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all right guys it has been a summer of little engines that could first we saw it would talk to me and hopefully once this starts opening into a wider base of theaters we’ll start seeing it with bottoms as well so far the reception of this wacky outlandish teen comedy has been fantastic and I just want to continue to see it grow and I am just so ecstatic that people are really enjoying this movie if you’re a diligent Watcher of my videos or follow me on other social medias you will know that I’ve been talking about bottoms since March I was fortunate enough to catch the world premiere at South by Southwest we got the full cast and director q a and it was just such an amazing experience and I was even lucky enough to accost Emma Seligman before the premiere of a different movie so look at me go but I am sure that it is no surprise that I am hyped on this movie Emma Seligman is the writer and director of Shiva baby which is another movie I’ve covered and loved deeply and this is her second feature film once again starring Rachel Senate

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who also co-wrote this one with her and then on top of that the cast is just stacked it’s co-starring Iowa who’s just having an insanely stacked year with this the bear Theater Camp TMNT she’s just all over the place and fantastic the douche jock is played by Nicholas Galaxy who we just saw in red white and royal blue but it was after making that video that I realized he’s also the prince from that really kind of not so great Cinderella remake [Music] I was just so focused on them being the purple hearts guy that I didn’t even notice but you know it’s just really nice to see that he’s finally getting the chance to do some real Cinema don’t talk to me you ugly [ __ ] okay I do not talk to girls in overalls but bottoms is this beautiful mashup of like the 90s and early 2000s teen comedy with modern Millennial humor and it’s just fantastic the no spoiler premise is that two high school girls end up starting a girls fight club to get laid before College under the guise of self-defense and it’s just this absolutely absurd comedy that’s still so loaded with heart underneath and while I’m sure some people aren’t gonna Vibe with this style of Comedy that’s okay it just

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means it’s not for them but it still just feels so authentic even when it’s at its most absurd because it’s trying to keep some core aspects like very grounded maybe not very grounded but you know there’s something there that you could at least hold on to and I just think this is a movie that’s going to end up meaning so much to so many people and if you’ve seen the movie or go on to see the movie you’ll probably think I’m talking a little bit overly wholesome about it but no these obscene teen comedies Coming of Age stories are just this kind of like rite of passage and it’s great to see them finally being told from a lot of different angles because girls can be the horny little weirdos too it’s High School everyone’s figuring themselves out looking for connections there’s lots of hormones like it’s no excuse for bad behavior but everyone has to learn how to not be shitty how to not be shallow about the people that they like like they’re absolutely in the wrong with what they’re doing but just like the gays deserve their rom-com Christmas movies the gays also deserve their horny teenage comedy and I bet these horny little weirdos take advantage of vpns all the time to conceal their browser history which is a perfect job for today’s sponsor surf shark Star Trek VPN

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allows you to connect to one of their thousands of different server locations around the world so your internet thinks you’re in that location so say you want to watch Shiva baby right now in preparation for bottoms Emma seligman’s first movie but oh no it’s not playing on Netflix in the US well all you have to do is connect to a Canadian server location and boom Cinema because I don’t currently have a VHS player for this tape and even on top of all the unlocked content on streaming services people always try to send me like stand-up routines or SNL sketches and I keep getting this dreaded this content isn’t available where you live screen well not anymore so let’s surf shark open up your world today because life’s just too short for region lock content it’s super fast secure blocks unwanted ads and if you’re not completely satisfied they offer a 30 day back money guarantee so make sure to click the link in description down below to try out surf shark for yourself and use code Jedi to get an additional three months free and I think right now there’s this weird struggle with like shitty protagonists and themes especially with like aspects

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going towards like unhealthy relationship aspects and even if the point of the movie is to show someone learning like not to be that way some people just really struggle with that distinction and bottoms feels like it’s operating in this space to show it’s okay for people to suck not every single depiction has to be this like perfect curated exact copy paste thing it’s just what you do with the sucking as a creator that matters not to throw shade at anyone else I have another Colleen Hoover video on the way and she’s kind of my primary example of really missing the point of how to deal with shitty behavior in characters or just totally taking the wrong answer to the problems you’ve set up and I feel like Emma and Rachel just really nailed it I know Emma specifically wanted something that felt like it was in the vein of super bad where it’s like literally two guys trying to get alcohol to get to a party so they can have sex with the girls they like or an American Pie where it’s literally a group of guys who are trying to have sex before they graduate but for the gays and without having to get hung up on the whole like coming out aspect and look I love a good coming out story but sometimes it’s just unneeded in this situation everyone in the school knows they’re gay and has nothing to do with why people don’t like them and during our q a they specifically mentioned watching Debs a ton while making this and Debs is one of my all-time favorite movies and one of my like gays teen Staples throughout high school and

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tonally there are so many similarities I really need to talk about Deb soon the bottoms is hilarious and it’s near constant comedy so you don’t even have to worry about like all the good jokes were wasted in the trailer unlike so many other comedy movies that come out but it’s also like hyper violent without being gratuitous are hard to watch and like all good Coming of Age stories with teens being little shits hopefully they’re learning to be less shitty because it does such a good job touching on these issues that so many girls go through and I guess young people in general while also acknowledging that girls can be on the other side of that treatment Seligman and Senate just really strike this balance between the ridiculous tone of the comedy the brutality of the events and then like the genuine nature of these characters and how they progress throughout the story and is using that absurdity like Point fun at its like real world counterpoints and with other movies in that kind of genre making it like the best kind of satire because it’s still a great example of the genre that it’s operating in so like kind of like what scream was to slasher movies but with a little bit more of the tone of a scary movie maybe but maybe not quite that far but a little bit more of that tone so

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you’ll be safe from spoilers here for a little bit though again not really a movie you can spoil like I just managed to catch this a second time in Toronto and it was still amazing the jokes still land the emotions still hit and if anything I think I might have even liked it more on second watch but I’ll let you know when we might be getting into some stuff that you may want to avoid without having seen the movie but either way this has my glowing stamp of approval and if anything I just said sounds at all interesting please check out bottoms I think it’s finally starting to release into more theaters also just really quick on top of everything else the music in this is absolutely fantastic like the song Choices the score and like the choices of when to put certain needle drops and swells just but diving in a little bit more with our characters PJ and Josie are desperately trying to lose their virginities before graduation to their cheerleader crushes Isabelle and Brittany for the ugly untalented gays please report to the principal’s office guess that’s you guys big issue is they’re hot they’re popular and they’re probably definitely straight Isabel specifically is dating the Ultra air head jock douche of the school Jeff who has a reputation for cheating again played by Nick galaxy in the range this man has I also want to point out that Havana Rose Lou is like very sweet as Isabelle like she did great even when she’s delivering lines that are absolutely absurd she does it in this way that feels Earnest which actually just makes it funnier than if she was really playing into it I really value when people use violence for me it’s actually one of my love languages I also got to say a quick little hi to her before the premiere of Joyride when she was with Molly Gordon and I think I kind of made NASA to myself but she was really nice they won’t remember so it

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doesn’t it doesn’t matter and Kaya Gerber is really good as Britney she’s supposed to be the stereotypical mean hot girl but takes it that extra step like there’s this one moment towards the end of the movie and she just does so much with like a look just a look of like okay I guess things are just gonna be the same like we’ll touch on it more later in the spoil spoiler section I just thought it was really good obviously Senate and nadabria are fantastic but Seligman and Senate present us with these two protagonists that seem fairly different in terms of like Behavior but they’re both doing the same thing Senate’s PJ is like the much more aggressive and overtly horny of the two she’s the one that pushes for the club she’s a lot more raunchier with what she wants and what her intentions are while a debris Josie just seems a lot more passive and kind of sweet and a lot more shy and nervous but they both value these girls they have crushes on based on their appearances literally once they get the fight club going and just like the first little round of people show up PJ’s first statement is these girls are all ugly so even though we hate Jeff and the other football players and think they’re douches it’s not like PJ and Josie are being much better everyone is objectifying these girls for their own personal desires but it all starts with the carnival to kick off the new school year where their friend Hazel starts questioning what happened to Josie’s arm starts throwing out wild statements until she lands on like oh my god did you guys go to juvie which PJ just dead pans yes Hazel it happened in juvie you’re the one who said we went to juvie I just didn’t correct you now a direct quote but you get it but Hazel doesn’t necessarily get

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sarcasm so a rumor quickly starts to spread that the two did time in juvie and it’s starting to get them a little bit of attention not at the carnival though things aren’t going great hey Brittany EJ you look like a Little Dutch boy thank you you want a hot dog we could go get hot dogs I don’t know yeah we could get the Buns you gotta get the bun no you know I definitely felt some flirtation from Brittany there but no it doesn’t work however Isabel ends up getting into a fight with Jeff so PJ encourages Josie to offer her a ride home get out of the car you can’t tell me what to do yeah no he can’t don’t talk to me you ugly [ __ ] okay I do not talk to girls in overalls ugly but these aren’t overall amazing that’s basically step one but all that leads to the tap it’s all just so delightfully ridiculous and Isabel liked that they stood up for her so it’s going pretty good until the principal tries to punish them for grazing Jeff’s knee which is how it all gets spun into a lie about them starting the self-defense club for women of the school because they don’t feel safe leading into the big fight with their rival school like a Fight Club yes yes like people are literally being attacked maybe I should buy a gun what don’t buy a gun nobody said buy a gun so thankfully they get off with a warning but now PJ actually wants to start that club she sees it as a way for them to get closer to Brittany and Isabelle who seem mildly impressed by their juvie Tales I don’t see what the big deal is PJ just really wants to lie


about their fighting abilities so she can get some Vision punching each other adrenaline is Flowing next thing you know Isabel and Brittany are kissing us on the mouse meanwhile sweet Hazel here is just actually thinking it’s a good idea there’s a serious lack of female solidarity at the school not the point Hazel PJ will then of course go on to use that line to recruit more women so yeah Oliver John douches are douches but our leading ladies motives aren’t particularly altruistic Hazel just really is the wholesome good of this story so the clip started and it really mainly is just girls punching themselves in the face but it’s working they’re feeling empowered Brittany and Isabelle even started showing up Isabelle because she actually seems genuinely interested and actually kind of likes Josie and Brittany because she just does whatever Isabelle does and yes one of the members that’s introduced with something to the effect of Sylvie’s kind of cute if she lost her braces and stopped huffing paint I’ll be able to kill my stepdad also is the character that you little shits keep calling My Doppelganger when we don’t even look that similar [ __ ] and honestly I’m just mad that it’s not me I would have played the unhinged screaming girl who wants to kill her stepdad just to be in this movie it’s okay that I’m old that’s half the fun casting like 20 something maybe 30 year olds as high schoolers it’s part of the commentary now the club needs an advisor so they picked Mr G mainly because they


assume he won’t actually show up but shockingly he gets super into it once they convince him that uh breaking each other’s noses is totally fine let’s get it popping in this [ __ ] but he’s played by Marshawn Lynch who is apparently a football player so him being hilarious was extra fun for football fans I guess I I had no idea but he is really fun you created a [ __ ] fight club to get some coaches hey though even that ends up being sweet sweet the reason that he wanted to do this was because his sister’s guy and he felt like he didn’t handle that in the best way in high school and that this was his way of the universe giving him a chance to write his wrongs so just like that they go from being losers to two of the most popular people in the school and best part Britney and Isabel actually seemed to like them as people fight me off PJ stop smiling okay that Momo was actually just really good Rachel why are you so good at acting but the club is starting to upset the school hierarchy girls being distracted away from the football team is not okay especially when they’re about to face their greatest Rivals do you know how long we’ve been working toward this yes it’s everywhere 20 years couldn’t be clearer so here’s probably where about we’re gonna start sliding into



some spoilers that you wouldn’t have been able to really infer from the commercials or the trailers I would assume so just go see the movie please if you can though again this is a movie that is just so driven by its dialogue and humor not necessarily the specific events that happen so you know either way see it but I ain’t gonna ruin anything but what really sets off the school into a tizzy is when Isabel finds out that Jeff’s been cheating on her with Hazel’s mom I literally saw you yesterday I [ __ ] your mom so the club goes scorched Earth on him kinda literally they wrote toss in ideas of Revenge you know the typical the toilet paper the egging but then Hazel suggests blowing up his car and I wish I had the clip of Rachel just once again deadpanning with that yeah Hazel let’s do terrorism because as mentioned Hazel does not do sarcasm so she actually blows up his car right when Isabel was about to kiss Josie which kind of pushes them to disband the club before they get in trouble which obviously makes PJ pissed at Hazel so Miles Jeff’s number one man swoops in to try to help and get that inside info on the club he’s been very upset that bad things are happening to Jeff but even though the club is ending Isabel actually still seems super into Josie and yeah they get it on we really value when people use violence for me it’s actually one of my love languages and then you think maybe the same thing’s gonna happen to PJ she’s like over at Britney’s house to study seems like they’re

having fun they’re being flirty but then PJ goes for the kiss and Britney’s like I’m I’m straight oh it still sucks and now the big drama starts stirring miles decides to put the club to the test because you know girls can do anything guys can so uh he told Hazel that she’d be doing a fight demonstration at the pep rally against PJ but it was actually against the school’s number one wrestler who the have to keep in a cage they will never acknowledge the cage but is part of is part of the Ambiance and you know what Hazel actually does decent against this Goliath for a bit well they are and it’s all topped off with Miles revealing that the club was all the guys to sleep with girls that they never went to juvie it was a very wedding crasher-esque moment and like this is a moment where the performances out of the other girls is just so solid like we get to see that genuine hurt and like confusion on Isabelle and Brittany’s faces like they thought they finally found a place where they were valued for who they were as people and not for what they looked like even Mr G feels betrayed y’all exploited my solidarity I played the role of an amazing Ally and this leads in to the greatest needle drop of Avril Lavigne’s complicated but I just have to say that not nearly enough people reacted to that song choice at the South by Southwest Premiere do the youngins not like get Avril Lavigne do they don’t get down with


complicated like it was so good it was the perfect choice and a nice little nod to Canada we’re selling minutes from let’s go Canada so they put a montage to this entire song where you’ve got like PJ and Josie not being friends anymore because Josie’s pissed that Isabelle doesn’t like her and they come when they had a thing going and then that PJ didn’t get what she wanted so they kind of just kind of go back and forth at each other Mr G is against feminism now Isabel ends up back with Jeff which is where we get that look on Britney’s face that I’d mentioned earlier that you know we already know she just does whatever Isabelle does but you can just see this look of like exasperated disappointment that things are just going back to exactly the way they were before it’s such a little look but it was so good but it’s the night before the big match against Huntington which is when their old babysitter tells Josie that Huntington always tries to kill a Rockbridge player every time they play then the whole match will just turn into a violent [ __ ] show so she rushes off to apologize to PJ and get the club back together to try to save the day and once again Hazel tries to blow something up as a distraction but it doesn’t work this time so there’s keep trying to get the cheerleaders to kiss as a distraction but they’re all still mad so PJ and Hazel kiss and it’s just so good and then like the way the music choice and like the swell of the music in that moment is like it’s so good they did so



good try not to yell in this hotel and this is when Josie realizes what the final plant is because there’s like no one on the field and it’s super weird Jeff is super allergic to pineapple and notices that something on the field seemed to taste weird then she finds these massive empty containers of pineapple juice So the plan is apparently mid game to run the sprinklers and kill Jeff which leads to an all-out brawl where yes people die uh the bounds of reality are officially broken for this moment in time as people are just getting run through with the mascot sword punched into Oblivion it’s it’s super fun while Josie manages to run Jeff off the field just in time oh no this is also the moment where I realize I’m pretty sure the mascot just has a giant Wang so uh good for them I guess yep found some pictures definite Wang action but yeah it’s just this nice little cute ending where everybody like apologizes for the things they did wrong I’m pretty sure PJ and Hazel realize that they’re into each other Josie and Isabelle get together after she’s like you know uh you could have just talked to me and it’s just fun it’s simple I can’t wait to see it again I would have lived for this movie in high school the way I lived for Debs and this honestly just means so much to me to see it now as it would have been so thank you again Emma Seligman and Rachel senate for just putting in that good work it it does the soul good but yeah that is bottoms I know I didn’t go like super deep in a lot of things because like I still


want people to to go out and see it and and so much of it is just jokes and comedy and these fun little quips back and forth um and if you’re into the style of Comedy you’re gonna have a blast I I just so strongly recommend seeing this movie I really really enjoy it and I hope you guys do too so far so many people have been like sending me little messages saying that they’ve like seen it or like and just because I’ve been recommending it and that’s always so so nice to hear but that’s gonna do it for today’s video let me know what you guys are thinking down below if you’ve seen the movie what did you think if not are you excited thank you all so much for watching thanks as always to my patreon supporters and YouTube channel members subscribe to the channel if you’re new leave a like on the video if you’re into that kind of thing and all my social medias are listed down below if you want to keep up with me there I hope you’re all having a fantastic day I’m mostly okay and we’ll catch you all later


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