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Dream scenario movie filmyzilla |Dream scenario movie 480p | dream scenario release date | dream scenario watch online | dream scenario cinema | dream scenario netflix | dream scenario amazon prime | dream scenario showtimes

so you’ve watched the weird and surreal 2023 film dream scenario starring Nicholas Cage written and directed by Kristoffer Borgli and you’re wondering what it was all about well prepare for your tiny little mind to be blown for starters despite what the end credits say this movie wasn’t really written by Kristoffer Borgli at least not according to the man himself you see Borgli believes in this quote that’s often attributed to Carl Jung people don’t have ideas but ideas have people this means that in the director’s own view the film story wasn’t so much a creation of his own will but rather an idea that chose him as its vessel this brings us to the real main theme of the movie dream scenario and it’s not the fickle nature of celebrity or cancel culture to State the obvious dreaming is something the minds do dreaming is like a psychosis Sophie our brain decides to start hallucinating while we sleep it’s part of its

Dream scenario movie filmyzilla

housekeeping process Paul doesn’t see any emotional or psychological significance of Dreams he just sees it as a biological function we need that to happen for some reason for Borgli a movie is like a dream movies are dreams we all come in and sort of collectively share a dream together which I think is really interesting what if just as brain cells work together to create a mind we as individuals contribute to a larger Collective mind sort of global brain a swarm intelligence you know like ants swarm intelligence ant colony algorithms yeah sounds awfully similar to my research now Borgli’s film is a reflection on how ideas and information evolve and propagate within ourselves and within groups of people and how any one individual only has access to a paucity of information dream scenario actually has something in common with Christopher Nolan’s Inception because I believe the dreams that we see in the film are dreams within a dream on a meta level the whole movie can be viewed as a dream there’s a scene where Paul tries in vain to turn off the basement light according to lucid dreamers one method to recognize if you’re in a dream is to perform what they call reality checks and the behavior of light switches is one such check in many dreams light

Dream scenario movie 480p


switches don’t function normally either they don’t change the lighting when used or their effect is delayed or unusual but there are other scenes in the film where light switches work so there is some ambiguity here the only explanation why Paul can show up in other people’s minds as if those minds are somehow connected and the movie mentions a couple of examples of collective mind theories namely the concept of the super organism swarm intelligence the collective unconscious and memetics all names will become dreams if the whole movie is a dream then whose dream is it the obvious candidate would be Paul Matthews but it could also be viewed as a dream that is occurring in the collective mind of the global brain Borgli didn’t set out to write a commentary on Modern Life cancel culture and the fickle nature of celebrity he wanted to create a Jungian dream movie it didn’t start as and then let me think of a a way to speak about Modern Life it started as like I want to do something Union something about Dreams Carl Jung is famous for proposing the collective unconscious the part of the unconscious mind that we all share the conscious part of our mind doesn’t get full access to everything going on in our brains there’s a whole unconscious world

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boiling under the surface below the level of our awareness Borgli also wanted to explore how we don’t fully know the people that we know only ever experience a person filtered through our own perception the part that makes it the Consciousness I know it’s not my project but I’d love to be involved somehow I thought you weren’t on that project well I wasn’t but now Chris wants me on so we have limited information coming both from the subconscious mind below and the perceived external world we live as personas in each other’s heads rather than being physically present and sometimes the true nature of another person doesn’t align correctly with our impression of them one of the earliest ideas for the film was that attempted sex scene please please don’t hurt me oh did you just come it’s an exaggerated cringe worthy depiction of what happens when our perceptions of someone don’t align with reality because our perceptions of other people are impoverished it’s a bit like data compression lowquality rendering or

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caricature but the movie isn’t only about the gap between our perceptions of famous celebrities and their true nature that’s only one angle here it’s about the gap between any Persona and its true nature even within families the information Gap plays a role the relationship between fathers and daughters friendships husbands and wives there’s a gap between the Persona that Paul presents to Janet how to go Oh you mean with Sheila yeah yeah know it’s technical I mean she totally saw my argument but we didn’t fully you know resolve it yet really and the real Paul Please Sheila I need this and there’s even an information gap between her own idea of ourselves and our true nature I’m finally cool huh well I wouldn’t go that far you hear that Janet she’s saying I’m a cool dad now I didn’t say that hi I have a table for Paul the name Paul comes from the Latin word paulus which means little or small Paul and Paul is a timid academic that feels entitled to recognition for work he hasn’t even started doing look there’s a big difference between talking about an idea and actually doing all the work well I haven’t really started of the actual sitting down

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and riding portion of it yet in Paul Matthews we see a man that doesn’t understand the culture and the ideas that are driving Society much like how an individual neuron doesn’t understand the ideas that are whirling around in a brain or a single ant has a lesser intelligence than the collective Colony well this is strange Paul maybe you should take a minute and think before you do anything drastic maybe we should cool this thing off I this is why I was skeptical in the first place oh you knew specifically that this would happen this kind of thing Paul strange consequences take it as a warning I really feel like you’re playing with fire here what do you mean what am I doing and Paul Matthews is a boring man that doesn’t stand out from the crowd yeah I barely recognized you wow oh yeah the beard maybe no it’s the whole you know it’s about blending in with the herd you see Predators need to identify their prey they can’t just attack the whole group that’s so if you stick your head out you make yourself a Target some people have called him an NPC or non-playing character why didn’t I do anything he’s a man that easily gives up on his own principles can we please put our phones away and have a real conversation I have to take this and I speak now from actual lived

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experience no no no don’t say lived experience Paul is a slave to the social Conformity enforcers with a critical inner judge that prevents him from being his own man when we first meet him he’s extremely passive and indecisive he’s a conformist who easily acquiesces to social pressures the closer you are to someone it’s more likely that your idea of them matches up to the reality but it still doesn’t match fully the people who really know Paul don’t dream of him why do you suppose you’re not showing up in my dreams well because you get the real deal wouldn’t it be fair if you got both what have you been dreaming about me I don’t know I don’t keep track of things like the all Matthews lies a lot to his wife even Janet doesn’t see the real him are you nervous no so keeping in mind that we’re witnessing a collective psyche in Jungian psychology there is a concept called The Shadow Self the Shadow Self is the part of your personality that your conscious ego doesn’t identify with it contains repressed weaknesses shortcomings instincts and desires it’s a Jungian archetype a myth that lives in the collective unconscious minds of all humans it’s not

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something we learn it’s pre-coded into our brains at Birth archetypes are the tools of thought an operating system that comes pre-installed the shadow is the gap between the real you and who you imagine yourself to be there are parts of your identity that you leave out because they make you look bad and according to psychotherapy all our negative traits that are rejected by our conscious egos can start showing up in your dreams the version of Paul that is turning up in other people’s dreams is his shadow personality his negative qualities or insecurities were so strong that they started showing up in other people’s dreams Paul refuses to accept any responsibility for the actions of the other dream polls or accept them as part of his own identity what am I doing they’re dreams it’s not real I’m not actually doing anything to them when Paul rejects the idea that the students have experienced trauma he’s also rejecting the idea that trauma is the cause of his own psychological issues trauma is a trend these days it is a joke everything is trauma arguing with a friend is trauma getting bad grades is trauma they need to grow up Paul is a fan of the neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky Robert Sapolsky his career has been pretty admirable in the cafe Paul is

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reading Sapolsky’s book why zebras don’t get ulcers Sapolsky argues that chronic stress in humans is partly caused by social factors chronic stress arises from prolonged worry about social standing personal failures relationships or work rated issues this stress is exacerbated by a sense of helplessness or lack of control over these factors Paul’s passivity and timidity is him trying to cope with the psychological trauma of being a node in a social network and that’s the thing with the zebras the camouflage is for blending in with the herd because the lion can’t just hunt the whole group it has to identify a single Target zebras Sapolsky argues don’t suffer prolonged stress because they lack the brain power to worry about the future or the past they live in the moment we humans crack up because we’re part of a complex culture I’m sorry I’ve experienced what so many of you must have experienced being violently attacked I have to stress that that man is not me my mere presence upsets people and not because I’ve actually done anything am I not the biggest victim in this whole phenomenon this is a dramatic depiction of the ego rejecting the shadow in Jungian Psychology dark urges exist within all of us but they largely remain unconscious and we refuse to accept and integrate them into our personality but Paul’s actions in the real world do influence how he’s perceived in dreams he isn’t entirely innocent he’s got this idea for his book but he’s never done anything about it he’s guilty of inaction not taking control over his life he’s not assertive or dominant in his own life and the shadow Paul shows up as a helpless man who doesn’t react or take action even in emergency situations does anyone have a more original one maybe one where I’m actually doing something but when Paul starts getting recognized it boosts his confidence it makes Janet feel insecure and makes him more desirable to her are you jealous I don’t know I mean rationally I’m not but do you think other people are seeing you naked I’m going to make sure you stay right here this boost in

Dream scenario movie filmyzilla


confidence manifests itself in Molly’s dream where he’s become a dominant assertive confident lover it’s a version of Paul that he’d love to be for real but he’s afraid so he represses it whether it’s because of repressed aspects of her personality or low bandwidth perceptual simplification imagined persons don’t often match reality with the awkward sex scene Paul experiences shame and humiliation when he can’t live up to the imaginary version of himself but the big Catalyst for the dreams turning violent is Sheila’s article The Rage Paul feels because she stole his research ideas starts manifesting in the dreams people are having about Paul Paul Shadow enters into one of his own dreams showing that Paul doesn’t really know himself remember Paul Shadow only appears in dreams of people that don’t know him so when he’s showing up as a shadow in his own Dream It’s showing that he doesn’t even know himself he wants to be that killer not literally but subconsciously he wants to be that man of action killing the weak timid Paul if we take a closer look at the article we get a better understanding of what Paul’s unfinished research was about it’s about ant intelligence or as Paul calls it ant intelligence that’s not the intelligence of one individual ant it’s instead the intelligence of the entire ant colony the article states that ant intelligence is comparable to a human child that ants even have a telepathic like understanding of each other which enables them to successfully survive as a colony and it is groundbreaking research on the collective psyche of the colony if the entire movie was Paul’s dream this


could explain why he’s hallucinated a scenario where the minds of all humans are linked together in a sort of super mind like the ants that he studied the dream is validating his research ideas and the collective psyche as his topic all has fantasized the scenario where he was right Jung was right there is a collective subconscious Paul Matthews proved that it’s simultaneously a fantasy and a nightmare but why does Paul stop showing up in other people’s dreams so what happened they just stop yeah I don’t know people stopped having them Jung emphasized the importance of becoming aware and integrating the shadow into Consciousness recognizing and accepting the Shadow Self is seen as important for personal growth self-awareness and individuation I think there are some hints that Paul is beginning to accept and integrate his shadow side the light switch scene symbolizes Paul beginning to integrate his subconscious Shadow and when he stormed into the room to see Sophie on stage he was finally being assertive and taking action finally doing something that he’d failed to do all these years and I think that’s what stopped him showing up in other people’s dreams he had integrated that part of his shadow into his Consciousness and decided he wasn’t going to be bullied around anymore he then also reassessed what was important in his life he no longer craved the academic recognition he just wanted his life back he just wanted his family back and this scene he fantasizes or Daydreams about a reconciliation with Janet but Paul still doesn’t take action he’s still too timid and if you remember that policeman said there was a couple of ways Paul could protect himself could move out to a new house Janet rejected it or he could get a dog and these are the things that Paul’s actually somehow managed to


achieve he did move out and he did get a dog it’s all fear fear of rejection fear of other people Paul’s still living in fear when your chances for intimacy and connection come along in real life you need to be brave and you need to take them what would you want to see in your dream remember when you wore that talking head suit for Halloween there was just something about it something kind of weird and sexy you should wear that and save me from like some situation for me the main message if there is one is the heartbreaking fact that full openness and intimacy is a dream scenario that can never be fully realized because it wasn’t Janet’s dream that Paul entered at the end it was his own dream at the beginning of the film when Sophie is dreaming the dream ends when she floats away it’s the dreamer that floats away and with Janet and Paul at the end it’s Paul that floats away so Paul is a dreamer and there’s no dream visitation going on the whole thing’s in his mind I wish this was real the final scene is so moving because it’s so intimate but it’s not real the idea of a collective psyche is tragic because it contains an apparent contradiction at a deep level we’re all joined together but at the surface level we experience disconnect and feel distant and different from each other due to the personal narratives cultural identities and life experiences we share a common



psychological ground but our awareness of this is limited because the doors of perception are only a jar they’re not wide open when Janet first tells Paul of her fantasy he scoffs at her and this is why people build walls and are afraid to open up the fear of being judged negatively and that’s what results in alienation you might have guessed that I liked this movie a lot it wasn’t perfect for me I was wasn’t too keen on the norio dream influencers subplot but I do think it was added because the dream scenario was turning into a nightmare scenario it further lends Credence to the idea that the whole movie is a dream either Paul’s dream or the dream of a collective psyche in a society humans act like neurons in a collective brain the urge to conform is strong the culture shifts attention and energy like a brain shifting attention and energy without concern for the individual this is the life force that can ignite an individual or shatter them this explanation is just my interpretation of the film The beautiful thing about Cinema is that we each see different films dream scenario didn’t start as a way to speak about Modern Life and the terrible side effects of Modern Life it started as something jungian something about dreams and now people are seeing their own version of a message in the movie The Audience projects their own meaning onto the movie like a rorschach test dream scenario does touch on meme culture and cancel culture and I think it’s because some of the gags they’re like low hanging fruit I hope that you’ve now realized that when I said at the start of this video that your tiny mind would be blown I only meant to suggest that your mind is Tiny when compared to the collective hive mind and don’t worry I’m sure it’s quite normal size and after all it’s not how big it is it’s what you do with it may I suggest that you take this chance to subscribe to the channel I’m new to YouTube and I’m trying to reach that magical 1,000 subscribers level so if you like this video and you would like to see more similar videos then go ahead and subscribe thanks for watching and see you again next time


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