was only a matter of time until those deadly animatronics got a movie of their very own so we’re going to be checking out the new Five Nights at Freddy movie and explaining everything you need to know adapting a video game into a movie is always a tricky translation and with Five Nights at Freddy’s the game playay is really simple pretty much just pressing buttons and looking at

five nights at freddy’s movie filmyzilla

monitors I do feel like the filmmakers did a good job of adapting the most important aspects of the game while also actually changing enough to make it work as a fulllength movie I was a bit shocked that the movie got hammered pretty hard by critics and the movie isn’t perfect by any means also suck at critics because it made a lot of cash I also feel it’s important to remember that this is for kids the games don’t really have any Gore or anything like that and to me this is an excellent new Gateway horror perfect for kids without being too scary now I’m no expert on the series but I can and do research and there is a ton to explore regarding the story and how it ties back to the games in some intriguing way it also is kind of a remix in a lot of ways of the first three games with some major differences as well so let’s clock in for Five Nights at Freddy’s breaking down the story including the major differences from the games exploring the several Mysteries left dangling as well as explaining the ending and post-credit scene that sets up a

Five nights at freddy’s movie fzmovies

sequel the opening gives us an insight as to the reason behind the high turnover rate at Freddy’s establishment the murderous robotss obviously a terrified security guard attempts to escape his attackers via the air duct he makes it through spotting Foxy’s silhouette nearby he makes it all the way to the back door out but it’s jamed shut foxy is heard doing his trademark scatting and really rapidly approaches the guy man he’s fast he gets strapped into a chair and a kind of half of a robot skeleton wors to life with red eyes and shredding saw blades he struggles to get free from his restraints but there’s no escaping this time bucko and the blades tear him to shreds we then passed through the rest of the pizzeria looking long abandoned but strangely still active and hone in on a wall covered in children’s drawings focusing on one in particular featuring five kids with a yellow bunny while it might look like he’s Pals with the kids the opening credits preemptively spill the beans that that is not the case in eight bit style we see as the bunny approaches children one by one at the restaurant and whisks them away for his nefarious purposes we then meet down on his luck Mike doing his best to make ends meet and take care of his younger sister Abby he’s not

 Five nights at freddy’s movie mp4

exactly equipped to be her parental figure and the girl doesn’t quite respect him when he asks her to obey the reality is Mike is much more preoccupied with the tragedy from his past losing his brother Garrett during one fateful family camping outing in a kind of strange element to the story Mike is convinced that through his dreams he can somehow remember more details about what happened that day and who kidnapped his brother he discusses this concept with this coworker rattling off that a dreamer that remains asleep will walk through their memories as if experiencing it for the first time they are no longer a passenger but an active participant in their Memories the idea being that he can actually become active in his dreams and memories as outlandish as that might sound that’s how dedicated Mike is to finding out what happened and pretty much everything else in his life including Abby takes a back seat we see how his obsession comes out in other problematic ways when he notices a young boy on his own at the mall a man grabs him and takes him away and Mike assumes that he’s being kidnapped for some reason he Springs into action and baits the hell out of the dude in a flurry of fist only to find out later that it was the boy’s dad major whoops and this really really shows us how obsessed he is with getting Justice for Garrett even framing things in his mind in a way

five nights at freddy’s movie in tamil isaimini

that he can somehow save the day even if it is completely untrue like the scene at the mall Mike winds up fired for the incident and meets with a shady career counselor Steve Raglin to assess his options there isn’t much hope at this point thanks to Mike’s spotty employment history barely lasting a few weeks at most of his jobs he lets him down that that there really isn’t much they can do but just about to leave Steve stops him with one final position available for a security job Mike mumbles that he can’t do nights and Steve scoffs well that’s a shame handing him his card in case he changes his mind he returns home to mounting bills and relieves the babysitter Max of her duties did Abby eat what do you think she retorts Mike tries to convince her she has to eat but Abby does not budge on the matter especially as her imaginary friend thinks that he’s an idiot well at least I’m really smirks Mike gets ready for bed and gets everything set up for a proper dreaming nature sounds and a poster of Nebraska on the ceiling he focuses in and drifts as sleep and is brought back to that moment where Garrett was taken he’s there with the rest of his family along with a bunch of other families also on the campgrounds mom task Mike to watch over Garrett and he goes to retrieve a frisbee a car engine sputs to life and when he turns back there’s no sign of his brother the car skids away and turning into his older self Mike sees Garrett being driven away glued to the back window there’s even more

 five nights at freddy’s movie in tamil isaidub

issues that Mike has to be dealing with his overbearing and well quite dickish a Jane she’s hell in on getting Abby away from Mike believing he is not fit to be her guardian yet alone with the teacher Mike knows that all she’s really after is a government check he glumly believes that Abby doesn’t really even care about him and the teacher begs to differ bringing up an important idea to the story children use pictures in an important way in order to communicate complicated feelings as well as to try to understand the world around them and who is at the center of most of her drawings me Mike realizes yep so she does care about him in fact he is her entire world like it or not a good first step she suggests is to find himself a job with no other options he phones Steve back and Begins the first of his Five Nights at Freddy’s he gives him a brief tease to the place’s history back in the 80s it was huge with kids but not anymore seeing it all boarded up and run down the reason they haven’t torn it down he says is that the owner is just too sentimental he can’t bring himself to Let It Go Steve laughs knowingly he warns that the electricity is a bit funky so if anything goes wrong just flip the main breaker in the office all all he’s got to do is keep an eye on the monitors and keep people out Mike turns on the breaker and the building Roars to life including its big fancy sign out front

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featuring Freddy he clicks on the monitors fuzzing two cameras stationed all around the premises he scans through them one by one the place looking pretty quiet idling in the room he’s confused when noticing a video cassette tape with his name on it he pops it in and is treated to a vintage training video from Freddy’s Heyday a lady touts the genius that opened the place indulging in his two greatest passions family fun and cutting Ed technology she goes on to introduce the stars of the show yet just when they’re about to perform the tape glitches right over it wonder why that is she concludes by tasking the newest employee to protect their proprietary ideas so they can keep Freddy going for years to come wow that certainly didn’t work out as planned so what happens when you get child murder in your Pizzeria Mike gets his first encounter with the Rogue animatronics in an innocuous way finding the tiny balloon boy hiding in a locker it doesn’t really do much just kind of stands there but more on that later what is up with a balloon boy why is he so tiny time Ticks by and eventually passes out due to boredom static comes over the PA system and he’s brought back to his family picnic he helplessly watches Garrett get carted off again yet things are different this time he finds five kids waiting for him asking if they saw what happened he gets more animated and the kids scatter in different directions he chases a blonde boy but trips on a rock launching him right back to the waking world he

five nights at freddy’s movie apk

returns home to the routine of Max’s babysitting Abby and he promises that he will pay her soon she jokes back that it’s fine she does know where he lives after all however it turns out that Max doesn’t have the best intentions here following her and her brother as they meet with mean a Jane and her lawyer Doug and who is their waiter I don’t know he looks familiar but I’m not too sure some guy that makes a weird comment about something just being a theory I don’t know turns out Jane actually hired Max to search the house to find any evidence of criminal negligence Doug gets concerned realizing that he shouldn’t even be hearing about their illegal activities in particular after after Jeff suggests to just kill Mike he comes up with a slightly less violent idea since Mike needs his new job to look good to the courts they could go in there and trash the place to make him look bad and get him fired just like that boom Abby is hers Mike gets ready for another shift and Abby insists that she tag along he refuses and carries her screaming back into her room leaving Max to deal with her tantrum Mike takes his Nebraska poster from home and does a bit of dreaming at work the crackling returns and lightning rumbles lighting up the hallway noticing a

 five nights at freddy’s movie 2023 age rating

particular silhouette on the wall back to chasing after his brother he loses him once more the kids are back and he tries to stay calm this time just wanting to know what they saw and Mike’s aggression takes over causing him to flee he chases a different kid with red hair he grabs his shoulder and the boy gets him with a hook in his hand he screams black go streaming from his eyes and Mike wakes up to the powerg goinging Haywire talking in my sleep playing over the speakers he resets the breaker spotting foxy looming in the shadows and he sees that he has a surprise visitor at the door in officer Vanessa right off the bat she notices his injury which interestingly implies that the dream world can also somehow affect the real world get hurtt in the dream world to get hurt in the real world she is highly dubious of Mike due to his injury and Shifty demeanor while he’s not too sure about her either as she seems quite intimately familiar with the establishment all that she admits is that she loved it here as a kid and asks excitedly if he’s met them yet met who Mike wonders then Friday and his crew finally make their triumphant debut performing a spirited cover of the romantics talking in my sleep Mike is stupified while van deems the show the best thing ever Mike gets her back to an earlier topic that she brought up some kids that went missing back in the’80s and she tells him this is what caused a place to close down well makes sense she tiddes him for not knowing the history and he’s not even wearing his badge so she procures him one from the prize counter declaring that now he’s official 6: a.m.

five nights at freddy’s movie filmyzilla | Five nights at freddy’s movie fzmovies

arrives and Mike has another night down without much incident that all changes when we see Jeff watching nearby and he calls his goons to wreck the place but they’re in for a rude awakening from the Freddy gang showing off their more murderous side after they make their way through the place bashing everything up good Carl is lured to a free bridge by a loud thuing inside he discovers an oddly cute little cupcake guy and it disappears when he gets distracted by another noise that was made by chica carrying the cupcake on a plate it lunges at Carl going right for his face you ever had a cupcake take a bite out of you the big guy Hank Witnesses the bizarre sight and hides in another room only to have Bonnie in there awaiting for him we hear him screaming and Bones cracking and Hank places a bloody hand print on the door Jeff is absolutely flabbergasted he tries the phone hearing a mix of children giggling and crying at the same time on the monitors Chica and Bonnie stare right at him and place cupcake into the vents Jeff holds the chomping cupcake at Bay leaning on the vent while it sin sparks flying the door swings open teasingly and Jeff makes a break for it out in the Halls we hear the Telltale scatting and Foxy gets his prey only Max is left and she begrudgingly heads inside the pizzeria in search of the others a child’s voice giggles and tells her to follow after she finds herself in the maintenance room coming face to face with Freddy getting warmer he whispers Max gets right up in there getting dangerously close to those metal Jaws a hand reaches out from within and drags her and the teeth bite her clean in half at home Abby and Mike’s relationship gets more complications when she happens to find the

 Five nights at freddy’s movie mp4 | five nights at freddy’s movie in tamil isaimini

custody papers from Jane Abby gets upset she does not like Aunt Jane and he’s happy that she isn’t a fan of her aunt either complaining that she smells of old cigarettes they get a surprise visitor from Vanessa who informs him of the break-in and based on the evidence including a prescription bottle left behind all signs point to Mike being neg gent uhoh lastly he spills about what he’s really been up to with his dreams and not only did he lose Garrett but this led to losing both his parents not long after so it really has just been him and Abby for quite some time at this point he can’t help but remember the good old days when the whole family would sit down to dinner and say grace it did feel cheesy at the time but now he misses it terribly Vanessa Comforts him that he does still have Abby and that makes him pretty lucky in her eyes she lets him off the hook tossing his pills into the river but urges him no more sleeping when he’s at at Freddy’s as he cannot get a hold of Max he has no choice but to bring Abby along to work but orders her to stay in her tent no matter what in the Supply Closet he notices some blood and gets startled Again by a balloon boy this thing’s just popping around all over the place he sets to work cleaning up the place sweeping up glass and mopping the floors making it look at least better the job done he gets back to his dream work in spite of what van

five nights at freddy’s movie netflix

told him Abby is awoken to a boy’s voice calling her name and she attempts to Rouse her bro to no avail meaning that of course she seizes the opportunity to explore the place on her own meanwhile in Dreamland Mike tries to bargain with the blonde boy if he can help what will you give me the boy asks anything he offers desperately the boy runs off leaving behind a drawing of the yellow rabbit he wakes up to Abby gone and hears her screaming fearing the worst he runs to her finding her surrounded by Freddy and his Pals however there was nothing to fear as the animatronics were just tickling her too much oh boy an’t that always a way Freddy gives Mike the stink eye until Abby confirms that he’s cool and the yellow glow in his eyes subsides she beams that they just want to play and shows off that they like pictures handing Bonnie a drawing of a heart tying back to that idea of how children communicate Mike is still nervous about these crazy Critters and tells his sis that it is time to go she is bummed to leave her new friends and has to give Freddy a hug on the way out a after putting Abby to bed Mike tries to reconcile with what the heck is even going on here one of aby’s drawings catches his eyes featuring what must be the kids from his dream one with a cupcake on a shirt and one with a hook hand Etc as he puts together yep these are the spirits of the children that are housed within the animatronics he confirms as much with Abby in the morning and she shrugs of course his ghost children in the suits how else could they move the robots like it’s the most logical thing in the


world he broaches the subject of Garrett which apparently the family didn’t discuss much yet somehow Abby has a drawing depicting that exact moment when he is driven away Mike clarifies he’s not mad but wants to understand who told her was it the blonde boy she nods in confirmation that it was with the hope that Freddy and his friends can help with aby’s coaxing they return to the restaurant finding Vanessa already there showcasing that the robots truly do still contain The Souls of their victims Abby leads the whole gang in a plan to build a big Fort that they can all sit inside the fort complete they all lie in formation on the ground and Abby is happy here she finds something is missing they need a roof and Vanessa along with mik go to find something suitable again van seems to really know the place well even where they keep the tablecloths another odd amalgamation of metal and Tech Wizardry catches his eyes van is all about this too telling him to not touchy it’s an older model of animatronic featuring a spring lock the idea was to keep the Machinery in place so a person could wear the suit it w up being unstable and she gives him a demo with a broom she shoves it in and the lock activates shattering the wood the bits yeah that’s pretty dangerous he tries to get her to open up again but van changes the subject back to Garrett and has planed to get Abby to ask the Bots she tells him to drop the whole thing and he argues that it’s not her business she gets Ultra serious growling to


Let It Go who are you he asks again someone trying to help is all she’ll admit Abby is having a fullon dance party with her pal a wild one before she can ask him anything she goes to pluck a guitar which malfunctioned earlier they try to stop her but it’s too late and Abby gets electrocuted she comes to on the floor and goes right to Vanessa for a hug o major out for Mike I’m sure you like The Stranger more than your brother probably not a good sign he keeps trying to ask her more questions and she shuts him down you can do what you want with your own life but if you bring Abby back here I will shoot you myself dang that is pretty serious Mike is forced to make a tough decision reaching out to evil and Jane to keep Abby out of danger the girl is awoken to the alluring smell of bacon yet it’s a trap coming out to her aunt and Mike she instantly feels betrayed despite Mike trying to insist that it isn’t what it looks like she emotionally tells him he hates him and proceeds to cross him out from all of her drawings pretty harsh Mike won’t be deterred from his one track mind and gets more pills for another sleepy Town session however this time things immediately feel completely different sharing another happy moment with his family Mike even knows that this isn’t how it happened this isn’t real but it could be the blonde boy chimes in he acknowledges that this isn’t what he asked for but it is what he truly wants he doesn’t want to find the man responsible he wants to somehow save Garrett even though it’s completely impossible of course Mike has a handle on things well enough to understand this he’s gone they’re all gone the boy Jesters to the well very real looking family you can have this stream every night and be


together again with everyone although it does have some substantial strings attached remember when he said he would give them anything well perhaps unsurprisingly they want Abby even his family agrees it’s for the best she’s so happy with him and he was never the right person to take care of her all playing on his insecurities Mike gets te eyed and sniffles okay to the boy’s Delight Mike quickly regrets his choice and the kids vanish he shouts out to the Treetops to leave Abby alone the kids start sneaking by him and slashing at him one by one inform formation he comes to finding himself strapped into the murder murder machine the deadly blades grinding closer towards him he fiddles with the locks and manages to get free just in the nick of timee really showing how much these furries aren’t messing around he stumbles into the burgle gang’s bodies also noticing an inactive dog animatronic amongst a bunch I actually didn’t know about this particular reference here regarding a hoax from the first game a rumor was started regarding another character hidden in Five Nights at Freddy 1 a dog called Sparky this wasn’t true but the filmmakers pay tribute to that here in a pretty cool way Jane checks in on Abby but gets no response she sits down to flip through the cable not noticing a decrepit looking Freddy lingering behind her Gold Freddy apparently doesn’t


look gold to me from in a room Abby hears a loud thud and she is happy to see her friend the boy corrects that’s not Freddy and ominously says they’re all waiting for you she spots her ants legs poking out around the corner and the boy laughs it off as ho silly Aunt Jane fell asleep they call a taxi which is driven by another familiar face Cory X kinchin he freaks at the site in his backseat which Abby finds amusing Mike awakes to Vanessa ending to his wounds at at some like police place again the dream attack somehow translated into the real world he reveals that they tried to kill him but figures that she probably knew all about all this madness already he spills about his dream deal and wants to fix it just what do they want with Abby well to make her like them of course just then Abby and golden Freddy have made it to the pizzeria ready to put their Twisted plan into motion poor naive Abby has no idea excitedly running inside to her confusion golden Freddy Waits outside and even vanishes into thin air this all makes me think that this bot and their ire interaction were all a figment of sorts because only this version of Freddy seems to be able to leave the bounds of the restaurant finally Vanessa starts to divulge just how much she knows about things around here when those kids went missing back in the 80s the police searched everywhere in the building but never found their bodies that’s because the suits don’t just contain the children’s Souls but their bodies as well she cries the kids don’t want to hurt anyone but it’s the bad man who took them that is influencing them somehow to kill he took


everything from them but they don’t even remember he really really wants to know who she’s talking about and Van pulls out a photo from her pocket featuring her and someone in a yellow bunny suit her Father William Aon and the man responsible for all these murders and building Freddy’s and everything when it comes to Garrett she says she truly did not know of his fate when they met but now it’s pretty obvious that William took him too Mike just wants to save a sister and she provides a taser that will temporarily fa the fox animals he wants her to tag along but she is too afraid to face her father understanding now how much he has really messed her up she does at least give him the keys to a patrol car and Mike barrels his way towards Freddy’s he sneaks to the air vents and comes to the main stage just in time to see Abby being led Away by chica Freddy seems to catch a glimpse of him staring daggers in his Direction but returns to his performance Mike silently dumps a bucket of water on the stage and unleashes his taser taking out the whole crew temporarily chica brings Abby to the mango machine more specifically it looks like an unused puppet or doll animatronic to make Abby truly one of them not just killer the bot’s eyes turned yellow and stuffs her into the suit Mike comes to save the day and promises that he’s going to be better saying that he loves her she loves him too but points out they better get going seeing cupcake is still up and running Mike gets a surprise attack courtesy of the treat cupcake chomping on his leg and dragging him down the hall he shouts for Abby to get out of here being watched by the foxy boy he reemerges from the curtains as Foxy with red eyes to kill cupcake

launches towards Mike and he chokes them out with the taser foxy continues talking Abby T1000 Style with his worrying mechanical limbs she accidentally bumps a machine drawing Foxy’s attention but she is able to move to the ball pit when he comes to her hiding spot meanwhile Mike is on his own in the main room and tell he hears approaching thuing steps it’s spring trap aka the yellow bunny AKA The Killer William Apton In the Flesh Mike tries his trusty taser but it has no effect on the meat bag within and Mike is tossed away foxy makes it to Abby’s spot in the balloon pit luckily there’s a shock courtesy of Vanessa taking the fox out yay she did show up to face her long best ring family trauma after all springtrap taunts Mike about not leaving things alone well lucky me he Chuckles first I killed your brother now I kill you symmetry my friend he orders his children to wake up he has something for them to play with the machines regain movement now with yellow eyes the yellow seeming to indicate that William is currently controlling them will has heard that he has a sister and promises that she’ll love it here cleaning his knife stew style right out of scream farewell Michael Schmid he growls and Vanessa steps in training a gun on her pops who after removing the m who realizes also Steve Raglin almost like he set Mike up the entire time there might be something more to that it’s like he recognized oh did I kill your brother I think I did I killed so many children it’s


hard to keep track of Mikey boy he goes her to put the gun away she’s not going to fire and she pulls the trigger proving him wrong Mike grunts awake for the five millionth time and has an idea use aby’s drawing to tell the Bots the truth about the yellow rabbit will is preoccupied with giving his daughter she had one job he snarls she talks back and he lifts her into the air by the throat spotting Abby nearby he stabs van in the gut and leaves her to die H thanks Dad Abby pins up the new drawing on the wall and the lights all blink radically what have you done William asks in fear and Mike resets The Breakers the machines take in the violent scene and put together what really happened they turn on William who still tries to demoralize them as worthless little beasts cupcake is Unleashed chomping down on a spring lock which activates it triggering it to painfully crush his insides the others all look on with vengeance in their Now red glowing eyes will already knows his fate is sealed and puts his mask back on threatening I always come back the process complete and will becomes another of his weird furry incarnations with his soul inside foxy hooks him and the Gang drags him to the back the others get Vanessa to her feet and as they escape the place starts


crumbling from above sometime later things are much better in Mike’s little family and the teacher at school Praises him whatever he’s doing it’s working even seeing her hanging out with other kids probably safer than murderous animatronics they stop by to visit van in the hospital who is in a coma due to her injury my gushes that she was there when it mattered most and thanks her for saving his and aby’s lives the girl still longs to see her killer Pals there’s no one to take care of them anymore and wants to pay them a visit Mike mols it over and offers that you never know what can happen back at Freddy’s the blonde boy watches William in the back groaning in agony he shakily holds out a hand reaching for him and the boy coldly closes the door trapping him for now in a mid- credit scene poor Cory gets one last jump scare from another unwanted Fair he’s fast asleep in the cab and a knock on the window wakes him up he’s annoyed and glances to his passenger seat seeing none other than and balloon boy giving him a good fright now we don’t know where balloon boy is off to but this does make it appear that he can leave the Pizzeria and move on his own despite his diminutive stature then there’s a final cryptic message buried at the end of the credits A heavily modulated voice comes on and spells out come find me letter by letter find who exactly would be the big

five nights at freddy’s movie apk | five nights at freddy’s movie 2023 age rating

question here I could see why it would make sense that it’s William behind the message with his whole eye will always come back thing right out of the games but we already know where he is in a closet at Freddy’s the come find anything doesn’t make much sense in that case unless he is reaching out to someone else to find him to me there is a huge unresolved plot thread that is at the center of the story what actually happened to Garrett sure William could have just iced him but it stands a reason that he would have put Garrett in a suit like the others and there are other suits strewn around the restaurant that appear used even if not we’ve seen that Souls that are at unrest can communicate to The Living World this brings up a prominent aspect of how things work that I don’t really recall from the games the importance of electricity throughout the story every time Mike dreams there’s a squel from the speakers or several times he resets the breakers which literally resets the animatronics themselves there’s an obvious connection between electricity and the spirits communicating it’s well known that ghosts or Spirits can communicate via electricity and it feels like that is the idea being utilized here it’s through this that the spirits of the kids can enter Mike’s dreams almost as though he’s kind of reaching through to the spirits World Maybe may even an astral

 five nights at freddy’s movie in tamil isaimini

projection kind of thing his being entering another realm of existence so perhaps this come find me message is Garrett reaching out to his brother lost somewhere in the afterlife yet hopeful that he can finally find him and save him at least in some sense either way I don’t think the series is quite done with Garrett yet heck we don’t know what was going on with Bloom boy either maybe Garrett got stuffed in there somehow however this message and the particular music box sound her are both specific references to the game series The give gifts give Life mini game from Freddy’s 2 both things are lifted straight out of the game and could indicate the impending debut of another threatening animatronic the marionette or the puppet in the game the puppet’s identity is tied to William story in the form of his first victim Charlotte but I could definitely see Garrett taking her place he could have been William’s first victim after all the timeline is quite vague in that regard we don’t even know what present day is you know no one has cell phones or nothing this idea would make it more personal for Mike to find his brother and perhaps as we saw in the game series set a spirit free once and for all to be at peace cue the Waterworks Garrett I’m so sorry you have to let me go Mike I’ll miss you and a spirit flies into the sky and disappears into the Stars you know more melodrama for you on a platter there this whole Theory really brings into the whole remix of the game lore aspect that the movie takes and it really feels like they were trying to make the movie Universe its own contained thing but also heavily

referencing the original series because it’s honestly kind of nuts how deep this stuff goes it’s a little scary really for example when it comes to our hapless new security guard mic in the first game he is kind of a non- entity just some poor sack trying to make a paycheck in spite of increasing danger each shift could be just as simple as that but as the series expanded there were clues that Michael Schmidt and another important figure Michael Aton yes son of William are one and the same now that’s a whole other can of worms but once more we see that kind of remix aspect from the games because Vanessa as well has a very different trajectory from her game counterpart her being the daughter of William in the film almost taking mice’s place in the story in that way yet even in the games her story is still closely tied to William initially a secret protagonist she becomes corrupted by the virus incarnation of springtrap known as glitch trap unfortunately as a result she becomes the killer bunny vany and goes on to kill at least nine kids in her own right quite a switch from her movie counterpart but once more I could see them revisiting this idea and making the grievously injured van follow in her Father’s Footsteps to become the new deao head of Freddy’s crew Jesus I guess this is my Unholy welcome to the rabbit hole of Madness that is the mythology of the series all that’s to say there are a lot of interesting ideas established that could pay off in really fulfilling ways while also paying tribute to the game series in the inevitable sequel let’s hope FNAF 2 is bigger and better than before with that we reach the conclusion of this in explained for Five Nights at Freddy’s now I try to focus on the bigger story overall and of course there’s tons of references and Easter eggs I miss throughout the movie so if you want to see a more in-depth video on the movie let me know also don’t forget before we go you can send me requests for any movies or TV shows you like to see me explain by sending them my way on any of my social media Accounts at foundflix what did you think of Five Nights at Freddy’s and it’s ending who do you think is behind the come find me message let me know your thoughts down in the comments below make sure to like subscribe and follow thanks for watching foundflix see you next time

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